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smokyp3nguin : Is he drinking wet wipes?

C R U Media : Still a great video in 2018

cristi ngr : 1:07

Jucks vandal : How to feels to chew new 5 gum 1:07 5 gum stimulate your senses

Luke the inkling : I laughed so hard at this video I cried and pissed myself badly😂

dat cake pop : Expecto patronum!

Zaben : How to basic in 3rd person mode

NightMareKing 93 : still waiting for episode 3

Super doggo Unicorn : Me:mom I accomplished something 😀 Mom: what did u do Me:I threw my kitty at da ceiling to get down my pancake Mom: honey go get some rest 😂

Innerwolf 2708 : XD Omg he throw up the cat! lmao

Joeyblondewolf2 : I had to pause this video 3 times from laughing!!!! Hahahahaha!!!

A random person : This is a 500% accurate model of how I cook.

IGC / CaptainIGC : Was he fat back then?

Little Fawns : before his weight loss, he looks like me.

marie : is it just me who couted how many times he said the n word

BananaGaming : Tears came, thanks for this!

Richard The Lionheart : hit send from the penn

Martin The Egg Furry : 00:03 WTFFF XDDDD

ZehraDIY : 1:07 ouhhh I can't feel my face when im with you

Komentátorka Andy : Someone 2018?

TINY_PANDA2005 : I have so many questions 1: Is he actually smoking weed from a pipe? 2: Did he actually hit his head off of the stove? 3: Did he catch his cat after he threw it at the ceiling? 4: What in this video is real and what is fake?

Rice Crispeee : Nigga ohh nooo😂😂💀

Cesar Febres : 0:01 you can actually see a tit in the porn video

Xavier Johnson : -F E E D M E H O E-

spaceye : I cannot remember the last time a YouTube video made me laugh this hard.

Axo Gaming : Brandon has lost a lot of weight over the years. He looks so different in this XD

Angel Rodriguez : Me when I fight with my mom 0:55

VV TV : 2018??? Like

IComputer Me : What is he watching at the front? At about 0:04


Edward Briseno : In 0:47 he thrw the 🐈

youssef rahmi : 0:52

youssef rahmi : 1:08

Trevor Manning :

Adriana Mendoza : Funniest skit ever

Hannah Chase : Is the cat OK??

Angry Turtle : 0:35 you are welcome.

LegionMixtapes : Why did this video disappear for a bit

NateTheIceWolf2348 : when he threw the flour and the statue broke and the pancake fell I died xD

Đanny_ Rømerø : Idubbz in a different body?

Selena Hollingshead : RIP AUNTIE FEE

Lauren Elizabeth Lewis : The cat

Omar Barrera : Now your gonna throw all this garbage in the hot box

jk : How to basic

EKJones : 00:43 - 00:54 That sequence is absolute perfection right there.

Natalie Vaughan : WOOOOAAAHHHHH 1:06 ded😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Chris.cj. alvarez : Feed me hoe

Amir Oskolaee : Lol I can't stop watching this

Psychotic Muffin : when the cameraman grabs the hammer LMAO

Glitched Samurai : He lost a bunch of weight after this