The $40 Internationally Standard Cup of Tea

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WTD Productions : I like the comedic approach here

Ismail Emre Akcan : This video was absolutely brilliant! This channel keeps getting better and better!

Markus deMedeiros : $40 standard tea: Tea not included


Jaden Cave : why is it the ISO when it should be the IOS (International Organization for Standardization)?

D-3066 : Love how there's an IKEA store right next to the ISO buildings. See what you did there. (4:24)

加藤みずっち : On behalf of Japanese, JSA or 日本規格協会 is read as Nihon Kikaku Kyoukai

Robert King : Enough with all the leaving the EU nonsense Theresa May, ISO 3103 is what we really should be Brexiting. I mean we're not savages, who puts the milk in first?

Betweentheatoms : i couldn't stop laughing. this is gold!

Mohammad Usman : You need to randomly insert the Soviet anthem more.

babelfishdude : Tea is important. USA founded its most important war on it. Wrong preparation is a sacriledge and basis for war. Hence ISO standard.

He rr Gamer : The stars at 0:50 aren't pointing the right direction. They should all be pointing up.

Dexter : poor thing... animator just wanted to buy a Nintendo Switch....:)

Esteban Echeveste : The part of the USSR xD

La Sibériade : I like how this channel is slightly less serious yet extremely entertaining and covers interesting topics and has nice animations too

lil dev : this will be a good epISOde. Very funny wendover

TBonegod111 : I like the comedy ramp up as of late thanks :)

boxing fox : The presentation in this video is by far the best across all of Wendover Productions

Real Engineering : British Isles? You mean the Irish Isles.

Timmity3 : Ireland coming at the ISO with basic logic. Who the hell uses a bowl for a standard cup of tea? Why on earth would you pour the milk in first by standard? Why the hell is the pot so god damn small, while not being small enough to serve just one person?

Rubes Aaron : As a Brit I agree that the tea goes in first IF you are pouring straight from the kettle into a cup. However in this it seems to be that the tea is put in a teapot first. In that case the ISO is right to say that the milk goes in first as this is the way I was raised to do it. So I'm not sure why a Brit would be mad at this.

Reinis Martinsons : Try Latvian tea. You basically go to a meadow, grab a handful of weeds, pour some hot water over them and you're all set.

foxforbox_bh : Give him his Nintendo Switch! >.>

david simmons : Half as Interesting, I use a coffee pot designed in the '50s' you know the old fashion one that percolates. The boiling water percolates through a container with coffee in it. However I grow oregano, mint and I buy cloves from my neighbor. I don't drink coffee, I drink tea. I brew up a batch of this home grown parasite killer and then I blend it with green tea and ginseng and raw organic honey. Very delicious and yet deadly to the parasites in my body. My question is this, are these cone heads going to arrest me because I do not use milk?

Eyal Roziner : "and, the USSR" *anthem plays* I died at this moment 😂

The Dingus Himself : 3:29 chuckled loudly

Fangslash z : As an Asian The presence of milk in tea is pure heresy >:(

NikName ! : It‘s the iso‘s fault that your Toast always Lands on the wrong side, cuz table norms

Mohammed Hamza : milk first should be illegal.

Shadow Strings : You should collab with Wendover Productions. You and him might get along very well.

Hudson Blanco : I'm from Brazil and I drink tea every day. My favorite is "Chá Mate"

Shamsul Arefin : Well that's not my cuppa tea.

Doublebow : As a University student studying a science degree, I have to say, the ISO is the bane of my existence. But I also have to say why on earth is there not an ISO for plugs/ sockets and home electricity around the world. Seriously, needing a different plug to charge my shaver and toothbrush is a right pain, then if I go on holiday to the US I am expected to wait like two hours to charge my phone half way, what is this madness, everywhere needs to just use the same plug and power (preferably the UK standard unless a better alternative is available)

Eladk : I had to check it's not April fools.

Tanner Murdock : 3:29 RUSSIAN INTENSIFIES

Joshua M : A eurocrat is a European based bureaucrat with influence over the UK. UB is just a basic definition probably from when the term first evolved, but you can use it way more than that.

Lip Fairilu : I love your French proununciation

SP2G 50000 : Give the animator a Nintendo Switch!

e735star : Wow!! Now I know where to buy my Christmas gifts!!

Scott Seeger : Wow, I got so excited to see you doing a video about ISO and it made me realize that is a little pathetic. But, in the Air Force we call shipping containers ISOs (eye so). For over a decade I've wondered why the International Organization for Standardization was abbreviated ISO. I've also done research online about the history of the shipping container and this topic oddly has always interested me. Thanks for the great video. How much for the coffee recipe?

sfctw1 : The USSR ? **SOYUZ NJERUSHIMI .....** gotta love the memes

colburn888 : ISO Standard for no soul: $959.00

Chibiabos Wolf : "If you don't have $40 to send to Switzerland, send $120 for a year at Skillshare instead ..." So rich with comedy.

叫我,修蓝~ : Next, put the milk BEFORE the cereal.

garrett123456789t3n : ISO isn't an acronym. So you don't say the letters. It's just the short name for the International Organization for Standardization. From the Greek word isos meaning equal.

Lucas : I'm brazilian. Milk is not something you put in tea.

Lim Ming Quan : Tom Scott. You know why.

happyflea : I'm British and the milk does go in first with everyone I know.

SKX44 : Dude you've earned that Nintendo Switch

«JustEnder» : This Video was Amazing! :D