John Cena Gets a Hand Double (Trevor from WKUK)

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David Jimenez : "I'm never using my own hands again." I just caught the significance of that statement.

Eric Fukumoto : "So they said we have a hand job for you come in" I'm embarrassed I didn't notice that at first XD

A man with one hand : "couldn't do the wand." LOL

NutterCutterPro. : Don't do that! That's hands's move. You don't do hands's move.

Pte. Conversation : YOU CANT SEE ME

ph0e : BIRD UP

kalibos : Trevor Moore as John Cena's hands, Colin Mochrie as Ryan Stiles' hands on Whose Line. Let's get to work, people.

Terrell Lowman : Where has this been all my life? Im crying

Hunter Lang : One team One dream

m j : Trevor Moore and John cents ah it was indeed a different time..I can’t see anything in the video lol

Wikfork : "he can't see me"

Jesse Karella : was this from 12 rounds? haha what the hell?

Tucker France : is that new orleans on the green screen?????

Daddy Dadpants : that was great

[heat-mojo] : 1:39 look at trevors BO lol

papa cringe : this reminds me of that one eric andre sketch

Hong Poppy Gemini : Threesome

Otro Mundo Records : John Cena's actually really funny hahah

0bradymadness0 : haha john cenas move thing

LootFragg : "You can't do this shit, that's Hands' move. You can't do what Hands does." Started giggling like a prick when he grew fond of Trevor. Hilarious.


Jeff Schmalz : HE CANT SEE ME LMFAO!!!!!


abcaummy : I didn't even get that until I thought about it. Nice reference.

itaketheSQUARE : Trevor should be on Whose Line is it Anyway

Josh Shriver : They had a hand job for Trevor

TheRed1dead : nnnaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiillllllllll gunnnnnnn

Laura Huntington : This just made me so happy :)

Donnie Arkham : Was drinking coke at 1:20 and spit it out all over myself.

FBIimprov : You can't see him!

A man with one hand : Yes. YES THEY ARE.

Slick Medina : "U can't c me"

Turbo Dancer : this sketch is brilliant

b4ssfunk3d : ahahaha my hands are more like Trevor's sadly :[ but atleast I can grab a phone and I'm able to fap my own penis without strangling it. I'd still like to know the feeling of being the hulk and smashing stuff but oh well that's what my penis is for :]

Katie Skiff : Last night I dreamed that I saw the movie they were filming in this. You could definitely see Trevor. XD

Leon .Stark : with their mouth open?

Brittany Lamoureux : John Cena is one cool customer for going along with this. Props.


collapzcursed : trevor is the bozzz :D

DeusExKiran : i lmaoed all over the "come on back here!" handjobbing

Stinky21 : this would've been a terrible movie... THEY SHOULD'VE DONE IT HAPPIER AND WITH THEIR MOUTH OPEN

Elias Skold : And smiling?

MediumRare103 : in the mouth?

Megamis Andria : Funny thing is, Chris Masters said in an interview that Cena does have very large hands and because of that he wrestles "stiff," that is to say he would unintentionally actually hurt his opponents, looks like Trevor might have a steady job.

KPballer999 : is this real? i cant tell hahaha

Joe Burger : this was a heartwarming story that i could relate to

dmdrummer23 : 2:08 BEST part imo. The gestures Trevor makes are perfect haha.

cptmason100 : i will grape you

Comrade Screaming : I miss the flying mexican commercial. :(

BlackMotherFucker : The grapist isn't even funny