What If You Detonated a Nuclear Bomb In The Marianas Trench? (Science not Fantasy)

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SoupFork : It’s all fun and games until a 500m tall fire-breathing atomic lizard crawls out of the trench 20 years later...

Tommy Craze : This channel is the reason vsauce fell off

MattGames : I saw spongebob’s house at 4:18!

Henri Bergeron : Thank you for proving this stupid theory wrong. I finally have a video to give to people who believe this stuff.

RavenTelevision : You owned them so hard they had to pretend they were joking

This is my name : Stop giving Korea ideas

Random Guy : (Science not Fantasy) BURNNNNN

Ben Greenberg : They totally put the lich at 3:27 for the unclear waste right?

Bahauddin Zulhaimi : Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed. The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force

Joshua Hess witucki : The nuke would’nt work. It’d be crushed by the pressure

The Science Biome : My my, the quality is through the roof!

oyuncu25 ve bilim : 5:02 Sharknado?!

tim johansen : What would happen if we detonate a newclear bomb in your butt?

Sunquad : leme guess Kurzgesagt's bird is the black one?

Neo Anderson : 4:58 "The strongest forces humanity can unleash are laughable compared to forces of nature." Oh yeah, that's true. Climate change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUMANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wolver Derp :P : *_Fallout 69 leaked information confirmed_*

Nameless_Ghost : There's no time to waste, people! Sign the petition and write your local senators, to expedite the detonation of a Tsar Bomba in the Marianas Trench!

Dancing Line Noob : If life was minecraft Nothing happens

Berktie Berk : 4:18 we all know what that pineapple is

Ayrat Khalikov : "Its fireball hot enough to burn the rubble." I think you meant the Ruble.

Bose-Einstein : In short, nukes are extremely weak from the perspective of pretty much any natural disaster. The only reason they are so dangerous to humanity is that we have the ability to detonate thousands of them evenly across the world and they have radioactive fallout. But even then, they will only really harm life. The Earth won't even feel it.

Hello, I'am Franchéz : Im from philippines, now iam scared of Kim Jong Un.

The Dapper Rabbit : When doing atomic bomb test in the year... I don't know, we realized it wasn't good for the air quality. We dug a huge pit and blew up the bomb. nothing was affected too dramatically except a manhole that we used to seal the hole. If vanished completely! We had no idea what happened to it until we decided to test this again. we used an extremely efficient camera to record what happened. In one frame, the manhole was there. two frames later, it was gone. In the frame in between, however, there was a small corner of it visible on the top of the screen. We used the power of math to find out that the manhole cover was shot up into space. Those two manhole covers are the fastest man-made objects, not a spaceship or satellite, just two manhole covers.

freckhard : Damn Kurzgesagt! Didn't you say Tsar Bomba was a Hydrogen (Fusion) Bomb? You are clearly showing fission at 1:50 !😅😅😅

TheWeirdGuy : “Magikarp can survive in water no matter how dirty it is”

Dr Shaym : Good, somebody refuted that stupid Riddle video.

Nicholas Kessel : sooooo...... they basically just invited humans to test out even more nuclear weapons, but this time in one of the most diverse and unexplored environments on the planet because their will be "no side effects"? nice, nice.

franzferdinand17 : From my understanding someone did something similar in the 60s. It’s very sad that humans have to be so damn cruel to our planet and animals all because we are curious! Makes me sick!!! Something like that better not happen ever again, I don’t care where it is. A nuclear bomb or any bomb is terrible for our planet!

Nikola Tesla : 4:35 Tsar Bomba is 50 Mt not 1 Mt

Rendy Salim : Ridddle get rekt

Matt Roszak : Wow, the animation in these just keeps getting smoother!

Tony Smith : Then Superman would fly in to save us ! And he would turn back time if Lois gets killed !

Et3rnal Vort3X : Who lives in a pineapple under the... oh he died

CBL RB : Anyone else, see SpongeBobs house?

Anime Bobby Playz : Dont Go On berduma Triangle

Lashan : 6 minutes to get to the answer of "nothing, really", but the animation quality and dat voiceover made it all worth it

дедок из зеркала : кто от чорной птахи? :3

Luke Skywalker : I watched a video that say detonating nukes in Mariana Trench will shift the continents.

XANXUS XeNo : If there's a video 'bout our solar system's planets birth then it'll be...so good...

NeutronZanada : What animation software does he use?

Chaitanya Singh : That went 100 to 0 -really fast- real quick

Pikachu Tube 25 : I am in Philippines I am gonna die!!

Stolen Comment Patrol : I always love you guys' style of editing & animating.

Vincent Presscod : You've found the best way to advertise your patreon

Hater : Compared to nature what weapons humans can create are laughable. What about if we detonate a black hole bomb right next to earth? (I know we're not even close to being able to make one but we technically can)

WakeUpUniverse : R.I.P SpongeBob...

T'ᴍ Ꮚơщ : How about 10 Tsar bomba??

Jenny Rae : I'm always thinking of a possibility of bombing the center of the typhoon while it's still massing it's own stregnth before hitting Philippines. I'm not really sure, but I guess somewhat, somehow it will affect the circulations of wind around it hahaha

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