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dat cake pop : Expecto patronum!

Useless Hippo : 1:08 is what you came for

chiefprimate8 channel vlogs : Who watching this 2018


Sapphire The Rain-Wing : Pretty much the only original youtuber on here now.

Joeyblondewolf2 : I had to pause this video 3 times from laughing!!!! Hahahahaha!!!

Lucy Lacemaker : 0:41 IT WAS AT THIS MOMENT HE KNEW..... HE FUCKED UP!

Party TimeCentral : "Now you got to flip some shit" "aww mama you done fucked up

cristi ngr : 1:07

papa corey : R.I.P Auntie Fee

BananaGaming : Tears came, thanks for this!

Solaire The Sunlight Warrior : Damn he lost weight

Evenity : 0:51 Nigga Oh Noo!

Alexandre Fabre : 0:52 why is that so funny?

Aquarias Detoxqueen : Lol vagisil omg I’m dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

spaceye : I cannot remember the last time a YouTube video made me laugh this hard.

Cutienightcoresoundz : 0:08 - 0:16

Wolf Rampage : This dude...actually said...expecto patronum

Can I get 100 subscribers without any videos : Did he show porn in the intro

Jucks vandal : How to feels to chew new 5 gum 1:07 5 gum


Vizzy : 2018?

JCC Gaming : R.I.P Auntie Fee

mario guy : I laughed so hard at this video I cried and pissed myself badly😂

America / Colorado : "EXPECTO PATRO.." IM IN TEARS 😂😂

NateTheIceWolf2348 : when he threw the flour and the statue broke and the pancake fell I died xD

BossieBoy 25 : Anyone notice the Sheldon Bazinga poster

alternative survivor : 0:20 😂😂😂 wtf kinda punishment is that

Ehhghghgg : You finna wanna wait about, 'til 2:45 for this shit to be done

Cuddles Li : 00:52 The "N" word...

MITCHELL WIGGS : The way he cuts the butter and then puts the giant ass brick in the pan killed me

ItsyeboiR5Gamer Cooñ : 1:07-1:08 WOOOOOO (hits head in stove), LOL

Rexcool316_2 : Anyone notice the boob shot on the black woman on the computer at 0:01

NightMareKing 93 : still waiting for episode 3

Zaben : How to basic in 3rd person mode

Greavie : Good luck cleaning all this shit up dude.. *You will need it..*

Super doggo Unicorn : Me:mom I accomplished something 😀 Mom: what did u do Me:I threw my kitty at da ceiling to get down my pancake Mom: honey go get some rest 😂

cole mcleod : Now yous gonna throw all this garbage into the hot box I'm dead

Bleached Kidney : THE CAT OMFG LMFAO

Altay Nuhoglu : I wont to buy a pancake but cannot afford 26.95$

jk : How to basic

Cobalt- YT : dude 0:32 i almost cryed because of laughing

Mpacflame : Was he watching porn at the beginning of the vid

Innerwolf 2708 : XD Omg he throw up the cat! lmao

Binkle Butt : RIP auntie fee 😫😫😫😫😫😩😩😩

Psychotic Muffin : when the cameraman grabs the hammer LMAO

XXX Tentacion : This got me in tears 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Little Fawns : before his weight loss, he looks like me.

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS R BOSS : I can't believe that auntie fee died of a heart attack now I feel weird watching this

Evanwebble : 1:08 just click on this repeatedly.... you're welcome