Florida Man Shoots Man Who Pushes Him, Does Not Get Charged, Stand Your Ground Cited

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Jackie Chuuan : so handicapped 50 years old got attacked by """gangsta""" in his 20's and somehow he should what? crawl away? he was on his knees and the "though guy" was about to stop him.

Doctor Claw : The man has done nothing wrong, someone attacked him, he defended himself - end of story Now morons will defend the aggressor and condemn guns

Rob Wills : Maybe don't go around assaulting people and you will not get shot in the chest and die....

discojoe3 : "Waaaaaaa, all he did was violently assault that guy, he didn't deserve to be shot for it!"

Jonesie : This wasn't the first time this kid used violence instead of reason. Not by far. He saw an older, weaker white guy arguing with his girlfriend, and he went to the first and only option he considers to solve problems. Violence. Had the old guy not pulled a gun, the violence would have continued. Notice the kid's posture after the shove. He was looking to continue. He only hesitated momentarily while wondering if the gun was real, and the man behind it resolved. Had the attacker been white/hispanic/asian/etc, the result would have been the same. Cause of death: Natural Selection.

Ticky Tocky : He's pushing daisies instead of old men.

Kargath Bladefist : This is justice taking place. Black people only know consequences. They've been coddled for way too long.

Maestro Bash : The moment you put your hands on someone, you've lost my empathy about what happens to you. Well deserved.

SAGE NOKO : It’s entitlement to expect your assault will be met with nothing. His priveliege was merely checked.

0sum gamezzz : If you watch closely after the guy pushed the man down he was advancing to hurt the guy. He was pressing what he thought was going to be easy pickings. Bottom line, he was fixing to beat the shit out of this dude, and probably video or take pictures to show off his handiwork afterward. Sound familiar? Don't feel bad. This time the bully lost.

KokaKolaKan : Violence must be met with greater violence. The man earned his death.

Kamikaze Gorilla : Well...you shouldn't go around shoving people then? I fail to see what this old man did wrong.

Fern Mccreary : The world is a better place with that guy dead, that's indisputable

Tremuoso : He clearly dindu nuffin.

Ducky Man : Why does this demographic always attack old people who are unable to protect themselves without guns? Attacker was a coward, got more than he expected.

Nerthus : I love how anti-white racists like Tariq Nashid say it was a "fight over a parking space". She parked in a handicapped spot, he was telling her not to and HE was attacked. The black couple was doing something illegal, then THEY accelerated the situation with violence.

Billy Clinton : You see how fast he stopped his aggression, didn't you?

hhhk20 : If Black people would just teach their damn children "right" from "wrong", situations like this would never happen. Not only does this animal take a handicapped person's parking spot, he viciously, and unnecessarily, assaults him. Start teaching your children "how to behave", Black people!

GhettoPharmacist : Real tough attacking an elderly person? whos laughing now?

Robot HandLove : The black guy was going to continue attacking him.

Unarcadia Arcadia : When America works as intended it's a beautiful thing to behold

Nial Iwakura : I love the smell of justice in the morning

Winston Hicks : He won't push anyone again...

Jesse Locke : Was this a legal shooting? According to Florida law, yes it was. If you don't like the law act to change the law. Whichever way this turns out what it says is KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF!

ukranaut : 1. Don't take parking spaces you have no right for. 2. Don't assault people. And everything is gonna be alright. In opposite case - blame yourself.

Elijah : Everybody's a tough guy until you shove someone who has a weapon. Ooopsy...game over.

dwarrior 6969 : Ex con pushed the wrong guy. He probably thought he's old, fat and weak....

Clipper Clock : Where do you think the stand your ground law came from? You have a right as a citizen to talk to someone who is illegally parked. You don't have the right to put your filthy hands on someone (it's called assault). Everything happened in the correct sequence. A man is dead because he was a fool and "sucker pushed" a guy to the ground. The guy protected himself from more potential harm. Case closed.

M C Taylor : The guy who is now dead took THREE STEPS toward the man who he'd pushed to the ground. TOWARD A MAN ON THE GROUND!

chs18311 : I’ve been telling people for years, if you’re not handicapped, do not park in a handicapped parking space!

Da Arkive : lesson 101 : Do not push around people smaller than you, because they may be armed

Dr. Danglers : Haha and its a good thing.

Schlomo Ofenstein : Good job Pops

T.H. Lawrence : Don't see anything wrong. The man who pushed the other could have come out, got in his car with his candy and drove off. Problem solved. But instead of either ignoring the guy or talking to him, he immediately shoved him to the ground. For that decision, instead of one of the other two, he got shot. Did he "deserve" to get shot? Not sure. I do know this, if your first reaction is to commit an assault, then realize that getting shot in the chest might be the result of said aggression.

James McCown : Good job, Michael. Brother Markeis won't be pushing any more people.

Malachor8091 : Couple of things to notice. The girlfriend gets out of the car when her boyfriend is about ten feet away from shoving the shooter. That introduces a disparity of force. Also the guy in the white T-shirt is advancing on the scene right up until the gun is displayed. That also introduces a disparity of force. The shooter might well have felt he was going to get a three person beat down at the time he fired.

fbody984life : I hope they start showing pictures of the shooter when he was 3 years old. He was a good boy and it looks like he Dindu Nuffin either.

Tom Wessel : USA truly the greatest country in the world

Chris : He comes out of nowhere to the mans blindspot during a discussion where the two weren't anywhere near eachother, shoves the guy so hard that he literally went off his feet to the asphalt, advances on him even when he is on the ground and is shot. Justified, especially in Florida.

Problematic White Knight : nothing of value was lost.

David Bann : I could watch this over and over forever

markyncole : I think it's borderline close,he saw the gun and started to back up,ending his threat to the man but then got shot. That being said DON'T PUT YOUR HANDS ON PEOPLE

Bee Juice : Consequences

scorpiocat69 : And the MSM rolls out its propaganda machine, accusing the shooter of firing while the much younger, aggressive bully was retreating....hardly...this young bully was advancing toward the old guy even before he hit the ground.....he only stopped when the gun was pulled...a gun pulled by a man who was attacked WITHOUT A WORD FROM THE SIDE!! This is NOT a shooting "over a parking space", but CERTAINLY a justified shooting resulting from a vicious attack.. the ONLY thing that could have stopped the young bully was a gun. White people are getting fed up with blacks who think they can assault them at will...like that ghetto game they play..."the Knock-Out Game", they call it.

Bigboy123 : I don't see the issue?

Jazzbo Jackson : good shoot. dont attack someone.

Bee Juice : Sounds like the white guy was confrontational. Didn't shy away from getting in black peoples faces. Not your typical white guy. Brother-man thought maybe he was just a weak old white man. It looked like a completely unnecessary shooting but brother-man didn't think he was going to have any trouble beating the hell out of the white guy. Now he's dead. Don't blame the white race. Blame the people on the streets who like to fight. Sometimes it ends badly.

visicircle : an entitled, elitist, bully piece of shit died. The law is working correctly.

Crimineenor : I'm pretty sure what's going on here is you have a nearly 50 old man who is not able bodied getting attacked by someone able bodied and felt he needed more defense than he could with fists alone. However, he should have not fired the shot once the guy was in retreat. The guy that shoved was much younger and able bodied and was being a total bully having no right to touch the other guy over a verbal altercation. I'm not saying the guy deserved to die but he was grown and should have known better than to assault someone.

Captain Obvious : Nothing of value was lost.