What If You Detonated a Nuclear Bomb In The Marianas Trench? (Science not Fantasy)

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SoupFork : It’s all fun and games until a 500m tall fire-breathing atomic lizard crawls out of the trench 20 years later...

Hippo : Please delete this video. Kim Jong Un might get ideas.

TheWeirdGuy : “Magikarp can survive in water no matter how dirty it is”

ArtKaboozel : Anyone else notice the Pineapple under the sea at 4:20? SPONGE BOB!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

The Letter L : Y'all be talking about spongebob's pineapple or a godzilla in the video But there's a frickin sharknado @ 5:05

Mr. Boppin : *Time to teach those fishies a lesson*

HIT X MISS : Thank you Vsauce, very cool!

Thomas Leggatt : Impossible. The Ghost Leviathan would destroy the vehicle.

Fusen Zhang : Oh, those Russians...

Ethan Merle : I can't imagine how much deep sea life would be destroyed

Sebastian Elytron : _"Mariana, get out of your trench! There's a nuclear bomb coming!"_

Seraphina Downes : 4:19 Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Mack Lee : *watching first minute* Heh! This is a nice vid, I like those cute birds 😍 1:10 😲

LuckyTheDiamond : 1:10 "I don't feel so good..."

Mitch Martinez : Love the Adventure Time reference at 3:27!

Dr Shaym : Good, somebody refuted that stupid Riddle video.

Ginataang DURIAN : *...* *_Well you can nuke my Deep Sea_*

Tomer Avital : If the bomb reaches 11km under water, it will crash like a soda can. The stress at this deep won't let the bomb explode.

hau suan dim : 4:04 who else saw godziller?

Minister Guy : I feel bad for the ocean animals

Lashan : 6 minutes to get to the answer of "nothing, really", but the animation quality and dat voiceover made it all worth it

Thong Moua : OH NOES. THEY DESTROYED SPONGE BOB'S HOUSE!!! How could they!

It's Me :/ : We'd piss off the angler fish and the goblin sharks

Toastie footsie : they actually detonated an underwater nuke, there was a big surface explosion but very small tsunami.

Lucky Gaming : The animations 😍😍😍

Bose-Einstein : In short, nukes are extremely weak from the perspective of pretty much any natural disaster. The only reason they are so dangerous to humanity is that we have the ability to detonate thousands of them evenly across the world and they have radioactive fallout. But even then, they will only really harm life. The Earth won't even feel it.

Werewolf Don't sue me : Im positive that i know what the video that inspired this


blue person : So he is telling let's see if we die

Djo Show : best animation ever :)

This is my name : Stop giving Korea ideas

Strawberry flavored Clorox bleach : We’re just short time guests here on earth to mother nature

S L : The Greatest Cause of Climate Change is MOTHER NATURE. We Humans are nothing compared to her!

Daniel Gonzales : Good video veryy nicee

popo plasma : Only thing I’m worried about is sponge bob.

Chaitanya Singh : That went 100 to 0 -really fast- real quick

TBNRskyfire : 4:20 sponge bob man LOL

Jevil : But what happen to the left overs of the nuclear (the green bubbles and nuclear clouds)

Mr. Gamey : It's a GODZILLA

이필숙 : 1:11 2:46 이거 kid 보면 안됨

Matt Roszak : Wow, the animation in these just keeps getting smoother!


Let's Go With Steven : If you put a nuclear bomb In the ocean then Philippines will become venus

1000 Subscribers without videos challenge pls : 🐦

Zyrush Z : good job you just show how to make doomsday more faster

The Science Biome : My my, the quality is through the roof!

ZincPlayz Gaming : Yayayayayayayy wee are save xD Phillipines <3

Get Low : Why would anyone do that it will destroy all the life present there

Shadow Gaming : 4:20 Pineapple house is Spongebob House! NOOOOOOOOOOO! BYE BYE BIKINI BOTTOM! 4:03 Godzilla!😃😃😉