Making Music With Windows XP Sounds

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Rumman Naser : A song using Dolan Dark's Comments on your vids. I'm sure you can't do that!

Frugal Aesthetic : ive found the most talented youtuber ever

Dolan Dark : me llamo Jeff

LB music : Make a beat using minecraft noteblock studio

P A T T 0 N : Do a collab with Andrew Huang Like if you agree Edit: Also, make sure to read the comment section of this comment, it is super funny

gammerboy1999 : I really liked this one, nice touch using the visualizer thing btw

Zev Love X : Did not expect the end result to be that good

w B : Can you make a beat out of the nintendo 3ds sounds?

MILL ROCKY : Make a beat using minecraft noteblock studio

Franz Carl Puchert : The repeating XP dialog box sound really adds to the XP feel. Sounds like when your computer freezed when popping up a dialog box and that sound just kept repeating.

Heck Frick : Should've added the windows startup at the start.

Gabe Miller Music : These latest beats in your last few videos have been especially good. I'm really digging them.

Kiallaka : make music with nothing

Jonathan Brooks : 5:30 hits quite hard I wasn’t expecting that from Levi just using windows xp sounds and a few imported drums

KD73 : Make music with only a *PaPErClip*

DannyBoy : I like your making a beat with (X) videos, but I would also like to see you just making beats.

Frita The Fox : An error has occurred. You cannot view this comment right now.

Xemles ا XemTV : Make a beat that sounds like an elevator song

PsyChotic : 0:55 why it sounds like Call Of Duty Black Ops 1 Zombies soundtrack ? damn

PumKing -X- : I hear those sounds everyday ( i have two computers with windows xp)

omojmilan : Make a beat using your videos only

Baby Ghetto : Would you consider people using your beats in videos, especially by giving you credit to your beats? They sound so good.

Michał Zakrzewski : Levi can you do a video on your mixing process? 😁

amoschampion : Now make a beat with the Windows 95 startup sound.

KageriHummi : Make a beat using Minecraft noteblock studio.

Ernest : Make that hypercam music only by windows xp sounds

Oversampled : First saying 'first' :>

Good Boy : Make a beat out of Dolan Dark's reaction when you tell him how bad his videos are.


Kaynon : Wish you used the xp boot up sound.

ddvniek : Very creative man. End result is really impressive. Don't think I'd even mind to hear a full version of that!

A.S.K343 : Can you make a beat out of the nintendo 3ds sounds? (home menu, mii channel, photo channel etc.)

preciseowl 2 : Can you remix the Jetpack Joyride main theme song? It would be so dope!

Triandot : how about a mashup remix of some of your fans' songs?

Lil Sharpy : Make a song using the Wii Sports Theme Song please

Addisonia Corp : Make a beat using only a pen

Arcade : challenge: make a beat with SNES hardware limitations

Sergio Valentino : Make music with Soundcamp ;D

steven rodriguez : i subbed for that those league of legends sounds REMIX so much you can work with its crazy

Andy Caraballo : Make music with Windows Longhorn sounds! (They're actually fanmade, but mate they're hot)

GreatValueJCole : daddy levi

lilkoolaidman93 : Now do Mac OS 9

CG_BeatZ : so this is why you posted a picture of windows xp startup on your ig story lmao i thought you would make another old fl video haha

Kosmic Waffle : You should attempt the ultimate challenge and make music using only the Nintendo Switch startup sound!

Ryan : How about a song with the Star Wars sound track

MoonSeok Myungie : Omg I remember being in like music class when I was smol and the teacher would use that visualizer thing while we listened to music. I used to love that.

ThreeNPlusOne : Does anyone remember those Windows XP error remixes?

Daniel Benavente : Why don’t you have like a gazillion subs? Love your content 👌❤️💕

Saimore : Yay XP is my favorite

ッWowZee : Do music with the Xbox 360 intro