The $40 Internationally Standard Cup of Tea

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nesfan8 : Okey how much does the cereal one cost ? I NEED to see that

Sean Li : man , i knew China wouldn't be on the TEA ISO the moment you mentioned "milk". for what's worth, UK started putting Milk in the tea solely because they couldn't get the fresh tea and need to use fermented tea, often times many types of them (aka, black tea or red tea) due to fresh tea cannot survive the long journey. therefore milk is added to improve the flavor. sounds familiar? it is exactly the same story with Coffee, aside from special Latte drinks, milk in regular coffee is only there to cover the low grade coffee bean and to improve flavor. so do yourself a favor, don't put Milk in high quality Tea or Coffee.

DF Studios : Standardizing tea? Why hasn’t ISO tried to create a standard for plugs around the world??

Dan Ex : No budget, but wants Nintendo Switch. I can relate (All though I already have)

Merve G : We don't add milk to our tea in Turkey. How is it even approved?

XNDUIW Bricks : 3 of the nations no longer exist

FlyRiz : 1000th COMMENT!!! (Whoever doesn't put milk in tea is not human*) (*I only said that to not be irrelevant. Sorry.)

JustAnOven : At 1:25, when he says Japan, the writing is actually Mandarin (Chinese).

NotSoSober Gamer : All countries except Ireland are wrong on this matter *laughs in car bomb*

tinmuv : I'm pretty sure this is how Sheldon makes his tea.

Olika120 : im going to work for 2 months instead of school because i need that tea recipe

MrRandomRobot : Don’t worry I will get you a Nintendo Switch

Sandeep Banik : How was the cup of tea you prepared ?

Ordinary Lestibourne : Top quality content this here! This is the type of random that tv should've been while growing up... Not the hidden agenda type...

daidabus : ussr and yugoslavia xD oh boy that shit needs update.

Christian Knickerbocker : What difference does it make adding water to milk vs milk to water? Does it have to do with steeping the tea before you cool it with milk?

Maciek K. Cichoń : I'am so glad/wesoły that I've subscribed yesterday!

burdizdawurd1516 : Fun fact at 1:57 MRL 225 is an SD40-2XR rebuilt EMD to -2 standards. 321 is just an SD45-2.

Victor Rufino : I'm brazilian and I drink a lot of tea, but I have never put milk into my tea, is so weird.

Valentin S. : Hold on a second... Who puts milk in the tea in the first place?

Alex Gordon : Sounds like I'll be perusing the ISO website tonight… With my pants off.

Kim Wilson : 2:54 Wondering if I've been mistakenly leaving liquor out of my standard tea recipe... :)

Tomasz Cheda : I love the way you shipped that container from West Coast to Eastern Asia through the Atlantic.

ghostbirdofprey : To be fair, the document DOES explicitly state it's purpose "for use in sensory tests"

Sean Fitzpatrick : SO, as my government no longer represents my views, should I move to Ireland, or revolt?

blue_jay96 : How I make my R2 ($0.2) cup of tea: Step 1: Boil water Step 2: Throw nearest teabag into cup Step 3: Add boiled water to cup Step 4: Forget about tea until almost cold Step 5: Drink your lukewarm mug of dissapointment

Jerry Rupprecht : it also won a nobel prize for literature in 1999

TPAB GKMC : The majority of the world is lactose though so putting that standard with milk is inconsiderate

Ricardo Sousa Carvalho : Can you still sell the recipe on ebay? I'm sure you can get some of the money back

Kyle Netherwood : The reason you wouldn't put the milk in first is so you know how much milk you need to put in judging by the colour that the milk makes the tea. Therefore, if you have exact measurements for the volume of milk you need, the order is not important.

Mikhail Angel : I can have a cup of tea less than $1.

KuriGohanAndKamehameha : I can't believe you completely ignored Turkey in a video about tea. Hello, the largest consumer of tea per capita here..?

jessey : Keyboard layouts now make sense to me

Imploment : If you put milk in first you need to die.

Kuunib : All honesty I live in Switzerland and so used to pay for the most useless shit that I'd rob all the banks and just burn the cash so that I don't have any money to pay with.

Dukenukem : Well, better to check if your country adopted this norm and sells it for cheaper in CZ we have ČSN ISO 3103 - exact copy of ISO 3103 and it costs only 6,3$ its in Czech language, but that should be fairly easy to translate. Also Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia does not exist anymore, like USSR, and we don't get the anthem part?

poperussian : I was sitting in polisci class and busted out laughing when the USSR anthem was chimed in.

Ogoun : 1. Hot water 2. Teabag Those are my 2 cents, pay me

AlwaysRM_ : 3:25 and the Yugoslavia???? wut\ Czechoslovakia? We need to replace it and fast...

Mathew Anograh : This guy have another channel called Wendover productions

Paul Rogers : Given that the method described here used a teapot to make tea, then the milk absolutely should go in the cup first. Source: a Brit that drinks tea.

Jay Turner : This has given me cause to start a riot. Water first, then milk.

Lucas : I'm brazilian. Milk is not something you put in tea.

James Bradwell : I think you're confused. Putting the milk in last is only needed if you're brewing up directly in your mug (bowl) and not in a teapot first. If the tea has already been infused in a pot first (as the ISO standard specifies) then it matters not whether the milk is already in the mug when you pour the already infused tea into it. Which raises the question of what is the ISO standard way to brew up a single mug of tea directly in the drinking vessel without the use of a pot?

Hassan ALSAUD : You got ripped off man.

Felipe Chaparro : I am glad to know my country approves the international standard for tea preparation...

Fable Reader : I feel like this video topic was a bit of an obsession ...

Mentalist Fan : what an absolutely awsome video! i haven't been laughing at a youtube video like that in years! Thanks very much!

Red Carpet Room : I didn't know that the narrator of these videos had a sense of humor before this video lol.

Mqr1o : 3:29 best part of this channel