That's What You Get (Talking Behind A Friend's Back)

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Nico Tobias : Oh man.. I hope Aunty Donna doesn't see this video. They might get upset.

eastendthug : This was fantastic 10/10

Brynn Baker : Glad you guys are back....NEVER LEAVE AGAIN

purplegrapiest : I wonder how they will do this in their live shows

Micah Edmonds : Bake Anzac bikkies together later? For those who fought in Gallipoll. Commemorate all out boys.

Joshua Wright : '' you suck doodles at robot games'' so crack up XD

Louise Watson : were you guys on acid when you came up with this one?

Polonium Fist : 1:20 "ey mark I'm so god damn s-" gets me every time

Grian : This is such a great skit!

Josh Yord : I liked Zach in this one but let's not forget Mark, Broden and Zach who far outshone Mark, Zach and Broden, the best of which was Mark by the way, not excluding Zach and Mark but the best of them all was Broden.

Check Mate : If this is sopposed to be funny then where is the background laugh track? How do i know when to laugh? Check & Mate.

0mon0zz : What happened to the other guy?

Deli Cheese : Yes! New sketch, my day just got a whole lot better. You guys should have Adrian do a cameo appearance; I miss him! Awesome skit, you guys are hilarious.

MlgChickenElite : "he sucks doodles at robot game" Ok you made me laugh, love your channel

Briony Burton : But for reals Aunty, how hard was it to keep track of all the angles?

GenieInaBeanie : Holy fist fuck you blokes ain't dead , my life is a little less depressing now ............

Will Briant : someone needs to make a gif of 3:31

Andrew Park : where did you guys @auntydonna find the sad cello music?

Matty Matt Matt : I watched it to the end. Won't make that mistake a third time.

Patrick L : LOVE YOU GUYS!!

Povl Besser : Oh this, this is worth a subscription! :D It's the god damn aussie Andy Samberg...

helenHeller01 : They could have made this sketch as long as half an hour, and I would still find it hilarious

meatwad515 : This is some quality shit.

LukeIrvin7 : I fucking... I fucking love Aunty Donna.... So fucking much.

Young Jesus : fucking love you aunty donna

bellyofJimbob : Holy fuck that was amazing dudes!!!


SoulX117 : Good to see Aunty Donna back and better than ever

dapigspajamas : NEVER LEAVE AGAIN

Bladeziken : U wot m8

thekillersego : INCREDIBLE. Im so glad I found you guys. You filled the BriTanicK sized hole in my heart....

The Whale Man : That was so stupid. I missed you guys a lot.

Heromedic18 : Does anyone know what the sad piano song is?

graye younge : dude this video had me crackin up!!

Time To Ascend : You are my favourite people in the entire world. <3

Murrangurk2 : Little known fact: Aggro is Mark's dad.

Bananapeel : This is so creative and funny! Good job

Jimmy Rumbles : i was sent here from le reddit's front page post which contained an link to this video xD

klarth1234 : unfunny

liam greaney : Pure gold

eerereps : underrated

Mother Of cats : You're all funny as fuck you should have more subscribers.

cj ogden : The Mark at 2:26 doesn't even have a beard lol.

Bac0nSamm1ch : Hey guys...what happened to funny? you guys went all weird


Kenny R : Haven't you done well with yourself... im buying a shirt.

SirNathanFox : Aunty Donna more like Zack sucks horse penis.

Mao Ting Du : You white people look all the same. Mao Ting Du, moderator of /r/pyongyang

Joffrey Benedict : Redditor and elite comedy expert here, specializing in dank memes. This was pretty funny, but you missed several opportunities to bash religious plebs or console peasants. The lack of headwear (specifically fedoras) severely lowers your credibility. Nevertheless a good way to reveal that you all have quadruplet siblings, pretty rare circumstances. _tips fedora_ – Joffrey Benedict, Reddit Gold user and intellectual atheist with an IQ of 116 

Karl with a C : sex