Benedict Cumberbatch Teaches How to React to Bad Xmas Gifts | The Hook

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priyanka v : BENADDICTED😍😍

Diogo David : Benedict Cumberstache

pianist Collabing gymnas cousins : I feel sorry for whoever gives Benedict a gift because now we'll never know if he actually likes his gift😂

Amelia Kim : “The mustache ages you” - mrs. Hudson

cstoao : I am imagining him reacting like that as Sherlock when he gets presents from his friends and Watson going into a short silence before replying; ... Okay, you hate it.

Zasada : Benedict is a dangerous man. He rejoices, rejoices, and then he pours salt into your tea, and while he apologizes, pours all this tea on you, then while he wipes your shirt, he will tear it. Decides to sew and sew all over. And you will sit in a wet curved shirt and think: “Maybe I should have given a book about Excel 6? It was even thicker.”

daenerys targaryen : Why that mustaches??? Oh My god he is so hot but that mustaches...why?

BridgeBattler22 : “I LOVE tape, it sticks things together!” 😂

Fat Frog : SOCKS ARE THE BEST PRESENT IN THE WORLD!! But fluffy socks are better...

bambi o : I once got a toilet seat cover...seriously i am not even joking 😂 take the socks or candle any day!

Hdisb Jdzsjg : A black T-shirt! I can be almost invisible at night!How did you know I love to cover my upper body???? Now I don't have to freeze to death in the summer! Thank you so much! Really,where did you get the inspiritaion from? Don't tell me you have skin too!!! It's so amazing! I knew we have something in common! I love you!!!!

Sarah Kitley : "I keep on accidentally making microwave recipes for two!" Same, man. Same.

Tīpotto : I quite like the teapot.

berryfairy68 : He's such an awesome fake liking gift receiver 😂

Widdekuu91 : I'm Dutch and we're stereotypically rude and honest. This is not something we would do. At Sinterklaas (a month before Christmas) my family usually goes; 'I very appreciate the intention. But it's not something I like. Do you want it back? No? Can I bring it to the thriftshop then? Yes? Good.' Then again, the warm/loving moment is usually shared befóre opening the package, because there's a long and funny (and sharp and sometimes heckling and mean, depending on the gift) poem attached. It's part of the Dutch tradition.

Doug Pettey : LOL! I got the teapot/cup combo one year - from my MOTHER! While I was ooh-ing and aah-ing, she proudly announced that it was a re-gift, because when she got it she thought it was horribly stupid and ugly but then immediately thought I would really like it! Yeah, good ol' mom.

Tsovo : *I love that this is a serious tutorial*

Habit :D : *"I don't shave for Sherlock Holmes"*

Devin Likes Memez : Only acting class I actually need.

blue eulb : I liked the tea cup...

Bee Whistler : This was honestly very satisfying to watch. I've had to learn this because I have three kids and when I was a kid, my mom was rubbish at receiving gifts. So remembering the slap in the face reactions she had to my attempts to be generous, I have decided to try not to tell mine that I really, REALLY hate cucumber-melon scented candles and that I never intended to start collecting Pop! figures much less continue that collection for several years as they see that I now own a Pop! figure that they gave me and conclude that I must like Pop! figures and therefore give me three every damned year. I found a nice shelf and I keep a few in the box in case they're worth something someday.

Kati R. : This will keep the neighbors away, LOL!!!

Mt Eat : That shirt will ensure the usefulness of the microwave meals for one cookbook

geetha bandari g : Why does benadryl crumplepatch have a moustache???!!!

Blaze O'Glory : I love Bumblebee Cucumber

Misha Kamath née Fernandes : The teapot's cute.

Maria Stephens : Could also be titled: *How to be cheerfully passive aggressive about bad Xmas gifts*

Seaweed Otter : Is it wrong that I would wear that shirt?

Metalhead Gamer : I was hoping he would get a Dr Strange toy.

Riley Mcfadden : We're in the end game now...

Violet Peach : does... does he know that he has chocolate milk around his mouth?

J : I will use these advices to not hurt Benedicts feelings when he asks for an opinion on his moustache

TheWolfGirl : "By hitting someone with" 😂

Danny Cam : yeah, exactly, intention is everything. if someone tried hard to make me happy, or thought about/included me when they didn't have to, then the spirit of christmas IS happiness and making each other feel good is more important than the thing. i've been in situations where i was so nervous about someone not liking something, and even if they're faking it that feels better than them clearly showing disinterest. but i hate when someone specifically asks what i want beforehand with plenty of time to get it, i give them a couple really cheap really easy things i really want that they can pick from, then they deliberately get something random and say "i couldn't think of anything to get you." if u don't care, don't ask. if it's only to make THEM happy instead of me, because they feel bad not getting me something, and i feel like i was just a name on a list they had to mark off then that's when i feel insulted. if u already take an after-christmas donation trip every year to drop off junk gifts anyway it's no problem, but i prefer just saying "let's do cards instead of gifts this year" because u have the same anticipation of opening it/seeing what they picked out and it's easier to just toss those in the recycle bag.

Katey Lynn Caballos : "Floppy disk..." I'd love to see this with Martin bantering with him...

seoulma : _Are you really gonna keep that?_

Duchess Dark : Damnit, Benedict Pornstache... That teapot was cute 😂😂😂😂

Kelsey Tomlinson : This is the man I've pledged my undying love to.

Sarisa : My brother loves socks to xD Black big warm Socks. He gets sad if he dont get one for chrismas ... like a little child

Daybird Aviaries : It's not fair for one person to be so attractive.

Peter Tremblay : We are not all rich so it's pretty easy not to react to receiving nothing! I love the middle and high class humor!

Cookies And poetry : My grandma works at Macy’s and she thinks I’m a total “girly girl “ so she always sends me pink frilly stuff for Christmas and asks for pics of me wearing it. 🙄 (Also it’s usually a size to small) I usually end up giving most of it to my best friend who embraces the frills :)

Hannahpauline : This is inspiring me...To get really crappy presents for my family, just to see how they'd react 😂 I think I might get that shirt for my Dad

SantaBarbaraDianne : I like the Hawaiian print shirt - for the right person that is!

Jasi Sheepcat : "Your not really gonna keep that are you"

Amelia A : sounds like some youtubers when they open their PR packages........

Jamie O'Connell : Funny enough, I can still tell he's being fake (acting). As for socks, my Dad actually enjoys getting practical gifts like that and my Mom loved getting candles. My friend Robin loves his teapot with a cup. He should, he bought it for himself. The trick is to know the person and give from the heart, not out of obligation. There is no such as a bad Christmas present. It's quite a vain and terrible thing to judge gifts. You aren't entitled to presents. Don't be an ungrateful douche when there are so many who are shunned and alone on the holidays.

Emily_M. : *music stops* or you can someone with it... We need Martin to fix him Sherlock needs his Watson

Gabbie Leah : Hes so great + with that 'stache hes lookin like a dad

Courtney Brannan : Benny baby, I needed this advice so much. Thank you, you sexy man of magic, you..