The Most Important Meal of the Day

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The FDA's Annual Report on Healthy Eating Habits states that recovering drug addicts who eat breakfast are more likely to stay sober than those who do not. For the outpatient high on skipping, researchers provide a list of hassle-free start-me-ups, including oatmeal and yogurt. Nowhere on the list does it say anything about microwave burritos. Que lastima!


Kenny : This video is older than most Logan Paul fans

Yen the smiling dinosaur : This might be the oldest video on YouTube I’ve ever watched

Somebody 42 : This was the 80s in a nutshell.

Sir Borks : Challenge: *Find comment from 2007*

Dmitrijus O : Welcome to *WHY IS IT IN MY RECOMENDED* coment section

Saucerthansauce : This is what YouTube should be today

Booker Thompson : Plot twist, those cartel guys WERE the job interviewers.

Dhiren Dev : Am I being encouraged to take this drug?

bobwehada babyeatsaboy : This is why I dont do coke but damn i do love the smell of it

Nemir Imir : I dont do cocaine but considering this was in my recommended i think i should start

Mc DooDoo : Mom: Son why is there a paper towel tube taped to the vacuum and why are you sucking up all our flour with it? Son: It's for a vid mom

OVER THROW : Dont mess with a lvl 50 boss that does coke

Creasetastic : The first age restricted video on YouTube

homegrowntwinkie : This is possibly the most accurate depiction of what it feels like to do Cocaine, ever.

Loudovic Baris : When youtube was made for art

doctordrizzay : Both those dudes look like Adam Sandler

Darwing Perez : The yayo song got me 😂😂

DiceyDie : *Why tf is there a 12 year old video in my recommendations?* This video is as old as most fortnite players

Dom Reyes : 🎶 yaaaaaaayooooooooooooooooo🎶

Isabella Casey : *gets black coffe* *doesn't put anything in it* *stirs with spoon* *doesn't drink it* *pours in sink*

Checho 646 : *Aquí está el comentario en Español que andabas buscando!:D*

Anime Senpai : the most important meal of the day... *SERVING IT UP GARYS WAY*

Pineapple : *They did surgery on a brick*

TheWestCoastRasta CanaGanjauana : "The Yayo Song" lol

Sea Celery : Survived YouTube's "family friendly" moderation for 11 years and still running. Godspeed.

Eyelohim : What's the name of the song in the background?

Grey Gorilla : 5:36 fortnite predicted

How to get : That cocaine looks horrible tbh

Savage Cabbage : This is the most important content on YouTube. Protect this at all costs.

SupremeBallen : I remember when i saw this when i was 9. Im now 20 and have been addicted to cocaine for 11 years.

NWFlorida Storm Spotting : Serving it up *GaRy’S wAy*

Manuel Garcia : Thats enough coke to buy a nice condo...or give you a heart rate of 6000 BPM

nikolaiownz : Thanks YouTube for getting me want to do cocaine. Cheers from and coke addict.

Booty GAwD : Literally the wolf on wall street

Mr. Sir01 : Those lines would make an elephant overdose.

Killercorey222 : Ancient art. My favorite video

The Black Sheep We Don't Associate With : ... that aggressive unibrow tho 😢😢😂😂

YOU TUBE - YOU ASK WHY, I SAY WHY NOT : *Time to watch Scarface*

Captain Underpants : Legends say he is still waiting for the job interview......

Archonix : This is how mafia works

Gus kennedy : Just noticed the guy pours his coffee in the sink right after pouring it

the green bastard : Stanley got them hairy knuckles.

BublezZ : The most important meal of the day. Serving it up Garry’s way.

PapaDanMrMetalMan : Serving it up, Gary’s way. Pop!

N3d. : Turns out they used real coke

dELTA13579111315 : I was looking for this video a couple weeks ago, I'm glad it made it back into my recommended :) thanks YouTube

weaponized autism : The music fits perfectly, this is art and every video should saviour this, because this is the best ever video YouTube has seen and will ever see in it's whole entire existence

Paul Klingenberg : I did not click this video, I looked at my phone and it was playing WHAT DOES IT MEAN

jess d : Empty and passionate. Touches an old part of me.