Has the Division Made Gaming's Greatest Comeback?

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Cleanprincegaming : What do you guys think about the changes that have been made to the division since launch? Do you guys think that we will see a sequel? If we do, what would you want to see change about the sequel and where would you want to see it set in? Non-cap clip credits down below! Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/cleanprince Twitter: Cleanprincegame Non-cap clip credits: Gameblog, halfmar gaming, Sam k, vidare.gaming, tuxbird, invincible, Hektah games, havokhaos76, chunkyginga, dronefanatic

Dr . Wub : I still think all the changes are too little too late.

Uriah Siner : Sounds like they just fixed all the stuff that should have been taken care of in beta.....but two years late

BD Squires : I don’t call it a comeback, I never left brother.

Cory in the Maus : I reinstalled The Division after 2 years and holy shit it's actually fun now.

Brendan : Siege is Gaming’s greatest comeback. Either way, Ubisoft is good at fixing their games and not giving up on them. Still don’t like division because of bullet sponge enemies.

Pheresome : The Division managed to create a better experience WITHOUT the need for buying dlc, something I wish destiny 2 will do, but it's a lost cause....

Dan : This video made me wanna play the division lol

FurballGamer : Instead of a sequel they should expand The Division itself. This game needs several more areas added to the game that are atleast as big as the game was when it came out.

SlipperyStacks : The biggest comeback in gaming history is Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn.....................

i’m clout af : When I’ll get a beasty PC, I’m getting this But by the time I’ll get it Division 3 will come out.

Sur real : Yep, I'm downloading it again

Cameron Swift : Might be fun if you can actually pla...... Delta C-O-1296

Boom I Gotcha : Bought this game at release, marginally enjoyed it for a couple of days, got bored as hell...fast, quickly realized it was actually a garbage game, stopped playing after about 3 months, picked it back up a week ago and gave it another try and found out its still a garbage game. Back on the shelf it goes to sit there untouched right next to Evolve, Titanfall, and ghost recon wildlands.

Skull Crusher : "Video quality level?" *IT'S OVER 9000!!*

Aidan S : Wait, this is a good game? Oh. Good to know.

LJJ r. : Game is much better

Javier Jimenez : I’ve enjoyed the game from the first time I started playing. I guess I was lucky not to have had too many issues other than lag from my own WiFi connection. I’m happy with all the changes that have come. It does feel complete now. It would be great if the sequel expanded into other parts of NYC, fighting by Yankee Stadium and in parts of Downtown Brooklyn would be great. More with Keener is very welcome. I was glad there was more information on him in the Westside expansion. Great videos, keep up the great work. Cheers 🥃

bloodyhairYT : I guess they listened to angry joe

[ blue ] : I bought the game for some of my friends and myself recently, and we've been having a blast with it. Whatever issues plagued the game at launch, are gone, and have been replaced with a really engaging world, and great combat.

Dark Knight : Ubisoft, please wait a bit before launching your games, you can clearly make a good good game if you take your time.

Jackson 1060 : Why dont they do a PvP zombie mode. It will be hot

Eric Wilson : The Division is easily the BIGGEST let down for me personally of all time.I don’t think I missed a single hour minus 8 hours of sleep and eating, of the beta tests. I put hundreds of hours into the game before the first DLC... then I fell off. It’s a shame that the game took so long to become SOME WHAT of what it had tried to be. To long for me personally to hop back on, but because so much has changed, I am definitely willing to pay for the sequel. Good video though, thanks a lot !

nathz man : background music??

Logan Branchfield : Well im gonna be brutally honest here. I have lost my desire to watch your videos because of your high praise for The Division. The story? Is bland enough I could not force myself to even finish the game. The world? Is only full of enemies and a few random people who you give water or food to for cosmetics ect. There is so little interaction with the actual world. I killed Alex like 5000 times. Even though its only been around 6 months, I could not tell you a single persons name from that game from the story characters. Because its that bland. So while it may have expanded, and improved, its still an empty shell of an experience outside of graphics and gameplay. Which is about par for the course anymore. Too many games are trying to be MMO or Battle royale. And ignoring the single player story aspect of a game. Hiring good writers for the story, is important, also giving bits of the story at good intervals to keep the player invested into the world. Not just "look this happened here" or extremely long periods of running around doing the same thing with no progression in the story, but instead only progressing gear. It gives me little desire to continue playing, when the game doesnt give me a reason to be compelled other than its gameplay.

Arcanum Lux : I just found you about 4 weeks ago, and I cannot express how amazing the quality of these videos are, you are easily my favorite youtuber right now. The videos are well thought, well edited, intriguing topics, and fantastic content/depth, and all your opinions or comments are backed up with evidence and my favorite thing about these, the transitions between each subject in these videos, the all black screen with the text followed by a clip from a movie or tv show that helps get the point across. Great work man!

Evanescoduil : I'm sorry, did you just say "respute?"

