Touchdown! SpaceX Rocket Lands After Launching Satellite for Qatar
Space X Rocket Lands

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A used Falcon 9 first stage landed on a drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean a few minutes after launching the the Es'hail-2 communications satellite for Qatar on Nov. 15, 2018. -- Full Story: Credit: SpaceX


superdau : Has SpaceX stopped streaming their launches on youtube? I didn't get a notification for this one and when checking their channel the newest video is from a month ago.

Faizan Ejaz :

CrispRabbit : Yay finally touchdown

ingineous : Wait..wah huh ...Huh?!

Calvin Blackwood : Your splicing technique is not that good, I'm referring in the end of landing shot in the exhaust. Or was that a malfunction in the cloaking ???.... What ever it was time will tell...

Hala 77 : First