The Super Mario Effect - Tricking Your Brain into Learning More | Mark Rober | TEDxPenn

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Sarah Bollinger : Mark is incredibly brilliant and caring. One of my favorite Ted Talks/ Youtubers of all time.

Da Nintendude : The opening point about the -5 points is very relatable. One time I had to take a quiz on quizziz... now, this can be fun for studying, and just having fun, but this was for a grade... Quizziz is built like a competition... Especially when the teacher doesn't disable certain features, it can get really disheartening. So I'm trying to answer the questions... there is a time limit for each one, and I'm given points based on how fast I answer the question. I can see the names of others in my class and what scores they have... and it makes me unable to focus. Eventually I see the quiz as both a quiz and a competition... I'm clicking questions fast... I don't wanna run out of time. I may know the true answer, but I'm not thinking long enough, I'm just choosing. I see that I am in a low place, I don't have many points, so I get even more anxious and click the wrong answers. At the end of the quiz, I have a B... and that is my actual grade... not my score on a game... but an actual grade... The -5 points in the coding game may be pointless, but so are the "extra" points on the quizziz... those are strictly for the competitive aspect... overall, I am graded on how many I got right. If I was doing something like a Google Forms, where I can't see that anyone else is doing better than me, and I don't have a quickly decreasing time limit, I can focus much better and get a much better grade. You simply cannot throw unnecessary points into a quiz... that just messes everyone up. The most ironic part of this all is that Quizziz is a way to try and make quizzes fun... it is a game... the problem is, that if done incorrectly, making a quiz into a game can screw you up.

familyguyfan420 : when will ted himself finally show up to the talk?

Fabzil : “I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” ― Michael Jordan

Paws : Reads title: oh Sees Marks face: oh Wait is that Mark Rober? OMG ITS MARK ROBER CLICK

Lift Pizzas : "In every job that must be done there is an element of fun. Find the fun and snap, the job's a game." - Mary Poppins

Tman : Great presentation, BUT the major failure is not addressing WHY people will spend so much of their time trying to beat a meaningless video game, yet give up so easily on things like, getting a new job, getting through school, and fixing their relationships? The importance of the goal certainly cannot be the driving force. What is it then? Quite simply, all of the tools you need to beat the video game are right in front of you--it's those little buttons you push--but those other things in life are for more complex and without having been given tools to tackle those challenges, you are forced to discover the tools you need yourself. How do you get a stranger to fall in love with you, for example? If you know how, then you will have an endless supply of mates for life, and if you don't know how, you may spend the rest of your life settling on the one miserable person who finally agreed to go out with you. Same with school. If you know HOW to "do school", you can excel at virtually any class--and if you don't, even the easiest classes you will struggle with.

John Paul George Carganilla : It should’ve been called the Dark Souls Effect

Malik Suleiman : Yo this guy should make a YouTube channel

Makar Lock : The -5 points, in real life, is called standardized testing.

Matheus Castello : I think Finland is a great example of this too, iirc students don’t take tests until they’re around 17 or so. Removing the fear of failure. And guess what, their teaching system is one of the most successful worldwide.

Ganesh Bhambarkar : The main difference between Mario and real life is that we know that the end goal is achievable in Mario, but it is not clear in the real world.

Dan Bell : Force kids to learn, judge them based on arbitrary criteria, single them out in front of a crowd that will tear them down for succeeding *or* failing. Tax the parents. Overpay the people making this happen while they complain about not getting paid more, when they are terrible at the job. Call it education.

Rismosch : I remember that test. I participated in it. Though you lied that the points were meaningless. You said there is a giveaway of an iPad if I remember correctly, and each point corresponds to one entry. So if you had 200 points, you entered 200 times. If you had 100 times, you entered 100 times.

36Techniques : life is like super mario.. we spend most of our time collecting gold coins, but if you eat mushrooms you go up a level

CH1CK3NBURR1T0 : You missed the perfect opportunity to say “focus on the peach and not the pit”

Link Chen : In a game creator's view, this is a great speech. But hardcore gamers want more humiliation from games like Dark Soul.

West Coast Ghost : When I talked about video games at school I got beat up and called a nerd. The 80’s were awesome. At least the nerds won in the end.

Kolos : "The trick to learning more and have more success, is finding a right way to frame a learning process" Mark Rober

Epifania Experiência : Funny how this reminds me of Eminem "Love The Way You Lie" "You don't get another chance, life is no Nintendo game" That being said I loved the talk anyway :P

Haerim Lee : But in Mario, you do lose lives if you fail, and this mild, but very extant pressure to not lose all your lives does play a role in you learning the game. Small amounts of pressure do help (in a fun setting) to let you learn faster and in a more realistic situation.

