Swedish Journalist taste the bitterness of reality

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NevereveN : Most liberals refuse to believe migrant crimes

Zorik : Take the gun and make the justice.

Alex K : Stop immigration, Void ALL birth citizenships given out to subhumans in the last 50 years (and their kids and THEIR kids), DEPORT DEPORT DEPORT You can do it Sweden.

Sp1kerPistol : If you knocked the shit out of this guy the police would be there within 10 minutes!

Alexander Schneider : Get Out Your Illegal Muslim Mass Migration And Their Descendants Since 1975 Even If They Are Millions ... And you will be fine in less than a decade. Oh an you will also keep Sweden swedish and preserve you culture, language, ethnicity and identity. Aren't they also part of the world's diversity and worth preserving? Our beautiful Vikings? Every single liberal multiculturalism-ideologist is personally responsible for every single woman raped by migrant crape from outside Europe. Normaly these "politicians" should be imprisoned together with rapers for quite a long time...

fsneex : my god what the hell is wrong with you people of western countries. im sure that if this would happen in my country it would be big scandal, people would go on the streets and government would have a choice: solve the problem, or resign. and you just watching... and writing stupid comments on yt.

European Friend : There's no going back in Sweden. The only way they could turn back to a normal country was if someone with hard balls (that they would never vote for) start deporting from recent to 3rd generation african/arab scum (and as more time passes, the chances of the violence needed to do this increases, making the move even more impopular). So do the math. Bye bye Swedistan. And Belgistan, Francestan are probably next.

Dr. Claw : Daily reminder that Sweden deserve it for being betas cucks and led by feminists

diemc7a1 : There hasn't been talked about any motive, but still we know for sure it's a Muslim who has done the raping and other Muslims who are raping! Islam is cancer!

Aaron Sochaczewski : I don't sympathize with Sweden because they did this to themselves by letting in all this Muslim scum. .. The Islamic State of Sweden coming soon. You've done really f'd up. Kick those dirty filthy Muslims out of your country before they start killing the men. That's what they do after they rape the women

John P : Cucked out sweeds need to take the law into their own hands. RWDS

Playtoe : Fuck sweden, destroyer of northern europe

Christian Axelsson : Statens primÀra uppdrag Àr att ta hand om ens egna befolkning. Detta Àr fan högförrÀderi.

DarkFafik : Sweden is over...

Phasor Pain : Its Niggas and Satanallahs. And Satanallahs-Niggas

Tom BĂžrresen : Sweden has become an anarchy :-(

FreedomsReigning : Sweden and Germany are cucked Socialist ghettos filled with Muslim rape fodder. This is what they chose to be. Those who prey on their neighbors will get preyed on.

Hitler The Gas Master : damn thats diverse as fuck keep going sweeden !

Noxx : Don't sue them! Shoot them, nobody would miss this worthless trash! Victims should release names, addresses and photos of their attackers. The public should hunt them down and punish this scum!. Destroy their lives!

deadend51000 : How the fuck the people that live in sweden can allow this? I think the one's that allowed the migrants into Europe/Sweden are complicit in all these rapes. Fuck those politicians.

What_The_Heck?! : Why the heck didn't you take her up on her offer and ask how many similar issues they have, and how many rapes they get a month? In Canada, police typically try to say they have no idea how many whatever offences there are this year. But you've angled her into admitting/claiming she knows. Why the heck didn't you say, "Okay, tell me how many rape complaints you're handling this year at your station?" Then ask how many police are assigned to her station? Maybe they really are snowed under. If they are, you can ask how this year's number compares to earlier years. (If she knows this year's numbers, how can she reasonably claim to not know earlier years numbers?) Is it like this every year and is all we are seeing increased public awareness? (It has to be asked if this year it is just increased public awareness.) And if it is a small number, of incidents then back to why hasn't this case been handled yet? And if in the end she doesn't know, who much is she being paid and she still cannot count file folders? So that is news too.

Adrian Izaki : Sweden - Rest in peace . From proud vikings to socialistic gender creatures . My germany is following soon . Special thanks to the satanistis creature Specter - Lerner ! The people of a country which are not protecting the children must die ! God will destroy them .

piotr feder : They are busy condemning Israel ... have fun.

Neurotic Sos : Journalist should do cop work himself

Jack Walters : Shhh there's nothing wrong with sweden, migrants bring jobs, they're lawyers and doctors, don't be racists, male swedes commit just as many rapes.

