The Religious Brain

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Quick Fix - Thought Provoking Videos : TL;DR: Religions are made up by the human brain, but anyway since Dumbledore is down with it.

Char Aznable : My moms belief in God helped her get through 3 cancers and bouts of chemo. The last of the 3 being the worst. I didn't know how serious it was until after the fact. But she pulled through. She said," their where times I wanted to give up because of the pain. But I knew my Father would pulled me through." I am not a big believer of religion. But if the belief in a higher power pulled my mom through than I'm all for the positive results.

Quality Tester : There are a lot of beliefs which might aid in your health. The avoidance of pork if I remember correctly was because Pork is a little difficult to prepare properly without modern cooking appliances, which means eating Kosher a few thousand years ago probably was good for your health. Now a days there are still Churches which do have good beliefs. The first Church of Cannabis has rules barring fast food and emphasizing that one should always try to be maintain good health. However, there are a number religions which might have beliefs antithetical to good health, like the barring of blood transfusions. Beyond that, it makes enough sense that there is a bit of placebo effect that can occur, but I'm not sure how much that can really aid anyone.

___ : Haieeeeee!

BigSurreal : "Religion is the opium of the masses" - Karl Marx

DrymouthCWW : So its a sort of mental disorder we commonly accept?