No Zones

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Something Rad : The ONLY thing I remember from drivers ed...

IAmDaDumb1 : Dang. Eminem and Dre have come a long way since then

Wolf : They played this in my drivers ed class last week.

Rados130 : Saw this in Driver's Ed recently.

Anthony Limbrick Jr. : All this fire, it was lit in drivers ed

aaron : hey, I like em crisp, its a barbecue, isn't it?

Kathy Lee : Omg im in this video! We made it in 1994! I had no idea anyone would still be watching this!!!!

Ness : Bars

SgtSquishy Athena : "But it's 65 for CAWERS" 

rankymouse : Just saw this in drivers ed, there's no going back.

GJ Hartsfield : "Hey, I like em crisp"

Shamanic : Watched this today in drivers ed. I wanted to die.

PK Smokey : I'm OK with this.

Bella : Asian: Hey, woman, we don't have all day...Jamie, pass this guy already!" White chick: That guy is going close to the speed limit its 55 for trucks." White dude: But it's 65 for cars. Someone take the motor out of this thing? I mean, I know you're tryna be careful, but you've gotta be careful about driving in his blind spots, too, remember? No zones?" Asian: Oh yeah, the no zones; what are they again?" Vanilla and chocolate: Left side, right side, front and back *beat starts* Left side, right side, front and back "Oh no you're not gonna sing again, are you?" No zones--Stay out of the no zones No zones--Stay out of the no zones We're too slick for you, ha! We're always in your sights Stayin' out of the no zones cause we know it's right That's right blind spots you know where it's at; Left side, right side, front and back Stay out of those no zones, keep it few Don't hang out in the no zones; move it through We're out of those no zones, tell me where! Left side, right side, front and rear No zones--Stay out of the no zones No zones--Stay out of the no zones Keep no zones in mind when you attempt to pass Wait for a passing lane before you hit the gas Wait till it's clear, then signal and go Then pass quickly; don't go slow Get out of those no zones, check your mirror When you see the headlights, get back over here And you don't slow down maintain speed you go on You go on, you go on, you go on, you go on, you go on (you go on, you go on)... No zones--Stay out of the no zones No zones--Stay out of the no zones Stay out of those no zones, you know where it's at; Left side Right side Front, and back No zones--Stay out of the no zones No zones--Stay out of the no zones

Rui Busto : >when they bring the black guy just because it's rap,

RichUncleFloyd : Hey. I like 'em crisp.

CaptainSiberia : Run DMC's got nothing on these guys!

Harrison Logan : Saw this one in drivers ed Just about died laughing

Grant L. : HEY WOMAN!

Jen Meridius : no zone stay out of the no zone

CMNDR Grenchik : Well, It gave Me a good laugh while I was in driver's ED last week, and it helped on the final exam and I passed! :) And the entire video was RACIST!

Grant L. : I like em crisp. It's a barbecue right!

pops tots : No joke last month in Drivers Ed they showed this

Patrick Marsh : Those kids were waaay to enthusiastic in all the songs in the entire video...LSD perhaps?

Jonathan Lopes : c r i s p


julian Leeds : holy shit this video is it

Zavalia S : oh no you are not going to sing again are you?

Nick Wegenke : On a whim I thought I'd look it up... knew someone wouldn't disappoint me and have this posted!

Holden Darnell : eminem is in this song close your eyes and listen it was before he was famous

Scytherian XK : I want to die

Monkeytacular : ayy this is straight fire!!

Fragile Badger : HigH QualIty Content

Sarah Barker : Who else came here because of Film Brain?

Cya Bob : In drivers ed now just watched it

Ruz : Directed by Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim.

Blake Anthony : I saw this in drivers ed as well

Alyssa Portzer : the song from driver's education!!!😂😂😂

Grant East : Ya I love this song

Corbyn Doty : fire

Grant East : 😢😢😢😄😄😄

GrandMarshallWade : Man, these gangsta kids puts Full House to shame.

Mattheos Clemence : I'm going to mix this up with Faux News saying No Go Zones ;)

PinkGrapefruit22 : Why are the hot dogs relevant? Someone please tell me why?

DigiMega351 : When I saw this in Drivers Ed recently, I was laughing my ass off at its corniness. After the rap number, I joked "Vanilla Ice is in the corner laughing at the song"

DigiMega351 : They need a nerd to complete their group of stereotypical teenagers from the 90's.

ColonelBumButt : I bet those chicks had massive bushes

Ze-TopHat-Gamer : Still better than Iggy.

RebelTaxi : I signed up for Drivers Ed just to see if they had this video

Sasso Studios - Sonic Animations : I like them crisp.. it's a barbecue isn't it?" classic