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Anna Woods : Britain's grandad is ill hope it's a speedy recovery, love u❤

Nathan Macgregor : I LOVE YOU STEPHEN FRY

Louise Charlesworth : You're so delightfully English, properly English, a good ol' English bloke.

brian crawford : Such a lovely guy. Get well soon. A knighthood is long overdue. Wishing you good health and we hope to see you on Tv again soon. X

Richard Oakes : Dear Stephen. You are never boring. There is a myriad of us out there who care what happens to you. All the best with your recovery.

stu crompton : Get well soon Stephen, the UK loves you.

8fox261 : Stephen, please get well soon. The world is a much more colorful, beautiful place because of you...

Helen Ellis : You are an extraordinary person who contributes to the betterment of humanity in unusually creative and diverse discourse. Perhaps it is time for you to give less to us and more to yourself. Best wishes and thank you.

Dr Verity Strange-Fish : Having been through similar myself, it seems at the very same time, I can empathise with you. You especially made me smile at the notion of certain people not being able to utter the 'C' word - 'The Big C', etc. It took me a few weeks to get my head around the surreal experience too - "I have how long? You mean I won't live forever?" But then I decided to force myself to joke about it, so my partner and I skirted around the issue by first mumbling about 'Cyril'. It wasn't long before I could say cancer after that, and before long it became almost a boast: "I have cancer you know!" Or, more shamelessly, "Can I just push in this queue please, I have cancer you know"... etc. Shocking, I know! But, what can you ultimately do but laugh at the little bugger, put it in its proper place and not let it get you down? Hope all goes well for you.

martyn spooner : The measure of the man. At a time when he is surely not at his best; to say the least; he takes the time and energy to consider other people who might also suffer a similar plight Can only admire the dignity and selflessness of the man. Get well soon Sir, am looking forward to seeing you back on our tv screens very soon.

Mark Harris : The words "national treasure" are thrown about all too often, not unlike the word "genius". You sir are both, but much more importantly a decent man who genuinely cares about others. If there was any man deserving a knighthood it is you. I also owe you a massive debt for how your openness has helped my daughter on her life journey, as I know it has many for many thousands of other people. I too found real happiness later in life, and I fully understand your comment about enjoying life at the moment. I obviously wish you a full recovery both physically and mentally and I certainly wish you many more years of happiness. Take care, look after yourself and tell your husband the nation expects him to be spoiling you, and thank you for being you.

Ziggy Coco : Such a lovely person. Big hug.

Lokii655 : American Atheist here. Please dont leave us! Hitchens gone, Hawking passed(and that one really hurt) we need as many voices of reason as we can get in this world of willing ignorance and irrational hatred. We arent ready to lose another champion of thought.

Nicole Borheier : I'm glad your husband is there for you. You are one of my favourite writers, get well soon! <3

Edward Snowden : What a charming chap!! Oozes Charisma.

PeeWeeToms : Stephen Fry you are an awesome person, I have incurable cancer and it sucks! I try and share positivity and light with the world. You're a legend, someone I always though was awesome. Good luck and I wish you all the best :)

molly may : a true icon, so brave for posting this! get well soon

Sunnyside Up : My absolute shock at the news Stephen just get well and so much love from South Africa 💋❤️🇿🇦

Edouard Deflandre : My God... This is bad news but cancer has never sounded funnier. Get well Stephen <3

Archisha Satyarthi : Wish you a speedy recovery, sir. Love and respect.

DidYouKnowGaming? : Full wishes for a speedy recovery. We are born and bred of Norwich with the wish to entertain while providing information to people, something that I feel was inspired by yourself. This is an important message, and I hope more men will be open to getting checked. It has always been taboo but I suppose it's messages such as this which may well make it a lot easier for us to talk about these problems and admit to them. If one thing cancer is good at, it's hiding away from discussions because of its nature. Perhaps going forward we can all reflect and be more open about it.

Spear Carrier : You're strong, and it's obvious you're a survivor. And I'm glad you chose to share your story, to spread awareness of this type of big bad C. Thank you for being so brave. But remember this very important fact: I am very jealous of your bookshelves. ;-)

Spencer Fine : Stephen, you are my absolute favorite person and I love you with all of my heart. Love to meet you, and I hope you are healthy and happy. -Spencer (fan for 10~ years from los angeles)

ricaldos40 : Wow what a fright that must have been, You really are a National Treasure and I wish you well. I shall go to the Doc ASAP (Two week waiting list). At least you are out and about! I think that's my local Waterstones your in. So...Get well soon LOL ( lol still means "lots of love" right?)

braytown : I didn't think I could love this guy anymore, such a pragmatic and rational attitude. No fuss, no nonsense, went and sorted it and told everyone with little fuss after the fact. I hope it's gone and he lives many many more years, the world needs as many of his kind as possible.

