Disney's Aladdin Teaser Trailer - In Theaters May 24th, 2019

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BlackScape : Will Smith as the Genie pops out the lamp “In West Agrabah where I was born and raised in the lamp is where I spent most of my days"

Silver Fox : Try as you might, Disney. You'll never replace THE Genie... and if Gottfried doesn't voice that damn bird, we got a problem

playswith squirrels : Rumor has it they're remaking The Lion King with real singing lions.

Cat galaxy Forever : While everyone is talking about genie I’m just wondering if Aladdin is going to have nipples or not

Trey Foster : Rest in peace Mr Williams Let's hope Will Smith can make it work

Garrett Watts : Well, I’m screaming. I need this real quick.

Pete AO : I’m surprised the main character isn’t Scarlett Johansson

RVR Guyanese : He looks nothing like Aladdin lol

KRATE PRODUCTIONS : Man Thanos 😔 😔 you started wiping out letters of Disney letters??

Joseph Xavier : Jim Carrey would have been a better Genie.

Angel The Dog : RIP - Robin Williams You were the best, and only, genie.

Senatus Populusque Americanus : Looks like Disney is just trying to survive off of the fumes of animations past.

Twon Jonson : Got goosebumps soon as the "Never had a friend like me" song started playing. Wow..........

actual.lizard : me, before watching this trailer: no fear disney: Practical effects? Never heard of her. Sounds hard. We’ll just use CGI for the whole movie, so that it ends up being the exact same animated movie, just with better graphics. me: one fear

Zach Ryder : Can't wait for the Sultan to say "Praise Allah!"

MovieLounge : It would be nice if they could add ,,In Loving Memory Robin Williams" in the intro or in the credits of the film....Just like other studios do...

KRATE PRODUCTIONS : 0:33 Disney: Mr Trailer.... Mr Trailer... I don’t Feel so good...


WEBB24H : Who else likes the fact they actually picked a middle Eastern actor to play Aladdin? That's what people want to see... We want credits where it's due. Well done Disney. Well done!

I care do you : Fyi Agrabah is not a real place but I'm sure Trump will still include them in the travel ban along with wakanda .

JoeyIsRandom : I like think the remakes are great, but just one question... *When will we make an original Disney movie instead of a sequel or remake?* Edit: I meant when will Disney make another original?

iamElectro : 0:33 Aladdin, I don't feel so good...

sorrynotsorryxx : Despite all the negative people in the comments, I absolutely love how they’re doing live action versions of all of the original Disney films, it’s bringing back so many nostalgic memories and I’m excited!

Gabriele Nucera : Will Smith like Genie... mmh...😕 Robin Williams is the best

Desi Tech helper : One Request for Disney DON'T REBOOT Pirate's of Caribbean Movie

M.F.G Network : Man How i miss Robin Williams RIP LEGEND

Haroon loves Mamma, Baba. !!!! : *0:34** the moment thanos snapped his fingers* hehe

Ashley Xoxo : The music and scenery is soooo dramatic I love it 😍😍😍😍😍😍💖💖💖

Pancake Snake : "the book was better" -Fans of the original animated classic

Mohammed Gassimel Sead : DROP THE TRAILER I CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!

Ben Aqua : *Starring Scarlett Johansson as Will Smith as the genie*

infinite monkeys : Imagine being an actor and having your agent pitch the idea of playing Genie in a live action remake of Aladdin. "Oh, yeah, I want to try to fill Robin Williams' shoes, that's a great idea!"

Levi : the backround music hyped me up

Erin Avant : The studio that brought you Alice In Wonderland, Maleficent, Cinderella, The Jungle Book, and Beauty and the Beast!!!

fluffy scorpio : Avan Jogia is suited for the leading role. just saying. 💁

Six Hand Spice : Is their goal to turn all the classics into live action?

chichi lala : Avan Jogia look much more of an aladdin rather then the actor they cast, i know the actor they cast is arab born, but as an arab i think Avan looks ethnically closer to what aladdin should look like then the one they cast, it kind of look disappointing because everything is computer made too, since the desert is something arab lands are very known for, they could've shot scenes there it looks more realistic that way, and it has very beautiful deserts like the Sahara in Algeria and Morocco or in the gulf desert, it would've been much more beautiful and they wouldn't need much of a setting since it's already there in the era and style of the famous Arabian nights folktales

Erin Avant : The full trailer for Aladdin should come out next week I hope so!!!

Jenifa jeni : This must be a variety & adventurous film from others

i_sniff_blue : When the then-revolutionary CG-animated cave opening in the 1992 kids movie is far more impressive then the same cave in the 2019 gritty live-action reboot... Seriously though, we're all STILL rewatching and quoting entire scenes from the original to this day because it was THAT GOOD! Don't blemish your best accomplishments with adaptations, Disney! Try something new! Or take a shot at some not-that-great oldies, at least!

Eric Champlin : Crossing my fingers SO HARD that this'll be a good remake!!

I’m in every Comment : *Genie pops out of lamp* st..an lee? DONT MAKE ME COME DOWN THERE YOU PUNK >:( Best crossover of 2018

Zoe Wisniewski : I’ve never been more excited for anything in my life

Mohd Rashid Khan : I don't think about the actor who play role of Aladin is good choice for this character

J.G Productions : Considering Will Smith isn't really known for his impersonations or improv I think he'll have his own unique take on the Genie, I think if they wanted to try to replicate the same improv style Robin Williams was phenomenal at, they would have gone for Gabriel Iglesias since he can do a variety of impressions. So I'm willing to give Will Smith a chance

Reis World : Idk how I feel about these live Disney movies. I need a damn good jafar

sheba sediqi : I really want dwayne johnson to be the genie

23kensie : This makes me so happy. I just wish Robin Williams could play the genie.

BlaZiN718 : Mia khalifa would be a perfect princess jasmine

Rhianna Grande : Why wasn’t avan Jogia casted as Aladdin?