Danne1312 : but shomrim has the time and resources to abuse dissidents. During 3 separate cases, assault (with batong stroke in the head and all that included) occurred only last weekend on groups from the Nordic Resistance Movement. It's sick that (((they))) rather strike down on the citizens who want the best for all Swedes than protect women and children and literally let them get raped.

Henrik :D : Sweden in a nutshell.

So what? : This is such a shame...I have been in Stenungsund 10 ys ago and was such a beautiful, calm place.I remember thinking that I would love to live there. Ppl were so kind and helpful..I really feel these islamic migration is made to destroy europe.

FirstEastern Perspective : it is critical at this point that every and each absolutly each goverment in Europe be eliminated with slight exceptions Poland and Hungary , there is nothing to debate nothing to reason anymore ONLY WAR can FIX situation now only mass civil war in Europe will give us a day after tomorrow

James Caudill : With no law enforcement, child rape is now effectively legal in Sweden.

Durethia : Holy shit, I understand mass shootings now.

squidly1117 : Where is the pussy ass Father of this girl?

Adolf Wright : Diversity will rape your children and give you no future.

Damian88PL : they dont have time?!?!?! my God! If i'd be a police officer there I'd go to that guys house,even off my duty and simply beat the shit out of that ugly piece of shit!!! but im from Poland and we do things differently when it comes to rapes etc,

TheSquidPro : Father should've brutally murdered the suspect for dishonering his family.

ThisIsTurok1 : Let me guess the end result of this 'expose'. 1.) The person who took the phone call at the police station will be fired. 2.) The 'journalist' will be prosecuted for eavesdropping. 3.) The rapes will continue and become worse. Forget about Governments and politics. Jesus Christ is your only salvation. The gospel for those unaware is *I Corinthians 15: 1 - 4 (KJV)* It's that Jesus Christ died for our sins, was buried, and rose again on the third day. Jesus Christ paid the penalty for our sins. The Lord Jesus Christ shed his blood for our sins. The payment has been paid in full, we only need to have faith in the finished work of Christ to be saved. So the question is, do you believe?

guardianofretro : 3 yr old kid raped; thanks to Merkel and her lot

Leaf Bamboo : Vibrantly enriched! It's a genocide. RIP Sweden. My heartfelt compassion for all ethnic Swedes suffering this. Make us proud. Do Deus Vult.

Confusius : It's all fine, there's nothing wrong with rape when you can call yourself "progressive", it's just part of the whole program.

born2lol : Sweden is a hell on Earth for women and girls. At least Swedish, European ones.

ShilonMMz : hehehe , you have what you wanted. More islam, more more!! but remember allah=pedophilia islam=shit

william Parsons : How can a progressive government and liberal, tolerant politicians defend a policy that leads to the violent abuse of its most vulnerable citizens? How can the Swedish government with a straight face continue to ignore the tragedy it is creating for its own people?? The situation beg credulity.

barry mccallum : TIME FOR the VIGILANTE MUSLIM "RAPE KIT" my grandmothers' cast iron WAFFLE IRON, on HIGH

jbscotchman : Wow, I don't even know what to say.

leopoldkronecker : The first and foremost role of the government is national and societal security, not central planning or social engineering. US Founding Fathers would laugh at this pathetic state. I really hope this awful tide will turn. Sweden was such a lovely place.

ButtonWalls : >be american >get shot >be Swedish >get raped

irish brother : Patriotic Nationalism and go to War to take he Jew out of all positions of Power and begin mass deportation programs for ALL Invaders of Europe,hang all traitors who supported the mass Invasion of Europe or who sold out for a few Shekels,Hang them all

Dave : "A country that doesn't protect her children... won't have a country for long." - V. Putin

ShiningForce07 : You know until cca. 12-15 years ago Sweden was seen from Eastern Europe a very nice and very advanced country to which was very hard to immigrate and get there work as an Eastern European. Now they instead if allowing hardworking eastern europeans, they did this grotesque monster from their country. And these are the same people (the Swedes) who criticised us (Hungarians) for decades "not accepting the Romas", "not enough liberal", etc. etc. and now criticising us "not allowing poor migrants" to invade our country. Btw they (Muslims) did in the Middle Ages. They stayed here for 150 years. And not moved from hereuntil fought out. DISGUSTING and shame on YOU Swedes what became from your country. They are like naive peaceful children staring to the wolf.

JD Mott : Only a Islamaphobe would be interested in getting justice for the rape of a child.