Putting a 7 year old in full body tracking

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Three lions til I die : She has real grudge against lapras


Mind Over Manter : That was wholesome as hek

Nidel : very cute yeas

Moon Priestess Cecilia : Rip lapras:( press "f" for respect. f

tirru : AWWWWWWW

Fireburner : yo this is cute as HECK

Rolfy : 1k views!!! She’s freaking out right now! Part 2 coming soon :)

cypher2b : So cute! I wish for her to be as powerful as ronaldo as well!

HQ Potato : Thats adorable! ♥

Stephanie Rayne : This is too cute

Shiro Gamer : Its just adorable!

LOLxTurtle : You’ll never know who I am

Anthony Hairston : This child is so pure! AWWWWWWWWWW

Lila Productions : She's so adorable. (^ω^) I could imagine being a seven year old on VR. xD

Moko Nagasakai : Ahhhh I'm laughing soo much. This is too adorable

libby : so cute

Skelly : Ooouuu