Music Addict : 'unexplained trust issues'

Kevin Reilley : The thing is, life does penalize you for failure, so your goal should be to harden yourself to that not arrange your world such that failure isn't penalized. Nevermind, I had only watched to 2:45 when I wrote that, He has changed my mind.

RCoverC : I finished the puzzle after failing twice and I was penalized. I may have created an incognito tab and opened it so i could attempt it as many times as I wanted and still end up with a score of 195 but......... nobody has to know that :P

I like CHIPS!!! : I'm a simple man I see mark Rober I click

Olympvs : That intro music was fire

AceWire802 : I saw Mark Rober, I clicked.

Awemowe : Evidence for it in real life, can be found in World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft used to punish players that played for a long time by reducing the XP they would get, to make sure they didn't play so long that they would die in real life. People pushed that to the limit, and it was a bad thing all around. Instead of that though, they changed it so you got REWARDED for logging off, by getting rested experience which accumulated while offline (2x experience gain, when you came back online).

Quote : You missed an opportunity man, instead of "Focusing on the Princess and not the pits..." it should've been "Focusing on the Peach and not the pits..." :P

The Right Media : Don't you lose lives in Super Mario? Wouldn't that be a penalty?

Mitsuyoshi : "It feels natural to stand up and try again like a toddler that really wants to learn how to walk." This was the best motivating analogy I've ever heard. It reminds me of what my mom always used to say while she taught me how to ride a horse: "When you fall down from a horse or a horse has thrown you off his back: After you've checked your health quickly get back up so to not let anxiety of the horse control you."

Saiyam : But wait i am learning this with my brain so now my brain knows this trick. (hmmmmmmmm)

Israel Rdz. : If you cut off all the bragging, the video lasts less than 3 minutes

D The Engineer : I once had a teacher give out a long difficult test with three pages of instructions on the front. If you read the instructions until the end the last thing it said was "This test is just to see how well you follow directions. Simply put your name on the front and turn it in. If you write anywhere on the test you fail!" Only 4 students passed this test

Jason Mueller : There is something missing from this and that is the power of positive reinforcement. You showed where points where taken away and people not trying to figure it out after a while but what if you had put in a points earned for getting the puzzle partly right.The reason people keep trying or give up is the feedback given. If you get a lot of negative feedback you tend to give up more quickly and if you are given more positive feedback you tend to want to keep going. This is not to say that you should never give out negative feedback because if all you hear is good with no bad then you really do not get why you failed.

pimpshiza : He needs to combine two of his projects. A hot tub filled with glitter and fart gas that liquefies the glitter.

Reality Realized : Really awesome concept here! I used to play learning games on the computer that basically trick you into caring about various subjects to be able to solve puzzles to advance or win the game and those were very effective for me growing up in the 90's I think the new generations would benefit from more modern technologically advanced methods as opposed to the same thing we have been doing that kids have no interest in...

Lost Cosmos : My lifes challenges is more like dark souls...

Yesina Platero : *sees super mario in the title* clicks in the speed of light

Tommy McDowell : I get the metaphor he’s trying to make with Mario but in Super Mario if you fail you are penalized by losing a life and so I feel like it’s not the best metaphor to use

C Luvzinfo : Mark, thank you so much for this inspiring video and the fantastically fun science videos on your channel! My daughter and I love watching. I wish everyone had so much enthusiasm for science and learning.

Dave Skoglund : Great talk Mark. You hit the bullseye on this one.

James Puzzle : This reminds me of my middle school spanish class. We didn't have tests, we had growth oppurtunitys.

Soulsphere001 : The problem though, of course, is how do you implement gamification?

Eon Lee Music : I'm particularly interested in Super Mario as you can probably tell by my profile pic

Jennifer Segarra : I am a huge fan of Mark Rober. He's intelligent, clever, and funny. Mark presents information in a way that fosters curiosity. I'm a teacher, and my students and I watched his You Tube science videos all the time. Any time my students had free time, that's all they wanted me to play were his videos. It didn't matter that they had already watched it 10 times :).

Matt Shears : "What if there was a way to learn without penalty?" Isn't that what I'm doing right now?

smasherlord : But... the entire premise of this talk is flawed. Super Mario has lives, equivalent to the points in your coding game experiment. I don’t understand why you would use this as the premise of your argument

PhD. Life Apologist : Good video I guess... But it's kind of a bad analogy. While it's interesting that the results from the game/script test was different on the 2 modes, there is punishment / lives & points in Super Mario, yes? I think it would be better to just say that there's no 'you lost points' or 'lost a life' message in Mario, when you lose. It just continues, giving the illusion of always gaining. Anyhoo.

The Virtual Dimension : Dude! This "Super Mario Effect" is awesome