Swedish Journalist taste the bitterness of reality

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Srbistanik 01 : This is fucked up, how many rapes did occur in their district when police doesn't have time for entire month to do a simple interview with the suspect?

Hr Hr : wtf, entire female population is under rape attack. this country is dead.

Mbdirect1 : Those governments must be eliminated. It's a criminal government that will not defend its people from primitive savages and continues to import more. It;s genocide via Third World mass immigration population replacement. The Swedish cuckolds are doomed unless they fight and create a decent government.

NeddLudd1811 : Looks like Sweden doesn't do civilisation anymore

Alex K : Stop immigration, Void ALL birth citizenships given out to subhumans in the last 50 years (and their kids and THEIR kids), DEPORT DEPORT DEPORT You can do it Sweden.

NevereveN : Most liberals refuse to believe migrant crimes

Kalki Vishnu : Their hands are tied by the Jews. The police have been ordered to allow these rapes to go on.

Lewis pitts : Any chance of a Swedish Democrat victory? Rather not see Sweden become the first caliphate in Europe.

Zorik : Take the gun and make the justice.

Zamasu : They'd sent a fucking convoy to detain anyone who posts "hate speech" but they don't do jack shit about these goddamn shitskins. The west is truly dead.

X-Ray Oz : It appears this is the final result if a country allows feminists to take over the government.

Alexander Schneider : Get Out Your Illegal Muslim Mass Migration And Their Descendants Since 1975 Even If They Are Millions ... And you will be fine in less than a decade. Oh an you will also keep Sweden swedish and preserve you culture, language, ethnicity and identity. Aren't they also part of the world's diversity and worth preserving? Our beautiful Vikings? Every single liberal multiculturalism-ideologist is personally responsible for every single woman raped by migrant crape from outside Europe. Normaly these "politicians" should be imprisoned together with rapers for quite a long time...

Sp1kerPistol : If you knocked the shit out of this guy the police would be there within 10 minutes!

Z_Goombah : Start buying guns.

Tom Børresen : Sweden has become an anarchy :-(

Jan Krynicky : Don't investigate the boy, investigate the government and the scumbags in the parliament. They are the real criminals there. They are those that ought to end up in a Bangkok style prison for the rest of their rotten lives.

Christian Axelsson : Statens primära uppdrag är att ta hand om ens egna befolkning. Detta är fan högförräderi.

John P : Cucked out sweeds need to take the law into their own hands. RWDS

fsneex : my god what the hell is wrong with you people of western countries. im sure that if this would happen in my country it would be big scandal, people would go on the streets and government would have a choice: solve the problem, or resign. and you just watching... and writing stupid comments on yt.

Hitler The Gas Master : damn thats diverse as fuck keep going sweeden !

Phasor Pain : Its Niggas and Satanallahs. And Satanallahs-Niggas

DarkFafik : Sweden is over...

FreedomsReigning : Sweden and Germany are cucked Socialist ghettos filled with Muslim rape fodder. This is what they chose to be. Those who prey on their neighbors will get preyed on.

European Friend : There's no going back in Sweden. The only way they could turn back to a normal country was if someone with hard balls (that they would never vote for) start deporting from recent to 3rd generation african/arab scum (and as more time passes, the chances of the violence needed to do this increases, making the move even more impopular). So do the math. Bye bye Swedistan. And Belgistan, Francestan are probably next.

Oskar Mika : But for yelling on your child, or (much worse) giving a spank, they would take your own child from you.

max rudolf : Sweden so bad, but germany coming soon the same

Blue BoomPony : At this point you have to accept that this is all intentional by the various governments. There's no other possibility. RISE UP AND FIGHT!

Playtoe : Fuck sweden, destroyer of northern europe

deadend51000 : How the fuck the people that live in sweden can allow this? I think the one's that allowed the migrants into Europe/Sweden are complicit in all these rapes. Fuck those politicians.

diemc7a1 : There hasn't been talked about any motive, but still we know for sure it's a Muslim who has done the raping and other Muslims who are raping! Islam is cancer!