Cat Gilfillan : Stephen Fry you are such a treasure to me and so many others. You have filled many moments of my life with laughter, brought me knowledge of subjects I'd never have thought existed and my world is undoubtedly a better place with you in it, even though we've never met. So get well soon please, be strong! Much love xxxxxxx

John Craske : One of the many mysteries of life is why people will post 'thumbs down' verdicts on all Youtube videos. No matter how innocuous the subject, no matter how interesting and informative they may be, there is always a band of those who 'dislike' - although exactly why is generally never revealed. Anyone with normal human feelings will relate to Stephen Fry's revelations. He is an extremely rare man in so many ways: he has every reason to be arrogant, egotistical and a total pain-in-the-arse - yet he comes across as a 100% decent guy. So how come more than one-and-a-half-thousand people don't like this video? Truly amazing. Mr Fry, if you ever read any of these comments - which, thank goodness are almost all supportive - I can assure you that any decent person is rooting for your full recovery. National treasures are few in number. We can ill-afford to lose any of them.

UncleJams : Stephen, I want to thank you for this video. Well, because you are important to me and even though I don't know you personally, I have come to respect and admire you very much. I look forward to another video in fifteen years when you get your knee replaced. I send you my best regards and love, James, a stranger you don't know who cares about you. (one of millions)

Ranty McRant-Pants : Mr Fry; always a legend.

Jasper Williamson : We'll all be listening to your magnificent impressions in the Harry Potter audiobooks and your quick wit on QI hoping that you make a full recovery. Get well soon mate x

JordanRants : Hope you get better soon Stephen. Thoughts are with you.

Peter Finn : Thinking of you at this worrying time get well soon .

British Comedy UK : Stephen Fry for president

George Macnally : Thank you for the explanation and glad to see you are getting on the mend. I will myself get checked now. Take care Stephen

John O'Connor : I have had a high PSA level and because of it got the biopsies of my prostate, 12 samples taken. The result, high grade PIN. I have learned that they are just per-cancerous cells. So I have been for the past four years on what they call "watchful waiting". As a precaution versus another prostate biopsy I had, free of charge, an MRI scan and thank goodness it showed no abnormalities in my prostate. And my PSA level is back to normal too. From my readings about Prostate Cancer many of us live with it and more of us die of something else; we die with rather than of prostate cancer.

Fa waz : I have no idea who is this guy is. I just saw it trending. Wish you a speedy recovery. From Kuwait

Bonnita Claus : Dear Mr. Fry, to me you are among the most important people in the world. I’ve come, over the years to become infatuated with you, the same way I am with Peter Ustinov, and a number other brilliant individuals, some of which I do not know their names, but their work I was given so much to the world. You still have so much to give the world, not only in entertainment other facets of civilization, or that which makes civilized. Please, take care of yourself and remember you are deeply loved. I am delighted and comforted, that you have the support of your husband, without whom your road to recovery would be made far more arduous.

Greg E. : And instead of a boring announcement he turns it into an enthralling story! The magic of Stephen Fry. Get well soon!

anton atkinson : one of my idols

Caz Harrod : Sir Stephen Fry, we all love you you are the best person EVER! The only reason I actually went to school was due to the fact I wanted to understand your conversation on QI, Plus V for Vendetta was SO GOOOOODDD!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

Science with Katie : This made me feel like my grandpa was about to tell me some bad news about his health. He's such an adorable old boy. So glad it was caught early. 💛

Meatballs for life : Fry gives a Public Service Announcement about his Prostate Specific Antigen levels being low which results in a Pretty Serious Ailment being discovered after a finger went up the Place where the Sun is Absent. That's a lot of PSA.

Catherine Marchand : Pale blue ribbon for prostate cancer. Safe journey through this. We have been there and through proton radiation therapy and now through the last steps.

Eric Reinholt : Sir, you have always entertained as well as educated whenever you speak, and I should have expected the same level of public spirit when you have an illness. You always have given happiness, and now you help the rest of us by encouraging attention to our health. Keep going! There are a great many of us who admire you and wish to see you continue. Thank you.

The Last Knight : Whenever anyone asks me about my perfect dinner party guests, you sir are always the first name that immediately, and almost aggressively flies from my lips. You have this aura of a person that could literally teach God things about religion that he didn't know. Get well soon, you have a nation to entertain! 💛💙💜❤❤

The Lost History Channel TKTC : They got it early big chap, you are one of the "Lucky" ones, you are still here after all and i wish you a recovery to the best health that nature allows after such a procedure.. Enjoy every breath and live long my friend! Don't forget the jokes! Luv Ya!

Leon Carlsson : You wonderful, kind hearted man. I wish you a full and speedy recovery. Please!! Stay strong, the world needs your loving person around.

Nina Hilton : Stephen Fry - so so happy to hear you have made a good recovery and wishing you continued good health and happiness. Heart you <3 <3

The one nonly : wish you all the luck in the world

Dr.derp : I love this man, the Atheist community has u in their thoughts