Jerma Animated - Clip it, Quick! - by GoogleyGareth

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Knorkrax : I can't tell if this is an animation or real.

Smiley the Smile : Nice animation, good acting, solid gameplay. Now please explain what the hell is going on.

Payton Tate : *A cacophony of coughs, laughs, bottles, and "clips"*


StickMaster500 : This is why you don’t divide by zero

Rick Berman McCallum : About halfway through my brain broke

Swindlesween : Oh god I remember this stream. I never laughed so hard at something so stupid.

Some Random Name : As expected Jerma is just a Scout with better hair and shorter.

Holy Mackerel the Third : Jerma985 vs 985 Jermas

Game Revo : The way the previous Jerma reacts to the new one at 1:28 is genius. Clearly way too much thought went into this.

Wil Wal : The "laughing too hard to drink" animations are really good

MrDeath018 : I cant believe they got the actual voice of the scout to record this

Dammitimmad : Do you know the definition of Insanity?

Teo : Love this

shizzlebizzfizz : This perfectly illustrates that unhinged, self induced madness that he is so good at doing.

Matt Clemmer : *WeRe TaLkIn AboUt YOU GetTiN ClIpPeD.* *Me BuRpIN*

Goroke : Mega props for Googly for even attempting this existential nightmare of an animation

James Wampler : Only in Jerma streams do you encounter this level of nonsense.

Canicus Dredge : You all know that movie "Multiplicity" ? the one with Micheal Keaton where he clones himself to make his life better but the more clones he made the stupider they get? Jerma's clones will stay the same cause he's at rock bottom.

Duke Fishron : Ahhh, here we see the wild Jerma, caught up in it's reproductive process, known as "clipping".

DrDolphinrider : A bold take on a classic moment

TheDrFunkenstein : This video is fake Jerma can't be this tall in real life.

Communist Seal : This isn't even the right video

Black : We need more animated videos

Cee : Jerma is a irl Cartoon Character

Sneaky Pete : This is like a real nightmare

keos- : This is a perfectly accurate representation of Jerma's thinking process.

fireballftw1123 - : Oh my god I remember the comment asking for someone to make this they actually did it the absolute madman.

HammerspaceCreature : Now we need to link this to Jerma on stream pretending it's something else and then clip him opening the link

SirMoss : *C L I P I T*

Calvin_Coolage : That's a good Jerma Scout.

Daddy : All it takes is one burp for jerma magic

sudanym : H E R E W E G O

jiki hendrik : Did he just on the fly create a short conversation with several of himselves ON STREAM?

green of tree black of blue : This is what happens when Jerma cast *SIX* on himself


DubskiDude : This is still the wrong clip, Mack.

Cruzi : You'll need to turn the WonderBook the right way up

KelleheJ : Jerma goes through all 7 stages of grief in this video

Rankerquat : This Deserves To Go On Main.

Naylikeh : This guy is too golden for the internet. Never change, Jeremuh.

demha : Damn that character looks kind of cool I wonder what game he is from

green of tree black of blue : I remember these streams they were great

Super Pochaco : This is borderline experimental.

potato ze spud : "Clip" -jerma985

Palm ID : Jerma spilled everywhere.

Phyz : This should be on the main channel

Nice! : Jerma. hours after saying he would stop streaming last night


Ante : I still hold true to the belief that the Sorcery! streams are so far the funniest things to ever come out of his streaming career