Megatron - Yes vs. No

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Ah the dulcet tones of David Kaye, yesss... Megatron asserts himself with his trademark Yesss (and the occasional No). Co-starring guest-yessers Terrorsaur (Doug Parker), Optimus Primal (Gary Chalk) and Rhinox (Richard Newman). Why would someone compile every Yes and No in the series? I dunno. In the words of Robert Heinlein, some things just take "a special kind of crazy". Beast Wars © Mainframe Entertainment Contraltissimo's AMVs are spliced from 100% legally purchased source material. Even so, if you are Mainframe Entertainment and want this video removed, please message me and I will drop it in the nearest transwarp explosion, yesss.


henkman00 : are you really Megatron? ''yesssss'' really? ''yesssss'' you? ''yesssss'' that guy that turned into a gun? ''noooooo'' oh, you're that dinosaur guy? ''yesssss'' a Dinobot? ''noooooo'' but you are named Megatron? ''yesssss'' really? ''YESSSS!!'' but not that gun guy? ''for the love off...NOO!!!''

Nick on Planet Ripple : I lose my shit whenever one of the other characters does an impression of him.

Slapperfish : Megatron has got to be the most self-conflicted individual I've ever seen.

BestWayKilla : The best thing the creators of this series did with Megatron was to give his beast mode a T-Rex body so he could have an absolutely massive head to deliver his melodramatic monologues and diatribes and tiny, scrawny little arms to steeple evilly while amused with himself.  The resulting combination makes his scenes both completely comical and awesome at the same time.

Slurpee the Unholy : 2:30 Megatron always thinks of the most creative ways to call his troops idiots.

Strix182 : "Yes" makes up almost fifty percent of Megatron's dialogue, yeeessss.

Taterz : the more i hear it the more yes doesn't even sound like a word.

Diamond Dogs : And that's how he won the beast wars. 

AGT88 : 2:27 I gotta remember that one the next time someone asks me the same question.

Natalie Meyers : while waiting for a game to download I caught myself saying Yes and No like Megs when looking at the estimated time remaining. 37 minutes - Yessss! 41 minutes - No... 49 minutes - NO! 1 hour 12 minutes - NOOOOOOOO! So then I thought of Megatron downloading something via wifi, and the other predicons mess with the signal just for laughs. :P

thatonechick : 4:36 just about killed me. I'm still laughing.

d 1234 : Like if you made it through the entire video

sockbat25 : So Megatron would be "half glass full" type of predacon. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeessss

DolchOfHate : M. Bison and Daniel Bryan like this video

LordSpleach : Just from the amount from Season 1 alone....damn.

Emerald Dawn : yes, yes, yes, oh, moan, ohh ahh, YES!!!!! YES!!!!! YES!!!!

RyunosukeHachi : Awesome, but he's missing a "Yes" - Waspinator in "Coming of the Fuzors Part 2".

Infamous Prime : OH YES INDEED

xXMLGClericXx : Oh man beast wars was amazing

Vexatron Primal : Ok we get it Megatron YOU LIKE TO SAY Yes! Megatron: ah what can i say im a Yeesss~ man! 

Scrimgore : I think you forgot a "No" on episode 2.

Kenneth Cha : was that a rubber ducky? 5:04

foldabotZ : It sounds different than I remember, hhmm...yessss.

SMAXZO : What's Megatron's favorite band? Yes. Favorite wrestler? Daniel Bryan. Favorite Street Fighter character? M. Bison

Contraltissimo : @esajaan Actually I was just some working girl who decided to do something crazy one day. XD


dutan17 : yes! yes! oh yes indeed!!!

Uncle Lucky : after listening to this for a few minutes it gets kinda zen

PolarBrain : No *backhands Silverbolt*

MrSecretSentai : This video makes Megatron seem like he has a split personality. 

Robert Hunter : Make up your mind already! Do you want the Ice cream or not?

menslady125 : Grrrrr! MAKE UP YOUR MIND, MEGATRON!

Will Stanley : Someone should make a sparta remix of Megatron's "yeses" & "nos".

ego death : Megatron is really indecisive.

BayareaGuy06 : 32 people said No!!!!!!!

armorhide406 : Classic

Milesamanjaro : I feel like I would have trouble explaining what I was watching if anyone overheard...

BorgAssimilator : Yeeeeesss. A very great video.

Isaiah Tiranno : At one forty I HAD to look up the TF wiki page for BW Megatron. xP lawl Also lol'd at 4:37 & 4:42 xD

Kyle Debisaran : Yesssssss...NO!

RayMKlll : Oh...whatever

eyesonlyfd : Ruberduck. Yes!

metalsystem761 : Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

Fran Gorno : 2:46 THAT'S FREAKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : MAAAAAYBE!!!!!

Darth Vademare : A rival to Salamander Man ''Nyess...''

ღGaming-Fairy ღ : How many times does this guy say yes again?

Jay Glenn : 4:00 - you hear the part where he says "YEEEEESSSSS"?

Quinn Fletcher : Hard to think that the beast wars never would have happened had Megatron just killed the Maxiamls then and their!