The Most Important Meal of the Day

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dr. crab : Pablo Escobar would be proud

champimuros : Is YouTube trying to get me into cocaine?

Sea Celery : Survived YouTube's "family friendly" moderation for 11 years and still running. Godspeed.

Negerboll : I remember when i saw this when i was 9. Im now 20 and have been addicted to cocaine for 11 years.

NA BO : this was made 10 years ago

Cosmin Alex : I could hire those guys to snort the dust out of my carpets

Generic : 5:33 I BET this is only trending because the algorithm was like “Oh nice a fortnite piñata lemme make sure people watch this”

RyanLegendGamer : How is it recommended for me 11 years later

Aariz Aaban : nose.exe has stopped working

Kenny Lawlor : Wait this guy is unemployed but can afford to snort like 7 kilos of yayo at like 8 in the morning...imagine if he smoked crack the hoots would be the size of a basketball

Zero' s Stuff: Vlogging and Gaming : I wonder how much flour they wasted

James Odeal : I have this sudden urge to do cocaine.

OG lowkey : Did some blow last night and wake up and this is in my recommended *THEYRE WATCHING US*

id say i wanna die but its too mainstream rn : Thanks YouTube for getting me into coke

Daniel Binoy : Yaaaaaaayy yoooo

David Benson : At least the second guy has a career and gets high only on his breaks

Trep Pv : what is YouTubes algorithm wtf

Loudovic Baris : When youtube was made for art

Paulie Paciani : Boston George said he once snorted 10g in 10mins. These boys did 3 bricks in 3mins.

TheoOfSweden : 3:07 why do lines when you can do mountain ranges

200 subs ? : That's some strong ass *N O S T R O L S* u got there

Vincent Van Schoor : *Casually takes baseball bat out of his pocket*

Dmitrijus O : Welcome to *WHY IS IT IN MY RECOMENDED* coment section

Joshua Martinez : YouTube subtly advising me to do Hard drugs.🤔


Thurnis Haley : "It's almost a quarter to nine!" "No, nah, no..."

Untitled Username : *servin it up, gary's way*

Squidward tortalini : Those lines would make an elephant overdose.

Ka3le : Old but gold Or should i say white ;)

ev0wizard : This was in my recomendations so I guess youtube wants me to start doing drugs.... ok youtube ;-)

Dephy : Has smosh always done these types of videos or did i swap into an alternative timeline?

Somali pirate who's actually somali : 4:06 that's the American dream right in front of your eyes

Isabella Casey : *gets black coffe* *doesn't put anything in it* *stirs with spoon* *doesn't drink it* *pours in sink*

Sylphynford Tachibana : These guys have a pretty big lung and nasal capacity

Amzy Da ClickBaiter : Meh I like drugs myself so I can’t complain about this video

DANK PAPI : Who else is snortin lines while watching this?!?

Aay Jay : WTF,DID I JUST WATCH,,,,🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Sabtrix F : With that nose he could work as a vacuum cleaner

Dr. Voltage : i was 78 when it was made

Yes : So this is what heaven looks like ?

scurr lobster : yaaaayoooo yaaaaaaaaaaaaayooooooooooooooooo

Townail81 : What is this song? I need it in my life!

Misho Pruidze : Why am I watching this 11 years later? And why am I enjoying this?

BleakZ : *At first I thought that YouTube is going to trick me on those lines... I was soooo wrong...*

zach : if you look closely its actually not cocaine

Kaotic Gaming : THE WORLD IS YOURS

It's bo hoe : When YouTube was still good and was not overpopulated with logangsters and jake paulers..smh..

Crogg88 : The real question is did it actually have ham in it

soraya lozoya : Wauw the guy at the end was doing it too