The Most Important Meal of the Day

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dr. crab : Pablo Escobar would be proud

Archonix : This is how mafia works

Nemir Imir : I dont do cocaine but considering this was in my recommended i think i should start

N3d. : Turns out they used real coke

IndigoBeatz : That was some great ham

Breezetix : I thought i saw adam sandler 100 likes? wot also i was high af when i watched this video and commented this, it was fun

Hillbill Hillbill : i do cocaine so i can work longer hours, so i can buy more cocaine so i can work longer hours so i can,,,,,,, , lolololololol

Nxghtmare : It's almost 2019!!!! Like if watching in 2019

Yen the smiling dinosaur : This might be the oldest video on YouTube I’ve ever watched

that shit you stepped in : Im just as confused as everyone else. I was watching weed videos and YT suggested cocaine

James Odeal : I have this sudden urge to do cocaine.

Flicker Fox : YouTube starts taking down weedtuber channels This video is completely fine and has been here since 2007 Ok that makes sense I guess.

Juvi Strae : This was the 80s in a nutshell.


Günther Birnenbaum : Why is this in my recommended...? Who else already in 2019?😜

Isabella Casey : *gets black coffe* *doesn't put anything in it* *stirs with spoon* *doesn't drink it* *pours in sink*

Allexander Gibbs : Why does one of those guys look like Adam Sandler.

gamer 2.0 : I would hate to snort coke with these guys they're vacuum cleaners.

spookiest Spook : My boi over here pourers himself some coffee so he can dump it in the sink

1IK9 : Thumbs up if you love snorting cocain!

Ben : tfw this video is older than half of youtube commenters

Markmellows 34 : First video I’ve watched this year gotta start this year right

Michael Williams : Did he just make that coffee then throw it down the drain

Wasim Rehman : Watching this in 2019...

Skunky Pockets : I like the way cocaine smells!

Nissan Skyline : This is literally the greatest video ever created

Prestige Playz : Yaaaaaayyyoooooooooo Yaaahhyyyyyyyoooo

Silent G : *R.I.P Nose*

Dmitrijus O : Welcome to *WHY IS IT IN MY RECOMENDED* coment section

Marco Sanchez : el chapo would be proud .i want my like

C dash : I finally whatched it YouTube thank you.

AustioN : Thanks for those amazing recommendations YouTube

Alejo Monforte : I love YouTube recomendations

champimuros : Is YouTube trying to get me into cocaine?

akaSoaps : Why is this in my recommended so many years later 😂

Deus Duran : I’m going insane not being able to find the song, I just want something that can spark the joy this video brings me at any time possible

MIGSENPAI : I dont remember Zohan was a drug addict before

BACONBOSS : Thanks YouTube for recommending me stuff from 12 years ago

Mr. Sir01 : Those lines would make an elephant overdose.

Peanut butter : I feel like there isnt just ham un that borrito

conquering youtube : This was made 11 years ago

OVER THROW : Dont mess with a lvl 50 boss that does coke

Dhiren Dev : Am I being encouraged to take this drug?

Loudovic Baris : When youtube was made for art

Igor Blyat : Thanks again, YouTube. I have one question tho, why this video? 🤔

DoobTube : bloody amateurs i would crunch one of those bricks in one line

How to get : That cocaine looks horrible tbh

qiaolian lei : What did I expect

Negerboll : I remember when i saw this when i was 9. Im now 20 and have been addicted to cocaine for 11 years.

Big Desu : This video was made when I was 5