Disney's Aladdin Teaser Trailer - In Theaters May 24th, 2019

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BlackScape : Will Smith as the Genie pops out the lamp “In West Agrabah where I was born and raised in the lamp is where I spent most of my days"

Andrew Garfield : I’m probably in the minority but I’m more excited for this film than The Lion King.

Skrips : I swear this better have the "Prince Ali" song in it

Christian S. : Will Smith as the Genie pops out the lamp in the desert "Ahh, that's hot! that's hot"

Mia Bešlić : Imagine Pryanka Chopra as Jasmine.. Yeah..only imagination

Six Hand Spice : Is their goal to turn all the classics into live action?

Muhammad Abidin : The voice of that monster! Suddenly I was transported back to 1992!!!

vsGoliath : You know, this is the only Disney classic remake I'm looking forward to. I just feel like this is the movie that will translate best to live action. The Lion King one seems kind of pointless because it's really just the exact same film but with CGI this time. Mulan might be good too, but Aladdin has me hooked.

TAL Yea : The music made it x2000 times more awesome! Wowww

Desteny Orozco : When are they going to stop playing and show the full trailer? 😭😂


LukA : Music at 1:00 is amazing!

Sean Hanson : I can’t wait to see Jafar as a giant snake in this remake! 😀

Ralph Harrison : Pleeeeeaaase make a Mulan live action reboot. She is worth it. RT

Jose Martinez : No matter how much money you throw at this movie, it will never compared the original. Rest in peace Robin Williams.

Garrett Watts : Well, I’m screaming. I need this real quick.

Gacha Muffin : This ruin’s Some people’s childhood *^* *but it still looks cool!*

Tragic Toy : Extreme hard pass. Quit re-hashing classic animated movies and try doing something original for once!

Penelope Petite : No one can replace late Robin Williams, but Will Smith is still a beloved actor and I'm sure will make an absolute amazing genie! ...hmm, both genies have "will" in there names... I bet I can create an online conspiracy theory on this!

Euro Girl : Walt Disney always surprise us in an amazing movies. Thank you Disney!! ❤❤

StarryAnimations : 1:20 Mr. Disney, I don't feel so good...

Kandora : why is everyone talking about whitewashing the cast? It's set in the middle east where they are typically light

Jason Berryman : Got to love the music.

Alex Jacob : Rest in peace, Robin Williams.

Millennial Lynn Sheppado : Still haven’t forgotten Robbin Williams rip ❤️

Eric Champlin : Crossing my fingers SO HARD that this'll be a good remake!!

Erin Avant : I’m still waiting for the full trailer for Aladdin to come out!!!

Guillermo Rangel : I’m ready to see Aladdin for next year

j m : This will probably FAIL cause there is no voice actor for Iago checked imdb or anywhere. They got James Earl Jones back to play Mufasa, but can't get Gilbert Gottfried to voice IAGO??? THAT'S A BIG SURPRISE!!!!I That's incredible, I think I'm gonna have a heart attack and die from NOT surprise!

Totally Fictional : I am loving the Friend Like Me instrumental.

AssembleA : Memory of Robin Williams.

Brian Lacroix : next trailer better show jasmine and her tiger, magic carpet , and genie !!!!!!

BTS equals seven : I like the logo,it's looks very arabian.

I haven't had a shower in 7 weeks , but : If they remake Dumbo. There gonna take out the crows.....political correctness.

Chris 247 : That epic orchestrated friend like me at 1:00 gave me goosebumps

Ben Aqua : *Starring Scarlett Johansson as Will Smith as the genie*


Marina Syndulla : The fresh prince of Agrabah

Wezley : Won't be the same without Robin Williams playing as the Genie!!!

Somerset Brock : *Will Smith popping out of the lamp*: Ah! Ah, that's hot

M.F.G Network : Man How i miss Robin Williams RIP LEGEND

shahad alsanea : *Screaming*

Coach Derp : It’s 2019 and there’s still no official trailer

Snuggly Eevee : I can't wait to see this, it's so well made! But I do admit it's not going to be the same without Robbin Williams as the genie.

Coach Derp : It’s been 3 months since the teaser show us the gosh darn official trailer already

IsaacTownerBeats : How are they going to do this without Robin Williams man😕

Андрей Жовтовский : The most expected film of the year!

ξ S L Δ λΛ : i'm just glad an actual Arabic Actor playing Aladdin

Aman Singh Rathore Vlogs : Aha that's hot that's hot.