Octavia Spencer Shares How She Met Keanu Reeves
TIL that before she was famous Octavia Spencers car once broke down on the side of the road No one would stop to help her until Keanu Reeves showed up on his motorcycle

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Octavia Spencer tells Meredith about when she first moved to LA and how Keanu Reeves found her on the side of the road and why she doesn’t ever remind him of the first time they met.


Roland Wilson : For her it's a great story, for him it was tuesday.

Jose Perez : He remembers and he says "You're breathtaking"

topren31 : OMG Keanu really is a nice guy! #stillmycrush

J. M. : she is so sweet and Keanu is such a gentleman. The world needs more of these awesome individuals. :D

mm12345777 : OMG more reason to love this man! I´m glad more and more people are realizing just how genuine and pure Keanu is.

George Shibley : The man is Jesus in a technologically driven world. What would you expect from the one?

Azucena Calderón : Of course he do that !!! He is an absolutely gentleman, the dream come true of all women, I really Wish him all the happiness he deserves, I hope God bless him With a lot of life and love. Amen !!!

Nina Nguyen : of course... he always sweet to people...

Dion St. Michael : Keanu has ALWAYS made us Canadians so proud. From everything I gather he's a wonderful person and the real deal.

Adam : Keanu is becoming a beloved icon like Tom Hanks and Bill Murray.

TravenWick64 : Keanu is so nice I wish I can meet him in person.

angela bacus : Oh Keanu Reeves how sweet are you, I love you sir, I hope GOD will grant the desire of my heart to see you personally.

Stefan Lopuszanski : Here from reddit. Never heard a negative thing about Keanu. He seems like a really amazing person. He recently helped out at after GDC (Game Developers Conference) when there was some plane fiasco. Such a cool dude.

George Podaru : He's the one! Everybody knows that

Kathleen : Octavia is authentic. Thanks for sharing.

Rajat Y : Damn he is so cool.

thefatman69fude : he's to good for us. he's an alien. the man is to good to others.

topren31 : OMG Keanu really is a nice guy! #stillmycrush

arcadata : cute story!

Neriyahu : well that was cool

Rose Navarro : keanu the best💖💖💖💖

jdcaprio2000 : Owh keanu how was sweet of you ❤

osvaldo franco : he's the man!!!, what else can I say!!!👏👏👏

Stephen Bieth : I am always blown away by people who have hard lives and don’t become bitter. He has had a lot of drama over the years but I have never heard anything negative about him. Plus his drama was not created by himself like a drug addition or an alcoholic (not putting people down who are battling those Demons. Nothing but support for those people). All his drama was life induced. I am not a huge fan of his acting (yet he was incredible in “The Gift”) but very impressed with him as a person. As a fellow Canadian you have done us proud!

Himawari7even : Would be wonderful if Keanu and Octavia star  in a movie together.

connie clayton : You are such a sweetheart, Olivia, and I wish I had been you having Keanu help me with my car !! I love him so !!

SaBi NuKi : He’s totally da One!

Melissa Causey : God Bless Keanu! ..a real Angel helping people on Earth!😍😍❤️❤️

Pam_Wien : I watched this interview years ago. Then I kinda recognized Octavia (from the award winning The Shape of Water). I searched this interview again and I thought „yeah, she‘s the one Keanu helped one time“.

Duong Thuy Tran : I would just ask God to grant KR a decent lady who deserves him :)

EK P-G : I want to go to the opening night with Octavia. Hee Hee

Keyem Guenzel : I Love Keanu he is Amazing person w/very big Heart so generous to others always and so Humble person ever in the Hollywood ❤😍God bless him always ❤

Pirlanta's Hall : We seriously NEED more kind, caring people in the world like that/him😊❤

LOCK UP CROOKED DRUMPF : Wait a minute... if she didn't recognize him then how did she know it was Keanu? Maybe she realized it after the fact? In any case, I can picture Keanu doing something like this so it doesn't really matter.

Raul Torres : Proves it Keanu Reeves is a angel. Pops out of nowhere to help.

Jedi Lady : John Wick helps the needy and kills the bad! hehe Why does Meredith look like a highschool girl who just saw her crush when talking about Keanu? LOL

MJade : Awwwwwe💕

Isabella Tuttle Tuttle : Keanu Reeves is a beautiful human being

rei dragor : She looks kinda cute

Nomad TeslaModel3 : The legend continues

Mollie Raye : I love this woman

Daniel Vargo : That's FUNNY!😄 she's an AWESOME ACTRESS shes hilarious in movies!☺😘COOL

kevin dellatore : Of course Keanu would. Literally the only good person in Hollywood.

Emka Araga : He's everything in every single way!!!

maning04 : Keanu is such a good man!

K4Z4Y : I love that he's such a great guy!

Pat Pat : If only we could clone him a million times....

S G : "What Would Keanu Do?"

Angelyne Bocus : Lucky lady ! I love him!