Let's Talk About the Foldable Smartphone!

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Arima Haise : Google is next level on software. Samsung is next level on hardware Apple is next level on it's price. Edit:Wow thanks for the 1.2k likes. Didn't expect that

Pleshette : Can't wait for Apple to "invent" this in 3 years

Tyler T. : Flip phones are coming back! Lol

Pass The Butter : I just want hologram to be a real thing already

CloudDayLight : Why can't we just make 1 really good phone

Henriko Magnifico : *weird flex but ok*

rfg blrd;k : I would like to see a foldable laptop, you open it up and it has a virtual keyboard (like on phones and tablets) meaning you have double the space for bigger batteries etc. it would also give it a cool look especially if it is in a small form factor.

Bu11yHuNt3r777 : *But will it survive Jerry's flex test*

GamerZoneArmy : Tbh it's more of a *Foldable tablet* Or a *Unfolding smartphone*

Amer 699 : After apple watches samsung it will release iphone 6 again as a foldable phone for 2000$ in its next event

Slava Rubalchenko : 6:40 "I guess, Apple had first folding phone with the iPhone 6+... Weird flex but okay"

sayyam nasir : It was a 6 plus. Apple fixed it in the 6s plus.

Sahil Sood : Nice shot on Apple MKBHD 6:40


Kurt S. : are we going backwards but in a advanced way? lol folding phones...like. a. flip...phone..? i'll just get a sidekick lol

GyaniBabaji : 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 Apple 6 was first foldable phone. Lmao

epSos.de : Perfect for reading. *Very nice that it folds into the inside,* so that there will be no need for protective screen covers anymore. The folding book format can finally have something comparable.

José Miguel Santos : This is how you push technology into the future. It will take time, however , to be consumer product.

Sub Scribe Tv : "But Why Tho ?" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Айдемир Шумахов : Are there Circassians?

AYYO : Now apple has a chance to sue Samsung for copying their foldable design......iPhone 6,the future smartphone😂🤣🤣🤣

Ricardo G : can't wait to see this on apples side in ten years when they invent this technology.

MysticFate : I see a Foldable Smartphone the same as i See a Note... it's for artists, they're the only people that can actively benefit and utilise a screen that big being their job/hobby. It allows them to do commissions and draw things as they see them, on the go rather than having to wait till they get home AND it'll save them having to buy drawing tablet as their phone can replace that... albeit not to the same extent but it'll be a good alternative for people that can't afford both a phone and a tablet. Also commenting on the "thickness" of the phone is a little null... it's the first of it's kind, it'll take years to develop technology to slim it down. Just remember how thick the first generations of laptops were and now you can ultra thin laptops. I honestly probably wouldn't mind it being thick... it'll be nice to own a piece of history and in 20 years you can look back at it and say you owned something that was the first of it's kind. Like purchasing one of the first laptops back in the day that was as thick as a brick As usual i always watch videos long after commenting has any chance of getting see even if i do think my comment may be worth seeing

GD Duck : I think it will come with a bendgate tho :/

Ayoub Bouhouch : Samsung is the company with ideas... Contrary to apple

Joyal Varghese : Finally a video on this and by the best youtuber

Halo 4sure : Waiting for the day that they bring out a phone that automatically filters spam calls...

DJ Gaming : My problem with this is, the fully unfolded phone is only a little bigger than a normal phone today, calling it a tablet is almost a reach

Pseudonym Smith : Never going to work long-term. Bending - by definition - is compromising the structural integrity of the device, so doing this, say a couple times a day over the course of a year, will more than likely result in lots and lots of consumers breaking their display by unintentionally splitting it at the point where the display goes 90 degrees (right-most edge of the 'c' shape). More than likely, however, the display will crack all along the bend in a sort of striped pattern. That's not even mentioning the susceptibility of shearing due to opposite movement of the two halves up and down. And, considering that the internals can't be exposed, the hinge will most likely be a sort of silicone rubberized material, which will probably wear poorly. Rubberized materials aren't typically very durable, especially not when they have to bend a lot or if they're in very hot or very cold temperatures; just take for example, a standard USB cable, more likely than not, you've probably seen one that's broken at the ends. This happens due to regular stressing - e.g. bending - and is only solved by adding structural ribs. Being that this is a phone, however, adding those ribs isn't really a possibility. And being that it'll most likely have that rubberized seem, it'll be extremely easy to break. Take a sharp object along that seem and you could sever the connection between the other side of the phone, or even stick something sharp and pointy in at an angle (like a pair of keys) and you could end up puncturing the battery. All that said, no way in hell is this thing even remotely going to be user-serviceable. It's going to be a completely sealed system, making repairs impossible. This isn't rocket science. Take some thin cardboard (the kind notebook covers are made out of) and try and curve it a dozen times. Eventually, that piece of cardboard is going to end up folding and the whole thing will start falling apart after enough bends. This is whole concept reeks of being another Note 7 waiting to happen, though if anything, these criticisms will come out like the iPhone 6 bendgate but x1000 and then sell very poorly after the first wave of critical reviews after the initial hype. This whole thing raises so many red flags, it's almost comical. It's almost like someone at Samsung had this idea on April Fools, but then everyone else took it seriously.

Vinay@HD : Samsung>apple

Adrian POV : I see this tech more useful in a laptop

skytreker : The aspect ratio is REALLY annoying! I hate the top/bottom black bars.

Sadece bir kanal : 6 Plus was the first foldable phone samsung copied it :))

Subscribe To Me For No Reason : I want a foldable ebook reader where I can put a book cover on the outside

Sir Luke the Modest : Soon we’re gonna go back to having battery packs on our backs again...

Aku : If executed right, this phone will be flippin' insane

Jason Alxander : I would be using that phone at the gym to *flex* on people

Johnny Blaze : I would definitely want that, hopefully on the Note 10!! Bigger screen for half the size..yeah!

Maxime K-G : I'm just fine with my tablet and smartphone, it can even be handy at times to have multiple screens.

beauty of nature of the world. : very nice tec vedio. u r no one man.i love this channel.

Steve B : Samsung will debut this next year. That means Apple will come out with one 5 years from now and charge $2,000 for it.

Demion Lindsay : Thanks man ...your new aspect ratio youtube videos now look much much better on both my 4k monitor and my ultrawide especially,,,,fills up the display more with less black boxes.....thanks man

2uze : i hate all these people who say whats the use of a foldable phone when you can have tablet and a phond

DREDRE4185 : Im with it. Something new. What I really want is the morph one! Lol or the hologram one. I hope to live to see those.

Avera : Foldable is useless UNTIL they make phones more thin. Which they will. I predict foldable will be a "too-early feature" that will be revisited once they make phones thinner. Making them thinner will only happen once they determine a structural design or material that is durable yet cost effective enough.

Coding in Flow : I want a foldable ebook reader where I can put a book cover on the outside

Marco Antonio Nájera Domínguez : The technology I spect for future smartphones is 3D cameras, 3d displays and foldable screens.

money bags : Its a folding tablet and no matter what Samsung does its still android with terrible emojis js

Something Nothing : 2:25 you mean tablet folding into a small tablet

kodiak wild : once these devices get thinner and bezzless, sure i'll be rocking the *galaxy note fold.*