Pikachu speaks Japanese in the new Pokemon movie

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Nico The Rabbit : What would Pikachu say if he worked at Little Caesars? ----------- Pika Pika.

XplosivCookie : Hahaha, ah you suck :'D

Blair Heirn : I was so not ready for that XD. Now everyone is probably wondering why I'm laughing so hard on the toilet! Lmao

Phlash 64 : Fuck I've been heavily baited

lindholmaren : kino

Santiago Aparicio : This is my new favorite video on the internet

Nowheremovies : 10/10! Here before 2 million views!

Daniel Vanegas : I was getting pissed when I heard english but this was pretty good lol

fabian z : This shit fuckingg killed me

Tainira94 : That would honestly have made the scene better.

ztarbuck : I watch this while drinking tea and I almost choke, I didn't expect this, but its funny.

OnlyLeona : it matches perfectly lmao

iPocky JP : Gotcha Bitch! HAHAHAHA

ChrisDanceMusic : Pika is da bomb just like my muslim friend


NarcOut : So fucking stupid

Fapsi kiks : Fucking shet

Kaiju Bushi : lololol

siamiam : :D