Dr. Evil & Mini Me - Hard Knock Life HD

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JaxBlade : Rest in Peace Verne Troyer :/

Chicago Critic Gerald : R.I.P Verne Troyer Mini me!

IvanSteff : RIP to a legend 🙏❤️

Brandon Molina : Devastating news, Mini me was a Legend. RIP man

Win Ro : Rip

dipsetizslim99 : Who knew Dr Evil had more bars than most current rappers🔥

Keefikus : RIP Verne Troyer - Legend!

BlowMy NutSack : I'm gonna be honest this guy spit straight bars


DeadMasterDubstep : Avicii Yesterday and Now Mini-me.......Wow 2018 just wow

Bernice S : Rip Verne Troyer😢❤️ Love from the Netherlands


Edward Anderson JR : Dr evil flow better on this beat then jay-z

D.L Wolf : De evil looks like if 2pac was white

Jamie Sutton : RIP Verne! 😞😞

Trinispace : R.I.P Verne (Mini-Me) Troyer

Jack Walker : RIP Mini-me, 2018 blows already!

CryZENx : this one is better than any raps out there Lmao

Pancak3s12 : RIP Mini Me

Jeff Spicoli : rip Verne Troyer. thank you for being apart of my absolute favorite comedy as a kid. may you find peace

carino arias : *Verne troyer will all ways be a LEGEND*

Yo Savage Gaming : Stick that in your pipe and smoke it !!!!

Conspiracy Outpost : Rest in peace Verne.

Lovable panda : First thing you see when your parents try to be cool

D.DoT-Z : *stick that in yoor pipe and smoike it* Also RIP Verne

Richard Hernandez : Rest in peace Verne Troyer aka mini me as a teenager this was funny as hell thanks for all the good memories you will be missed

NOTORIOUS F.A.G : Dr Evil. Twerking before it was cool

Soul Sergeant D-man SSD : Rest In Heaven Verne Troyer.

Eazy Mario 21 : Damm Mike Myers can rap good

Direwolf Athletics : Ah cristal, my moto, a couple’a behotches, why not? L m f a o

Jonah Velasco : RIP mini me

Flansey : Much better than music today.

Edward Kyle Taskar : 1969-2018

Dhee : R.I.P mini me you complete me.

Jeramie Payan98 : R.I.P. mini me 👼 👼 👼 👼 👼

Zap Rowsdower : Lemme put it to you this way *CUHZ*

briana xotwod : i remember watching this when i was like 5 😹 i cant believe my dad let me watch all austin power movies

The Super Ninja Show : SJW's would melt in to a puddle on the floor if this come out in 2018.

R3PUTATIONKILLA : Who's here on the day of his death

Bethanne Shafer : RIP mimi me 😥😥😥😥

DreadHead Boogie : Rip mini me💯😔

Mitch Wotton : This is what happens when a 4chan user goes to jail.

Mischelle Silva : haha foe real life

K3llz T : Bless Up Mini Me ✊✊ 4eva a Hard knock Life 🙏🙏🙏

Jan Power : RIP Verne Troyer

20,000 subscribers without a video challenge : THIS SONG LIIIT 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Eshay rider 5451 : Rip Verne Troyer. How did he die

Remy Tv : Rest in Peace Verne Troyer :/

Scar_Fac3_ killz : My favorite character in Austin power

Samte Pal : Top 10 rappers Eminem was too afraid to diss