Let's Talk About the Foldable Smartphone!

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Arima Haise : Google is next level on software. Samsung is next level on hardware Apple is next level on it's price. Edit:Wow thanks for the 1.2k likes. Didn't expect that

Shubham Garg : What do you call a security guard at the Samsung store? Guardian of the galaxy

Cameron Doty : In case it ever breaks there’s an easy fix FLEX TAPE.

Pass The Butter : I just want hologram to be a real thing already

Azio Prism : imagine.. *foldable porn.*

Henriko Magnifico : *weird flex but ok*

epSos.de : Perfect for reading. *Very nice that it folds into the inside,* so that there will be no need for protective screen covers anymore. The folding book format can finally have something comparable.

Kurt S. : are we going backwards but in a advanced way? lol folding phones...like. a. flip...phone..? i'll just get a sidekick lol

Your Crazy Comrade : The iPad Pro is foldable😂

Kaj Olsen : Is that mark ass brownlee?

Slava Rubalchenko : 6:40 "I guess, Apple had first folding phone with the iPhone 6+... Weird flex but okay"

GamerZoneArmy : Tbh it's more of a *Foldable tablet* Or a *Unfolding smartphone*

TeeSoar : Strange boast but acceptable...

Avocado Sauce : 00:00 *PHONE REVIEW* 👏👏

Senju Gold : Oh they're bringing back flips phones.. sweet

GyaniBabaji : 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 Apple 6 was first foldable phone. Lmao

Amer 699 : After apple watches samsung it will release iphone 6 again as a foldable phone for 2000$ in its next event

King Krazy : Android: * creates foldable smartphone * Apple: *OH, INTERESTING*

Ricardo G : can't wait to see this on apples side in ten years when they invent this technology.

Clickbait : Just another dumb fad like the 3D hysteria of 2011-2012. Foldable phones create more inconvenience than it actually solves

AYYO✅ : Now apple has a chance to sue Samsung for copying their foldable design......iPhone 6,the future smartphone😂🤣🤣🤣

Ayoub Bouhouch : Samsung is the company with ideas... Contrary to apple

José Miguel Santos : This is how you push technology into the future. It will take time, however , to be consumer product.

CloudDayLight : Why can't we just make 1 really good phone

Halo 4sure : Waiting for the day that they bring out a phone that automatically filters spam calls...

Adrian POV : I see this tech more useful in a laptop

Fernando Aulicino : 00:00 MEME REVIEW

Not Hood : weird flex but ok

Айдемир Шумахов : Are there Circassians?

Phoxxel : Flexible smartphone? Eh I’ll pass. I don’t even know why people would want it. It’s just going back to 1983. Not only does it look ugly, but it’s a huge brick of slab that’s very thick.

Steve B : Samsung will debut this next year. That means Apple will come out with one 5 years from now and charge $2,000 for it.

John Misley : If tablets are starting to double as laptops, and phones are soon to be doubling as tablets, one day, will phones be triple-ing as phones tablets and laptops? Maybe this is something to come down the road.

OrangeC7 : This could be useful for people who mainly watch youtube videos on their phone, I imagine being able to unfold for a larger and easier-to-see display would be a very nice thing to have.

Sahil Sood : Nice shot on Apple MKBHD 6:40

Tiger Sindre : My first Markass Brawne video

Aku : If executed right, this phone will be flippin' insane

V4ST Snuzzy : The world is going back to the past Flip phones

Alfie Rayner : A wise man once said: “Is this what you wanted?”

Iverander c: : I think it will come with a bendgate tho :/

ಠ_ಠ : I would rather not to, your breath stinks.

Joyal Varghese : Finally a video on this and by the best youtuber

schrödinger's cat : 00:01 Phone👏review👏

rfg blrd;k : I would like to see a foldable laptop, you open it up and it has a virtual keyboard (like on phones and tablets) meaning you have double the space for bigger batteries etc. it would also give it a cool look especially if it is in a small form factor.

RICHARD CHAI : Weird flex but ok

Ryan Hope : fornite and...

Coding in Flow : I want a foldable ebook reader where I can put a book cover on the outside

Wasim Sayyad : Meme review

Im’a Potato : samsung foldable phone are gonna be tim cook wallet

Jonha of the Huizens : I want a phone that can bend around my wrist like a bracelet and double as a watch

Jason Alxander : I would be using that phone at the gym to *flex* on people