Impractical Jokers - Q's "Women's Rights" (Punishment)

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AIDAN TRUJILLO : First Comment

Eduardo Gomezjr. : I mean I'm not sexist but he does have a valid point about Michelle obama

Daraius Murrell : Everything Q says is true

UNCLE UTTERS : Ugggg feminists

Elevator Goblin : Do you want to hear a joke? ... Women's rights

Chris -0 : 90% of that audience looked like scum

Marcin Świątko : He should say that Michelle is a Man

Cameron Stacy : I literally could not do this job

Anarchy Blu : I just love Q's explanation of the quote: know...these ladies are going through a know....

Vijay Srujith : That lady in grey cardigan! 😍

gamerbigb : 16th comment!

ADITYA MALHOTRA : can do anything besides Being Bill Gates

Nasto Hitesh : 12,616th

Da Ridg : 1 more like

Cecilia Vera : last comment

gonzalo : Q against two feminists and the world 😂