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CheesyBlueNips : By the end I better be able to do an impression of James

GravitySloth : can't tell if I just got trolled or if James Veitch is some kind of impression savant working on a level I can't even comprehend

Sykes Freerunning : *Take Colin inside of you* *Ease him in* *Let him live inside, for a little bit* *You don't want Tom and Colin inside of you at the same time* *That'll be difficult, uncomfortable*

Falalongkornz : (nods too many times and furiously scribbles notes) Such finesse. Such artistry. I have never seen such talent. He is a true master of impressions.

Eleanor Taylor : I attempted to do a James Veitch impression and am now very happily engaged to a Nigerian Prince. He's had to take a lot of my money in order to pay for our wedding venue but we're very much in love!!

Drew LeBow : Top notch impressions!

Shawn Lockwood : With a title like "How to Do Impressions," one might assume that James Veitch is trying to teach a lesson. However, it is this critics understanding that what James has in reality done is showcase some of the best talent the world has ever seen. Although we may think the classics like Jar Jar Binx and Peter Griffin are enough, James teaches us that the best characters are usually the furthest from our minds. His impression of King Henry VIII was the most spectacular with the trolling of the R's in just the right place. And if one hasn't guessed, I haven't watched this video.

Luke Spademan : I do not want likes. Just give me toasters

Sabah Abdulameer : the No#1 comedian on earth .

Senne Piens : So peaple have to come inside of me? 🍌

aria : instructions unclear, dick stuck in tom cruise

William McCreavy : Your James Veitch is a little off, I recommend throwing a little "scammer" and "spam" in your sentences to be more natural.

iBIONICLE : Sorry I clicked on this video to see James, not Tom & Colin. Why isn't James in this video? Did anyone else see James? Jeez, clickbaited again. Dislike. Lol

Jeanne CADET : I am ready for that class. Teach me master

FatalLeopard : 874 views 0 dislikes YouTube isn't broken for once. :)

FotoschoPro : 🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆 🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆 🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆

Andi Kravljaca : A left handed guitar! James, you're a leftie?

Charlie Cooper : Two at the same time can be difficult and uncomfortable? I would never have guessed

Enoro : I recently took James inside of me... I felt very comfortable with it and it was amazing when he moved from one place to another

Marco Cruz : "Take [him] inside of me, just ease him in there." r/outofcontext

Ryan Higgins : (stares deep withing you with an awkward yet strangely confident glare) "One word: (pushes up glasses) hummus" How's my James Veitch impression? Do I have to let him live inside for a bit longer?

Yang's Right arm : is this a joke i cant tell?

Lj Fernando : Omg I was just watcjing 2 secs ago the new youtube red series of coline furze

Alexandra Hernandez : Stealin hearts like people steal jokes from you 😂 (Love you james!)

jade cerron : Yes another video! I love your stuff! I support you James. Keep doing what you’re doing. - adoring fan :)

Ryan Higgins : His Tom Cruise look away is spot on

jwilson1812 : you're a weird dude but that's why I like you bro

SagacityX3 : "Take Colin inside of you... Ease him in. Once he's in there... Let him live inside for a little bit." Lol this "tutorial" took a weird turn all of a sudden 😂😂😂😂

Riya Ajmera : This has to be used for innuendo bingo.

Demonetised : Love the scam videos

Amelia E : you're welcome to live inside me anytime James

Shadow Queen : Notification squad where you at?! 💛

adtc : Mr scam-a-lot just scammed everyone here

lolmadbro : This is the definition of classic British humor.

Damien Peladan : *types like Bruce Willis would* Wow ! I can already feel it working ! Thanks James !

timothy van der poel : I would love to feel Tom inside and with these tips i finally can. thank you James Veitch

Danyl jake2 : First plz love me

Space Marine : When is episode 2?

Susanna M : James Veitch just answered the question 'how many innuendos can you fit in 3 minutes 48 seconds'

zaku2100 : 3:10 What you don't wanna do is have both Coc... Tom and collin inside of you at the same time.. Oh wait, its the same either way.

Psymphonicmonk : James' master class in trolling your audience

Sarcasm : Could you show us how _you_ look around the room? I'm such a fan, I've been trying to do you, but it just doesn't feel authentic. Not sure what I'm missing. Are you the kinda person who might even - I dunno, have a glance at the ceiling, perhaps? I need you inside of me, James.

Nenalyzed : Wow... I can't even... That was amazing! I'll be a master impressionist once this video series is over!

Hebl von Heblowitz : Help! I have the whole cast of Goodfellas and The Lord of the Rings inside me. It's very painful and a lot of us want to kill eachother.

Amelia E : this video will make me so good at my impressions of James that I BECOME James Veitch, that's my dream

MangoTube : First

emzelitious x : THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID

Fotia Matura : Love you, Man. You're smart, funny, and helpful. Keep doing you.

armyscout11 : Ugh I want more scam email videos.

باسل الدوسري : You should do Woody Allen 😉🤓