YouTube Star Sponsors The Fastest Rising Football Club in England

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StoryBrain : It's weird how Youtube is starting to be about itself now, isn't it?

Brown Strongman : I really hope Wimbledon get to the premier league in john's lifetime


Shemium224 : It's weird to see this story from a neutral point of view, rather then John's. This is possibly the strangest, but also a most heartwarming story of a football team.

Hamilton Brown : an American that says "football". Well done :-)

Ian Albert : I watched this whole thing with a big, stupid grin on my face.

Rachel Witt : John Green has slowly invaded all aspects of the internet.

James G. Wall : Brilliant, you've got to love John Green.

Drums & Bass : I like john green and what he did for wimbledon, but he didnt save wimbledon. the fans saved it, from holding trials on the common and bring it up from the amateur leagues to where it is now. john found out about it fell in love with it and took an active participatory role in helping the club, but he didnt save it and i think he would be the first to tell you that.

suspendedsky : i'm so happy this video exists. it is SO difficult to explain to people why i support afc wimbeldon, as i've never had an interest in football in my entire life.

Jacob Clark : I love how they make it seem like he made movies before he was on youtube

Michael Hart : I honestly doubt you can find someone who genuinely doesn't like John. One of the best.

pokechatter : I thought the youtube stardom came slightly before the best selling author/ box office gold producer bits...

jeff kennedy : john green, decreasing world suck since 2007

Zachary Brewer-Kirby : I honestly thought John was just making everything up in his FIFA let's plays lol

Aaron Hinton : This is what football should be. Not a bunch of teams driven by some middle eastern oil Barron but teams driven by the love of the sport. Shows what football should be.

Rex Galilae : When I used to watch his history videos in which he'd joke about meeting Gerrard one day in Anfield and so on, I thought he wasn't being serious but now, to my surprise, I realized that this guy is a bigger football fan than most of us here. I salute to him! :')

Erica Bourland : Please tell me I'm not the only one who pictured John sitting alone in the dark in a La-Z-Boy, with Meredith off to the side working.

sigridsimmen : John Green is a true hero. We need more John Greens in the world.

Seb Gardner : I legit think john could run for president

Luke Towler : One of the best things I've watched on VICE sports

BergletteMom : Now I FINALLY understand why John Green loves and supports this team! What an awesome story!

photoshopknight : Been watching "hankgames" since John Green started playing with Swindon town on fifa. John is a great football ambassador and understands the history/passion of Wimbledon.  Thanks vice for the documentary.

Kevin Monsieur : You know it's an American documentary when they have to explain what the FA Cup is.

RizzleMcDizzle : Liverpool Fan John Green. The boy done good. Liverpool fan here wishes AFC Wimbledon the best of luck in the future. YNWA

Commandelicious : And this is why we all love John Green.

Victor Yau : Finally! I always wondered what the room looked like when John plays FIFA.

Steven James : Not even a mention of Seb Brown. Did I ever tell you guys about the time Seb Brown saved 2 penalties against Luton Town to send us into the League?

wiet111 : Wait? did I just see Meredith? My life is complete now.

KiddsockTV : John Green, He's not Mean. John Green, he's not wearing green. John Green, he is just awesome. He knows how to make a successful TEAM!

ibesweetp2 : I own an afc wimbledon scarf from the dftba shop, it's very bizarre being so emotionally attached to a team that plays in a country I've never been to. I was almost in tears when Akinfenwa scored against Liverpool

Landon Michael : The volume on this video is very quiet

Jack Dent : They also just qualified for the playoffs #COYD

Varun Rajput : Yet another reason to love John Green.

Ben Palmer : I've been waiting for someone to make this for so long

Carol Womble : because of John I'm an AFC Wimbledon fan

Kate D : As someone who has been following Vlogbrothers since mid-2008, it continues to weird me out how famous they are these days. But still cool.

Rathanak's Life : This dude helped me learn history and psychology

Fronk Oshen : He didn't say soccer! ❤️❤️❤️

milowent : Little by little, actual Americans are now rooting for AFC Wimbledon. The "American underdog story" is not just American, its universal, and this resonates with all true Americans who hear it.

Seamus Campbell : Is this video going to be the news from AFC Wimbledon on the next "Dear Hank and John"

7th Degree Imperial Yo-Yo Master : HOPE IS THE THING WITH FEATHERS!

MurderCity21 : Ive never seen john green playing fifa, is there a channel he has for that?

James Johnson : I fucking love John Greene, I've been a long time fan of crash course history but didn't know how brilliant he really was! Top bloke!

Malice1111 : Sports interactive of football manager fame should have some mention as they helped start the new team and continue to sponsor the team.

FoamsnJays : Please invest more into this channel. This is great.

GLT Music : It's good that this is getting recognition.. But there was no mention of Nerdfighteria. The community seems entirely skipped over here =/ The logo on their uniforms is the Nerdfighteria logo. But not a single mention. I wouldn't have imagined John being comfortable with this coming across in such a cult-of-personality way

JaarOar : Great story The video needs more Akinfenwa tho

curt : I love watching John's Crash Course World History, but after watching this, he's gone up ten fold in my estimation.

Alex Reitan : Next, put a sponsorship on the south goal on the left post that says Pizzamas.