Benedict Cumberbatch Teaches How to React to Bad Xmas Gifts | The Hook
Benedict Cumberbatch Teaches How to React to Bad Xmas Gifts The Hook

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SUBSCRIBE TO THE HOOK: Ever got a Christmas gift that was so bad you didn't know what to do and how to react? We have, so we got Benedict Cumberbatch to teach us how act like you absolutely love that rubbish pair of socks your auntie gave you, ahead of his starring role in The Grinch this Christmas. What's the worst present you've ever received? Let us know in the comments. THE HOOK SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE LIKE OUR FACEBOOK: FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: Got a video and need a platform? SUBMIT TO:


eggsbenedict cucumberpatch : "I keep on accidentally making microwave recipes for two!" Same, man. Same.

blueppigeon : This would have been great ...A few hours ago

RexForceRiquiqui : everyone who gave him a real gift this year are going to doubt everything now lmao

berryfairy68 : He's such an awesome fake liking gift receiver 😂

Jeff Hocker : You know you're old when you begin to appreciate socks as a gift.

J : I will use these advices to not hurt Benedicts feelings when he asks for an opinion on his moustache

Mt Eat : That shirt will ensure the usefulness of the microwave meals for one cookbook

CyanicOrange : Watson: “I prefer [my] Sherlock clean-shaven.” Sherlock: “I don't shave for John Watson.”

Doug Pettey : LOL! I got the teapot/cup combo one year - from my MOTHER! While I was ooh-ing and aah-ing, she proudly announced that it was a re-gift, because when she got it she thought it was horribly stupid and ugly but then immediately thought I would really like it! Yeah, good ol' mom.

Misha Kamath née Fernandes : The teapot's cute.

Parrot027 J : Every relative who has ever given Benedict a present for birthday or christmas will be very unsettled right now😉

Zer0trix Gaming : Was searching for "Battlefield December patch" and ended up here.. Not Dissapointed.

Oechsey : Oh look at this good-looking moustache! See? Slightly overdid it there...

dj w : I like to get socks as a present now...They're useful. I like them.

blue eulb : I liked the tea cup...

Maria Stephens : Could also be titled: *How to be cheerfully passive aggressive about bad Xmas gifts*

Laraine B : My brothers and their beautiful wives, and I actually go out of our way to buy each other horrendous gifts..we then roar laughing and think....yep....youre getting this next year..we recycle all gifts! All of these acceptance speeches are used by're in our 60's and 70's,not a lot we need or want,but laughter is always great.

Anthony Catanzariti : I was hoping he would get a Dr Strange toy.

Blaze O'Glory : I love Bumblebee Cucumber

TheWolfGirl : "By hitting someone with" 😂

Amelia A : sounds like some youtubers when they open their PR packages........

Montana Made : “Idiot proof- it comes with a floppy disk!”

Daybird Aviaries : It's not fair for one person to be so attractive.

Fiery Alex : What If They Think You Like Those So Much That They Get Those For You Every Single Year...

Laura Diaz : Honestly the first book is perfect for a broke college student...

Sumuya : I am imagining him reacting like that as Sherlock when he gets presents from his friends and Watson going into a short silence before replying; ... Okay, you hate it.

Riley Mcfadden : We're in the end game now...

Seaweed Otter : Is it wrong that I would wear that shirt?

Leslie Solorzano : But the teapot within the teacup is wonderful! People could be very ungrateful.

fofiax : I love socks too lmao. They’re really the best gift any adult can get because they’re so warm and cozy and prefect for the beginning of winter in a place like Texas

Diogo David : Benedict Cumberstache

Reidlos Toof : Why does this audio person have this job if they can't even manage to stop the entire audio stream from peaking?

Kelsey Tomlinson : This is the man I've pledged my undying love to.

ReinOwader : Oh my god, this masterclass is exactly what I need. It's so good that someone decided to make this video finally. I've been waiting for this tutorial for so many years. I am really really thankful. My day is done now. Thank you so much. Did I got it right? Probably overdid it.

Channing Tatum : Your moustache is so nice looking, it suits you so much. I really brings those sparse sluggy eyebrows into focus. And the way it shades your upper lip makes me think of a nice warm mug of hot chocolate on these cold winter nights. 🤮 /s

Llywylln Gryffyn : DORMAMU, I'm here to thank you for you Christmas Gift!

Miracle Pope : I'm still cracking up to this in May lmao. And when they zoomed in on his face 2:29 XD

lokilover 1022 : 4:49 It reminds me of when there is sunshine in my life- Too relatable XD *cries*...

Christi Kleppestø : You know. I reacted the same way to Benedict’s moustache like Benedict(Sherlock) reacted to Watson’s moustache after the great fallXD

RoRo : “I LOVE tape, it sticks things together!” 😂

Jorah the Andal : I appreciate getting socks.

K. De Metter : Excel 5 ? That book belongs in a museum

Emily_M. : *music stops* or you can someone with it... We need Martin to fix him Sherlock needs his Watson

Join_the_ DarkSide : Him being Sherlock when he says it smells of someone's BO

uncreative name : “oh ooohoo hoo hoo hoo hooo hooo its a teapot with its own cup” I’m dead, I love this man

Manya Goyal : An avocado... yeahhh😀

Brenda Saavedra : I love the tea cup.

GePax : This is a really good video that is fun to watch, but the audio quality is very, very bad :/ almost sounds like it has been recorded with a gaming headset

lokilover 1022 : Omg this video made me laugh so much XD I love him!