What If You Detonated a Nuclear Bomb In The Marianas Trench? (Science not Fantasy)

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Chaitanya Singh : You get fined by the UN

Jaguer91 : Damn, you don't mess with water!

Ömercix Warspear : 5:00 sharknado

Barnacules Nerdgasm : I love the internet, it's just an endless time sync of information I'll never use.

himanshu : I always watch these vids twice back to back 1st just to admire the animation 2nd to understand the content

Wolver Derp :P : *_Fallout 69 leaked information confirmed_*

3,000 subs with no videos : Damn its bad

Joseph Nguyen : 2:10 SWIM SQUID SWIM FOR YOUR LIFE!!!

Gabriel Gabriel : Nice to know that we are basically a colony of fleas living on top of a massive eldritch being that will out live us, and the best we can do to effect it is the equivalent of that being blowing a bubble.

Space Guy : What would happen if we detonated the world's whole nuclear arsenal in the Mariana Trench?

Ene : a Kurzgesagt video that doesnt give me an existential crisis? nice.

unknow -n : Sorry but was that the TARDIS at 4:18 Upper left

Snoaa : This is a massive Ridddle diss and I love it

P1X3L4T0R : gaming & stuff : So, no Godzilla?

FanArt Girl : i live in philiphines! (i will die soon)

The Science Biome : My my, the quality is through the roof!

Nathan Chackerian : Sounds like an Elon Musk idea

RandomUser043 : 5:11 "pretty much nothing" Yea. except the column of heated water would fuel a storm increasing its intesity... so now theres a radioactive hypercane crossing the pacific headed for the coastline

SlimsyRelic 9020 : Please make a video on what is consciousness

Paul Castillo : 4:04 GOJIRA!

Sebastian Elytron : _"Mariana, get out of your trench! There's a nuclear bomb coming!"_

B Ningthouja : This is seriously fine quality animation with *good-to-know* facts.

xXSWAGNEMITEXx : 3:28 is that the litch king? It makes since because he was talking about mushrooms.

Walter Føhenson : With all that pressure, how would the bomb sink that low without being destroyed by it?

i'm pretty : Rip spongebob

Chaitanya Singh : That went 100 to 0 -really fast- real quick

Vikrant : Wut ??? *I AM SHOOKETH*

05candyman : Who didnt see that ending coming?

A Joy Forever : Plz make a video about thr concept of singularity plz...

CuriousReason : But what if on the top of Mt Everest? My channel was inspired by Kurzgesagt and created :)

Trygve Plaustrum : Well, that was anticlimactic.

Khim Velasco : wag kayo mag papasabog nyan . dont detonate a bomb in that place

Qx2 Qx1 : Its like bowmaster

symmetry : Spongebob lives in the marina trench.

Edi : Tsar Bomb 100mt :P not 50mt

Mr. Boppin : *Time to teach those fishies a lesson*


AuroraSonic : Look At Those Chickens

Adi Green : I already have my own bird inside my pants, so thank you kurzgezagt

блять : The tsar bomba is only a thousandth if a fraction of the most powerful bombs though right?

Dr Shaym : Good, somebody refuted that stupid Riddle video.

Blitz Dragneel : Oh... Btw...I'm from the Philippines

Marlon Derrick : @kurzgesagt I would love to see a video on if humanity had to start over from scratch, how long will it take to reach at the delvelopment status that we are now

deniz can elçi : Liked before even watching:!

Night_Playz : Can you please do a video about puberty

JetWing : This idea is less scary than I initially thought but how much of an impact will the radiation have on the Pacific?

unknow -n : 4:18 TARDIS to the left and also spongebobs house, 5:00 sharknado reference


Gamer Only Dude!!! : I like the part when he said "Pretty Much Nothing"