Let's Talk About the Foldable Smartphone!

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Pass The Butter : I just want hologram to be a real thing already

Cameron Doty : In case it ever breaks there’s an easy fix FLEX TAPE.

Shubham Garg : What do you call a security guard at the Samsung store? Guardian of the galaxy

Azio Prism : imagine.. *foldable porn.*

Gurpreet Meelu : *Samsung Is pushing it limits in hardware* *Google is pushing limit in Software* *Apple is pushing limit in prices😁😁😁*

GamerZoneArmy : Tbh it's more of a *Foldable tablet* Or a *Unfolding smartphone*

Kurt S. : are we going backwards but in a advanced way? lol folding phones...like. a. flip...phone..? i'll just get a sidekick lol

TeeSoar : Strange boast but acceptable...

Senju Gold : Oh they're bringing back flips phones.. sweet

Shaurya Kalra : The iPhone 6 is the first foldable phone....

Amer 261 : After apple watches samsung it will release iphone 6 again as a foldable phone for 2000$ in its next event

epSos.de : Perfect for reading. *Very nice that it folds into the inside,* so that there will be no need for protective screen covers anymore. The folding book format can finally have something comparable.

King Krazy : Android: * creates foldable smartphone * Apple: *OH, INTERESTING*

José Miguel Santos : This is how you push technology into the future. It will take time, however , to be consumer product.

faster Jonny : 10 years from now, you'll have a 6 inches Samsung that can unfold 8 times to become a TV

Avocado Sauce : 00:00 *PHONE REVIEW* 👏👏

Halo 4sure : Waiting for the day that they bring out a phone that automatically filters spam calls...

CloudDayLight : Why can't we just make 1 really good phone

Contaminated : The iPad Pro is foldable😂

Anonymous : Samsung is pushing the boundaries of hardware Google is pushing the boundaries of software Apple is pushing the boundaries of price

Iverander c: : I think it will come with a bendgate tho :/

Ayoub Bouhouch : Samsung is the company with ideas... Contrary to apple

Fernando Aulicino : 00:00 MEME REVIEW

Tiger Sindre : My first Markass Brawne video

Holako : 1999: We should invent something better then a flip phone. 2018: Bitch, we reinvent the flip phone.

John Misley : If tablets are starting to double as laptops, and phones are soon to be doubling as tablets, one day, will phones be triple-ing as phones tablets and laptops? Maybe this is something to come down the road.

Richard Chai : Weird flex but ok

Ricardo G : can't wait to see this on apples side in ten years when they invent this technology.

Sahil Sood : Nice shot on Apple MKBHD 6:40

Slava Rubalchenko : 6:40 "I guess, Apple had first folding phone with the iPhone 6+... Weird flex but okay"

Alfie Rayner : A wise man once said: “Is this what you wanted?”

schrödinger's cat : 00:01 Phone👏review👏

Vikrant Sharma : 00:01 meme review 👏👏

Fraole Negash : The flex pai foldable tablet is now in CES 2019 you should make a video about it

Tyler T. : Flip phones are coming back! Lol

Vsauce 4 : *grandma walks in " *SWEET BABY JESU-* "


Syk Syd : Just found your channel, great content markass brownie

NotTrill IOS : hey bro wassup i came from *JERRYRIGEVERYTHING*

Rice loving asian : Samsung: *unveils foldable phone!* People 2018: Weird flex, but okay.

lovellybeauty : Well it’s 11:51pm March 31st 2019....🤷🏽‍♀️ Samsung made me like not having a bezel and button. They innovate and inspire, we will all have foldable phones one day forgetting that Samsung made it popular 😂 I still love my iPhone though

GAMERS HUB tricks : Who is waching this after the launch of galaxy fold

Nicolas Lim : Can you do a review on the incase icon for the macbook pro?

Nipuna Sudharaka : That intro! 😂 Edit: That outro too! 😂

Plesh : Can't wait for Apple to "invent" this in 3 years

Anarcho Vegan : 2:58 Yes. Imagine: an iPad that fits in your pocket like a phone... that's also a phone!

Kein_ indianer : Good video. I agree with you. We should wait.

Ryan Hope : fornite and...

Mrship ofSteam : Weird flex but ok