Dad Treats Himself

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Cherdleys : Tell my dad happy fathers day so he calms down...

Kerry Cronic Vlogs : Damn lol you did a good ass job on this character.

UGH IT'S JOE : R u my dad?

Micoola : You kill this character man

Daniel Sambar : *Merry Dad Day Cheb!*

TWD98 : look i'm a walrus

Marta Motevassel : Hi hungry I'm dad

TheSleepHeard : Wow I hope his children call him back

jose benzaquen : Your daughter is probably busy with Molly 🤷🏻‍♂️

Hidden_Logic_911 : "Hey kids it’s your pap pap here”, gets me every damn time, much love to you pap pap ❤️


Vinicius Prado : Happy Father's day, Dad!

fisk : Happy Father’s Day dad!!!

Adrian Gonzalez : i want this character to meet Gus Johnson

Blam Blarson : Bazinga

noobweebgeek 01 : Depression has lots of forms

Daniel Ballance : This man is such a good actor

BilboBaggyBawz : *DADDY*

swag-PS_gamer 02 : Happy fathers day poppop

Kubilay Sökmen : This is not funny, it is cool beans

Sakujo_Mikami Teru : ned flanders on drugs...

RiddleBoxRanger : I would watch a movie about this character

arabic spongebob : Dad : you guys didn't show me love. You didn't even bring me something Me : damn I forgot ,hmm dad really we love you all the year we don't have to show love in only one day Dad : (cry's ) I love you Me : oh , that was close

TopShelf Tv : Happy Fathers Day PaPa Cheb 😂😂😂

JustZeke : CHEB HAS SIBLINGS! We need to see a video about that. Pls do a video on that cheb. Like if agree 👍

Mr. Meeseeks : I meant to call but I uh....was super busy....working at the bank.

Toineuchiha : Yeah this is why I said in the previous video that we need the Dad character more, funniest shit ever

james marshall. : Yes daddy chard

Matt Natoli : your journey rendition was great! hahhaha

Hamon Frog : I think your kids are still with that "Molly" person

Dan oz : Your dad terrifies me.

func : wish i had a dad

GearsOfRock711 : A1💯💯💯

dezmounts : OMG I’m so early idk what to say daddy 😰😰😰

Pryce Peterson : ur a good father

MightyThor : Ned Flanders?

faggot boy : killed beans or cool beans?

Åjay kiran : Love this character😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Kunu0707 : I'll never forget u dad, will u adopt me?

TYPEΘTV : 😂😂😂 hilarious bruh

Adam Wolstenholme : Thought you seemed extra Freddy Mercury today, then the singing confirmed that you are his reincarnation

Max Day : Ahhh herr before 100 views. Happy dad day cherd.


Caitlyn Jenner : The EDC dad one was hilarious lol

Fuzion180 : Get lost Dad stop calling me!

Telestoe : this made me sad

skull_ candy : how does a spaniard cut his pizza? with leetle ceasers

Jock Powerviolence : *spatular*

Devin D : Lmao my friend at work talks just like this and is a dad and has a stache.

Jason Zimmer : Hot