Pro VIP : Before reading this make sure to like this comment so everyone sees this make this comment up⬆️ok long post I'm day 1 player of the division and ah division is my 1st addicted game ever and I think it will be last.. let me tell y'all something about division since day 1 I have been enjoying this game like most of players ever patch was better than before till 1.8 dropped so new update 1.8 killed division and yea I know it was already dead game but now it's dead dead like a ghost town I'll come across same players whenever I play i know like 75%of good players just Xbox tho and ..90% of good old players left the game after 2 weeks of 1.8 because of new gear sets called CLASSFIED!! And let me explain y'all why CLASSFIED gear sets broke the game 1st you have 3% of chance getting classfied and there's more than 9 classfied gear sets and one gear set contains 6 pieces..vest/mask/knee pads/glovs/holster ..so you have like 0.50% chance to get exactly what you looking for even if you get it they might have bad stats so you'll grind all over again one piece of gear sets takes months to find it 2nd lag they have really bad laggy servers 3rd unbalanced builds 4th takes 0 skills to kill players it's all about builds now ..no classfied build?? You noob!! ... If you have classfied build > you are good just like that..5th oh wait I could tell you guys 100 reasons not to buy this game now but ah just don't buy it and thank me later.. you'll regret even if it's free don't play it you'll waste your time

Pentu Prager : Fixed exploiting???? Ignorant about CronusMax much ?

Eyy Amigo rachidi : I really want for honor to come back :(

Isaac The Last N7 : You probably won't see this message but I wanted to say I really enjoy your videos.. Just recently subscribed and I'm always learning more from you. Keep it up

ThatGamingLife : I stopped because the dark zone is pointless unless you have no life

Beetlejuice : I am a new player and i didn't know about the bad things at the past. But now, as a new player, i guess it is a pretty good coop game with pvp elements. I liked it. And i think it is a good game.

Austin Ponthieux : If anyone is jumping back in to the game, let me shamelessly plug my community for Division players here. Search up Tom Clancy: FcG on Facebook, we're a community mostly dedicated to The Division. We have a good balance between PvE and PvP players, so there's always someone to jump in with. My handle is I Am Legend FcG on Xbox, message me with any questions/concerns you may have. :)

JayyLaflame : I just wish that these gaming companies actually give us what they're show us. The Division's reveal at E3 showed us all the boroughs in NYC, including multiple Dark Zones in these different area's, which probably would've been so much fun to play and explore in. Someone like me who lives in the city was so hyped to see this game... until its full release of course. I'm still a fan to this day since it's release but i'm also disappointed as well. Getting a very small portion of Brooklyn suck's, no other boroughs, Limited character customization, Lack of story-telling (WTF happened to Aaron Keener), Graphics being downgraded to not upset console players, and maybe this is just me nitpicking but season changes would've been cool (For those who don't know it doesn't snow year round in NYC) At the end of the day i still enjoy this game and always supported it, even during it's rough times, but i think it's very important for these gaming companies to just cut the bullshit and be honest with your fan base. Don't blatantly lie to everyone's face showing something that's not going to be given to them.

F O R Z A : Idk if they learned any lesson but I surely learned mine: do not buy games at full price in launch specially if it is a DLC based game. Never again.

Sterilite 15 : 5:44 what helmet is that?

iAMurSNIPPER : R6 is still the biggest comeback ever

drabent99 : It's a dead horse.....let it go!

Constantine {C.N Apocalypse} : Bring back my hip fire...

Kai : Not really relevant for the topic of the video, I wanted to commend you on the quality of your videos, I love them! Hope you have a great 2018.

Pentu Prager : Try sorting out your bags & storage. Quick navigation in bags was added BUT that was it.

Bronze Felix : I never gave up on the game.. I had it since I bought my Xbox one for my own birthday gift when it was on update 1.2... The game gave me something to do, I'm glad to see the game is getting better reviews than it did before

Anthony Del Rio : I dont know why i played from the start and NEVER ran into any issues, bugs or lag.

koga924 : Holy shit this game looks amazing now! I need to jump back in, Now I can stop beating myself up for buying a Deluxe copy from steam and a standard copy for PS4!

King Fiu : Do you wear pants in your vids?

Ruben Mercado : what a waste of time I waited for a 13gb update to play this game again because of this video only for it to be the same old shit game. Loot is still shit NPCs are still walking tanks that just rush you all at once PvE is still just crap I have over 400 hours playing this game on pc/ps4 This game as a hole feels like it should be DLC for some other game You are right about pvp

Stona Raptor : your thumbnails look like the ones from Pretty good Gaming.... wtf

furygoat 444 : The dark zone know has another problem yes you do have time to respond when players go rogue but know players go in bigger groups of rogue and even go undercover as a normal player before 4 more players come and kill you so watch your back

Steven Smiley : Fuck no. Siege did and everyone knows Rainbow Six Siege did. They went from a few thousand concurrents afte a janky launch to 30k+ concurrents for the past year or so. The Division still only has a few thousand concurrents. It's not that big. It is way better than it was at launch though.