One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Gym

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Bambam Lee : The thumbnail looks like pancakes

Rose : I thought those were pancakes on his dumbbells 😂 😂😂

Eggs with leggs : some people go to the gym to get fit, some people get fit making the gym

Lupul Alb : And the government comes and throws everything away because they are afraid of people gathering in one spot and doing something fun...

k : no wonder my neighbor always ask for my trash can. now I know what he's up to

JohnKser : I would like to train at this place rather than the actual gym

Angel Amador : 33 gym owners disliked the video bc this man will soon take over their corny commercial gyms.

JaydenHas - Handles : Don't you scroll down and your like damn I wish I wrote that

jesse llana : I would lift here tbh. Jus gimma some water, a swimsuit, some protein, sleeping bag. Boom

Jacob Ferrufino : We need more people like this in the world. The best part was seeing the gym being shared among amazing

Desiigner : Venice Muscle Beach is getting jealous🤙

mm mmm : And people still have excuses....

Hyellerci : This live action Boku no Hero Academia looks pretty good

MightyMarin : I think that this now is my favorite video from this chanel. Truly inspiring and amazing. Keep up the good work!

zen young : One word : inspiring

mark ferrara : Someone should make a "GoFundMe" and whatever money is donated will be used to buy them more equipment instead of them using trash.

才興 : Real life Izuku Midoriya!!

DontPanicrs : I wish I could train there on a daily basis

Douper : I thought that you were lifting pancakes in the thumbnail

On My way : Gym at the beach ! that was awesome

saral thapa : and for 50 cents/day you could get them a gym membership.

Ryan Liu : I'm so happy I saw ur ad

Lazy Town And Food Reviews M8 : No my hero academia jokes? Guys?

Functionalazib CrimsonDeath : Working out for his role of Black Panther.

GabeRILLA : Awesome, nothing stops the gainz train bby!

Mohammed Kaleem : one word "EPIC"

Gaurav Mishra : He might not be rich.. But I see true satisfaction in his eyes...

Weezy F Broly : Anyone else thought the weights look like pancakes in the thumbnail.

TopCommenter : "Train and go swim in the beach. Day is complete" - Wiser words have never been spoken :)

Johanna : I really respect this guy

xtremoxxd : This is amazing. Nothing more to say..

Olly Reynolds : I went to Santa Maria 2 years ago 😂😂😂😂

Jason Meyer : we need more people like that

MBsick : That's dope

YK : that must be the most beautiful gym in the world

Nahuitrix : Ho much do you bench?! - ...

Funny 3 seconds : I thought it was pancakes in the thumbnail

Rahil Dundon : Muscle beach 2.0

Faith Camire : What language is he speaking?

Sujatha Shankar : OMG!!! I have rarely seen something so inspirational. This man is a genuis. A great model of recycling and a genuine human that thinks good about others. Thank you guys for sharing this with us. XOXO ☺✌

Chuck TheGreatNoris : RESPECT

Zoomy Vlogs : When I saw the picture i thought the weights were pancakes

zirpuii chawhte : He is the MAN!!

tunas Sutera : imagine if deku come to this beach

saltypeeks 1thematch : whi else thought in the thumbnail was a bunch of pancakes on the dumbells

Kinza Nephen : Deku??

Memes 4 Dayz : Join the road to victory

The Frosty Craft : 275 people pay for gym

BILLY gasologa : He's so creative

NoGameNoLife : U can swim to freshen up after exercising :)