Dr. Evil & Mini Me - Hard Knock Life HD

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JaxBlade : Rest in Peace Verne Troyer :/

Chicago Critic Gerald : R.I.P Verne Troyer Mini me!

Win Ro : Rip

IvanSteff : RIP to a legend 🙏❤️

Brandon Molina : Devastating news, Mini me was a Legend. RIP man

Keefikus : RIP Verne Troyer - Legend!

DeadMasterMusic : Avicii Yesterday and Now Mini-me.......Wow 2018 just wow

alicia.sugg. xcx : *REST IN PEACE MUCH LOVE ❤️*

ChaoticGamer : the first twerk is from dr evil. and i will fight you if you say other wise.

Jamie Sutton : RIP Verne! 😞😞

Bernice Schepers : Rip Verne Troyer😢❤️ Love from the Netherlands

Trinispace : R.I.P Verne (Mini-Me) Troyer


LightYagami583 : RIP Mini Me

Jack Walker : RIP Mini-me, 2018 blows already!

Conspiracy Outpost : Rest in peace Verne.

Geiska : It's the hard knock life, for us It's the hard knock life (yeahhhh) for us!! Steada treated, we get tricked Steada kisses, we get kicked It's the hard knock life!! I don't know how to be, no crib on MTV, God only knows Got my Mini-Me in the GP - see how it goes Evil's all that I see; you ask me my name? D to the Rizzo, E to the Vizzo, I to the Lizzo I'm a crazy motherf.... ("It's a hard knock life!") Y'all knew that - Austin caught me in the first act Like it's all backwards, what's with that? So I'll make a prophecy; from the dogs, to the Mini-Me Gimme an Escalade, a 2-way, bling bling on eBay Domino motherf.... It's the hard knock life (yeahhhh) for us It's the hard knock life, for us!! (Stick that in yer pipe and smoke it!) Steada treated, we get tricked (Uh-huh) Steada kisses, we get kicked (It's for all my homies in Bruges) It's the hard knock life, for us (uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh) It's the hard knock life, for us!! Steada treated, we get tricked (Ahhh, Cristal, my Moto) Steada kisses, we get kicked (A couple of be-hotches, why not?) It's the hard knock life!! I gotta bust a move, droppin bust-a-groove, feelin fine Got an evil crew, Goldmember too, lick my nine Till then I'll spill on my dick brains up  on call And edited your zine that's all Fa shizzle my nizzle y'all ("It's a hard knock life!") This is a shoutout to Hova, God MC You all know him, that's Jay-Z I met him; well, I saw him in a restaurant once ("It's a hard knock life!") Stick that in yer, blunt and smoke it! Yeahhhh, I said BLUNT!

Jeff Spicoli : rip Verne Troyer. thank you for being apart of my absolute favorite comedy as a kid. may you find peace

Jonah Velasco : RIP mini me

Edward Kyle Taskar : 1969-2018

carino arias : *Verne troyer will all ways be a LEGEND*

briana xotwod : i remember watching this when i was like 5 😹 i cant believe my dad let me watch all austin power movies

Richard Hernandez : Rest in peace Verne Troyer aka mini me as a teenager this was funny as hell thanks for all the good memories you will be missed

Damion Davis : Rest In Heaven Verne Troyer.

Edward Anderson JR : Dr evil flow better on this beat then jay-z

DreadHead Boogie : Rip mini me💯😔

Jan Power : RIP Verne Troyer

Pest : Stick that in ur pipe and smoke it

Exotic Modz : Rip Verne Troyer. How did he die

Deslegendário : R.I.P Verne J Troyer çç

CryZENx : this one is better than any raps out there Lmao

Lightning 429 : RIP

Dr Evil : I am surprised when i was in prison that no one raped me, that was weird maybe the shaving i got from the zoroastrian and third ball scared them. I don't know.

BlowMy NutSack : I'm gonna be honest this guy spit straight bars

Remy Tv : Rest in Peace Verne Troyer :/

qwasd0r : I need to watch this movie again...

SnailGuy : R.I.P mini me you complete me.

Nas Escobar : R. I. P

Bethanne Shafer : RIP mimi me 😥😥😥😥

Otávio Romero Ferreira de Almeida : RIP Mine Me :(

NOTORIOUS F.A.G : Dr Evil. Twerking before it was cool

logan hernandez : Gru is that u?!


KingRichard : Top ten people that rap better than ricegum

D.L Wolf : De evil looks like if 2pac was white

Mitch Wotton : This is what happens when a 4chan user goes to jail.

Scar_Fac3_killz gaming : My favorite character in Austin power

Scar_Fac3_killz gaming : RIP

Julian Dillenberger : Best rap

Zac Zúñiga Camacho : RIP Verne 🙏🏼😪