El Pres vs Anastasia Ashley - Surf Style

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todd segel : "ill probably throw it in her by the end of the day" lmaoo

Clyde Vids : One softcore porno, everybody knows the rules

Kickssking23 : He had a half chub almost this whole time

Two Hands and a Radio : One tiny chubby, everyone knows the rules.

chili24137 : You've hung out with celebrities, caught your interns downloading porn, sat through insane and hilarious intern "give me a job pitches", eaten pizza, and driven cool cars, but this is by far the most I've ever envied you. Well done Dave.

Bailey Herdman : I would drag my balls through 10 miles of glass and vinegar to go near her

Gordon Shumway : 7:50 really?

jovanholden1 : "Should have worn compression shorts"

Ray J : Imagine if this was filmed way back in 2018 - the outrage.

IceLancer SR : meh she could just do soft porn and eleavete some of her obvious nymfomania

AMagicProduction : He definitely smashed after this video, which probably lasted 30 seconds

gordtron : she wants an aggressive guy who does what she says.. seems like troubled waters ahead.

bohun : 10/10 would surf

MrUniq : This was so awkward...he was obviously turned on yet I think she kinda knew.

Bitcoin Is Freedom : Guess pres and his wife had an open relationship

Daveson : 100% El Pres smashed

greenlizardballs : 8:10 classy

0DKR VD : 3:05 “ I should have worn compression shorts “ 😭😭😂😂

caerulea0 : she irritated me from start to finish, why must she act so provocative the whole way through

Ben Crosby : "I love sharks"

drunkrudetat2d : "im going straight" nice use of stock footage, kook.

Local : Is Pres a time traveler who did the old school MILF porn videos? Looks just like the guy.

David Weise : 4:11

Sean Gannon : How are there only 66K views on this?

SneakyThew : is this the video that caused the divorce

manilaboy1vic : what a fn kook

Alec Butcher : Visibly has a chub

moemoney131 vee : She is a first class whooore lol.

Mitchell Granahan : Think I saw a video like this on xnxx the other day

Matt Bradley : Hiding his half chubb

Thomas : she was disappointed he was married

Hector Gaitero : Esta chica es preciosa

麥阿 : 1:50

Stannis Burns : Was dying laugh when the Prez had his chin in her ass paddling out, he was probably feeling like a little kid inside,

Michael Flading : I would drag my balls through 10,000 miles of broken glass and rubbing alcohol for 1/500 chance of hearing her queef through a walkie talkie

80sruler : Haha - Dave looked like me in Costa Rica

Spider-Man : Chub

Nick Barnett : This is classic hay day bar stool!

WTFaretheytalkingabout : GO PRES GO! Viva

Alex Vandermolen : Shouldn’t have mentioned he’s married

Brian Golden : my favorite couple of all time

Hare Brahs : Job perks.

714milky : Pres won the ocean. Hahahahahahhaa

Mike Huncho : Davey pageviwes has a quarter chub lmao I love it

MotoMick Mckinney : Yoooo she was all about dave. I seriously bet he slapped her around a little.

Asistente Logístico Mapi : que ganado este hdp y la flaquita media doga

snowfreak551 : Shes so fine omg...

Sly Ny : Is this surfing of just porn? Gtfu

JDParty72 : Aggressive men? Let me put this ball gag in your mouth have you say that over and over.

tony Meola : oh she's so fucking sexy!