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C R U Media : Still a great video in 2018

Ash tronimical : 2018?

yuri Muravyov : 0:38-0:54 the best part

IGC / CaptainIGC : Was he fat back then?

smokyp3nguin : Is he drinking wet wipes?

EKJones : 00:43 - 00:54 That sequence is absolute perfection right there.

Axo Gaming : Brandon has lost a lot of weight over the years. He looks so different in this XD

Rebecca Landefeld : OMG THAT WAS AN ACTUAL CAT BRUH?!?!🤣😳😂

youssef rahmi : 1:08

dat cake pop : Expecto patronum!

Lori Kisto : N I G G A O H N O

Edward Briseno : In 0:47 he thrw the 🐈

Angel Rodriguez : Me when I fight with my mom 0:55

Narwhal Bacon : expecto patronum sounds like expect donald trump... *told the future who would be president*

Joeyblondewolf2 : I had to pause this video 3 times from laughing!!!! Hahahahaha!!!

Danny : Idubbz in a different body?

Lex M : He lost so much weight

The C0mmunity : R. I. P Auntie Fee

TGS Landaton : I bet you his neighbors hate him.

BananaGaming : Tears came, thanks for this!

Jim DeBerry : I need a FEED ME HO figure!!!

christopher abel : 0:17 it says "Feed me hoe"

Memorial Flyer42 : 0:24 basically the Donald duck meme where he cuts a slice of cake and leaves the slice and takes the giant cake for himself before it happened

Brick Playz_ : Professional Cooking Right There

FreshPrinceYuup : The hammer had me dying then THE CAT LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Hus Perk : Anybody in 2018 or mabye... In 2019?

Future Jarhead : I just want to meet Brandon Rogers, so I can shake his hand! Probably one of the funniest YouTubers online right now! Bravo!

gamer : 1:09 Uhm That Sounds even Done!

luckycreeperboy Studios : RIP CAT 1 LIKE = 1 PRAYER

Bottle Videos : 0:12 to 0:17 are real female African American names

Elite Ssj : Anyone watchin in2018

Undertale Ink : You're a Youtuber Brandon!

thelegend281dp reese : I seen it so much i dont laugh anymore. But funny as shit

spaceye : I cannot remember the last time a YouTube video made me laugh this hard.

Jolis Petits Oiseaux : Is he watching porn at the beginning? 😂

Fnaflover4 EVER!!! : "OH YOU CAN SHOVE $26.50, FAGGOT." Beautiful. Pure beauty XD

Blue berry sans Undertale AU : Poor kitty cat😿

aksellama : Like for aunt fee 3


Emiliano Becerra Becerra : 0:52

Karim Hossam : Make auntie fee parody 3

Gregory Wiley : Hoooooooo smack !!!1:06

Dililah Robin : WHEN HE THREW THE CAT😂😂

cr n : 1:07

飯TomokoTheOtaku悟 : 1:06 that's some good shit.

Deku Detroit Smash : 0:22

A e s t h e t i c V x b e z : omg i love auntie fee its like my grandma but getto aff

Future Jarhead : Where tf is his Adult Swim show?

Artur200507 And Reach_Hitz : Expecto Patronum!

Desmond C. : I just realised how much weight he lost wtf