ShiningForce07 : You know until cca. 12-15 years ago Sweden was seen from Eastern Europe a very nice and very advanced country to which was very hard to immigrate and get there work as an Eastern European. Now they instead if allowing hardworking eastern europeans, they did this grotesque monster from their country. And these are the same people (the Swedes) who criticised us (Hungarians) for decades "not accepting the Romas", "not enough liberal", etc. etc. and now criticising us "not allowing poor migrants" to invade our country. Btw they (Muslims) did in the Middle Ages. They stayed here for 150 years. And not moved from hereuntil fought out. DISGUSTING and shame on YOU Swedes what became from your country. They are like naive peaceful children staring to the wolf.

Dave : "A country that doesn't protect her children... won't have a country for long." - V. Putin

Joe Flowers : Nowhere does it say an immigrant raped her. Only bigots jump to that conclusion. Don't use a tragedy to further your nationalist bullshit. Sweden is still one of the greatest countries in the world and outranks the US in almost every positive trait. And the high rape reporting is problematic since they have a much higher rate of reporting than we do in the US.

catothewiser : Hitler tried to warn you about the likes of Barbara Spectre.

Oscar Gold : Hello Sweden, Finland here. If you don't take law into your own hands without fear for your own comfort and freedom. You are dead as a nation and you absolutely deserve to die and we'll have that fucking war against your Swedistan caliphate in the future. Or you could ask for our help, just remember that we wont come there to be politically correct and all tolerant, that is why you are in the brink right now. Muslims and islam is your problem and dumb niggers. Ask for help with THEM. Niggers and sandniggers are your problem, unless you say it loud it will only get worse.

Jörgen Persson : ...and Donald Trump is the bad guy in all of this...how dare Trump talk bad about Sweden? (Irony)

aabbccddeeffgg1234 : i'd say we wall in Sweden until they sort things out, or start a war and forcefully take it over so we can fix this situation. had I lived in Sweden I would have started a civil war to overthrow the government, shit like this is unacceptable

81Dubliner : Sweden .... you dragged this onto yourselves on your own wish !!!!!!! Now deal with it ...but stop being political correct because that wont change anything !

icks DEH : reality is racist

Justa Djimmi : Sweden and a few other nations have been eager to be canaries in the coalmine for other nations in the West who have been falling under the globalist mass immigration multicultural trap. Wake up West and protect your CITIZENS.

Ganjaseed : Sweden YES. Champions of D I V E R S I T Y.

kingdomofaxum : Weird...Sweden had a DRASTICALLY lower rape rate before...

Dillon, you son of a bitch! : The mere top of an iceberg, mark my words.

Michael Gross : So wird es bald auch in dem besetzen Deutschland zugehen.

Aaron Sochaczewski : I don't sympathize with Sweden because they did this to themselves by letting in all this Muslim scum. .. The Islamic State of Sweden coming soon. You've done really f'd up. Kick those dirty filthy Muslims out of your country before they start killing the men. That's what they do after they rape the women

skogsgud : Trenger Borgerværn

Nunya Biz : Why do you tolerate this sweden? If this were my daughter i would break this mans bones.you are being taken advantage of.

Kat Sam : Where is the outrage from feminists?

Kenny Korén : Nu offras unga barn. Polisen skyller på att det är så väldigt många våldtäkter och man t.om. har en våldtäkt på en treåring som inte utreds pga underbemanning. Ingen talar om vilka som är i majoritet som förövare. Ingen talar om varför det är just de grupperna har fått flest permanenta uppehållstillstånd i Sverige. Ingen talar om varför det är offrens kvinnliga kompisar, deras mammor, systrar, mormödrar och farmödrar som är i en majoritet i att stödja denna utveckling av massvåldtäkter i Sverige.. Ingen talar om varför Regeringen vill införa ett förbud om att förmedla information om vilka etniska grupper som är förövare. Ingen talar om varför Ylva Johansson, Morgan Johansson, Anders Ygeman och Stefan Löfvén m.fl i press och i TV-media ljuger om dess orsaker och att en majoritet är förövare ifrån Mellan-Östern och Nordafrika.

Bass20HZobsession : If they don't have the time to investigate the rape of a child then they shouldn't have time to investigate into the murder of an alleged rapist. Now, without looking, I bet Sweden has strict gun laws.