The $40 Internationally Standard Cup of Tea

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Ismail Emre Akcan : This video was absolutely brilliant! This channel keeps getting better and better!

Siberian : I like how this channel is slightly less serious yet extremely entertaining and covers interesting topics and has nice animations too

WTD Productions : I like the comedic approach here

Eyal Roziner : "and, the USSR" *anthem plays* I died at this moment 😂

Shadow Strings : You should collab with Wendover Productions. You and him might get along very well.

ArpholomuleNutt : So, how does the $40 standardized tea taste?

Mohammad Usman : You need to randomly insert the Soviet anthem more.

Tanner Murdock : 3:29 RUSSIAN INTENSIFIES

Sifi1310 : That smooth ad transition tho

SKX44 : Dude you've earned that Nintendo Switch

加藤みずっち : On behalf of Japanese, JSA or 日本規格協会 is read as Nihon Kikaku Kyoukai

BOT3RHAM : This is more like Twice as Interesting.

Timmity3 : Ireland coming at the ISO with basic logic. Who the hell uses a bowl for a standard cup of tea? Why on earth would you pour the milk in first by standard? Why the hell is the pot so god damn small, while not being small enough to serve just one person?

Auzra 35 : Notification squad where you at?🙌🏻🎉


Markus deMedeiros : $40 standard tea: Tea not included

Douglas Rampazo : Does ISO have a standard on how to make standards for ISO standards?

Simon : Your plane videos are the best.

Naveed Naqvi : BriNG BAcK tHe WiKIPediA LiST

Bogdan Seljanko : that feeling when I never ever have drunk tea with MILK. Milk? c'mon that's too weird

disturbed3241 : How many teabags can you fit inside a Toyota Corolla?

Caramel2828 : Ok , I fucking love this channel

コイノ/ Koino : Standartisation is so underappreciated

D-3066 : Love how there's an IKEA store right next to the ISO buildings. See what you did there. (4:24)

President Togekiss : As a Brazilian, I can confirm this. I have only drank tea, lik, 3 timea my entire life. And I did not like. I don't get the appeal.

Ebumbaya ' : Is it problematic to show this document online? Because you know... they try to make money from this knowledge.

He rr Gamer : The stars at 0:50 aren't pointing the right direction. They should all be pointing up.

matilim : Putting milk in at all is a crime against humaitea

Jaden Cave : why is it the ISO when it should be the IOS (International Organization for Standardization)?

Shadowmask8 : Why does your things keep saying liquor instead of liquid?

Jille van der Bom : Where can i buy ISO files, I want one for myself, because reasons....

Andika Radityatama : Very British

babelfishdude : Tea is important. USA founded its most important war on it. Wrong preparation is a sacriledge and basis for war. Hence ISO standard.

Yuri Matias : I have no regret on pirating standards.

Dexter : poor thing... animator just wanted to buy a Nintendo Switch....:)

zMagma : Give him his Nintendo Switch! >.>

lil dev : this will be a good epISOde. Very funny wendover

boxing fox : The presentation in this video is by far the best across all of Wendover Productions

King David : Half as Interesting, I use a coffee pot designed in the '50s' you know the old fashion one that percolates. The boiling water percolates through a container with coffee in it. However I grow oregano, mint and I buy cloves from my neighbor. I don't drink coffee, I drink tea. I brew up a batch of this home grown parasite killer and then I blend it with green tea and ginseng and raw organic honey. Very delicious and yet deadly to the parasites in my body. My question is this, are these cone heads going to arrest me because I do not use milk?

Ilia Zaichuk : Wait, what's with that route at 2:05 once again? Got me so confused for a moment :D

Rubes Aaron : As a Brit I agree that the tea goes in first IF you are pouring straight from the kettle into a cup. However in this it seems to be that the tea is put in a teapot first. In that case the ISO is right to say that the milk goes in first as this is the way I was raised to do it. So I'm not sure why a Brit would be mad at this.

叫我,修蓝~ : Next, put the milk BEFORE the cereal.

PusdienlaikaŠovs : Try Latvian tea. You basically go to a meadow, grab a handful of weeds, pour some hot water over them and you're all set.

Michelle Speed : Omg another standards geek! I’m obsessed with ISO standards. Awesome video.

The Dingus Himself : 3:29 chuckled loudly

Trevor Benoit : Yugoslavia was there as well:)

InvictvsNox : I had no clue the bureaucratic hellhole went this deep. I learn something new with every one of your vids!

Alex SAAB : I'm here no planes ☹

Dewlite : Hey at least no Plane Fetish

Arefin's tech : Well that's not my cuppa tea.