One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Gym

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k : no wonder my neighbor always ask for my trash can. now I know what he's up to

Bambam Lee : The thumbnail looks like pancakes

Eggs with leggs : some people go to the gym to get fit, some people get fit making the gym

JohnKser : I would like to train at this place rather than the actual gym

Angel Amador : 33 gym owners disliked the video bc this man will soon take over their corny commercial gyms.

Jayden YT : Don't you scroll down and your like damn I wish I wrote that

jesse llana : I would lift here tbh. Jus gimma some water, a swimsuit, some protein, sleeping bag. Boom

Hyellerci : This live action Boku no Hero Academia looks pretty good

mm mmm : And people still have excuses....

Jacob Ferrufino : We need more people like this in the world. The best part was seeing the gym being shared among amazing

Desiigner : Venice Muscle Beach is getting jealous🤙

MightyMarin : I think that this now is my favorite video from this chanel. Truly inspiring and amazing. Keep up the good work!

才興 : Real life Izuku Midoriya!!

mark ferrara : Someone should make a "GoFundMe" and whatever money is donated will be used to buy them more equipment instead of them using trash.

zen young : One word : inspiring

DontPanicrs : I wish I could train there on a daily basis

Functionalazib CrimsonDeath : Working out for his role of Black Panther.

Douper : I thought that you were lifting pancakes in the thumbnail

Blue Flame : He might not be rich.. But I see true satisfaction in his eyes...

On My way : Gym at the beach ! that was awesome

saral thapa : and for 50 cents/day you could get them a gym membership.

Ryan Liu : I'm so happy I saw ur ad

MILLIONs IN A BLINK OF AN EYE : Meanwhile those who spend time in luxurious gym want to have time in these kind of gym Nature fresh air ocean sand whch motivate them

Lazy Town And Food Reviews M8 : No my hero academia jokes? Guys?

GabeRILLA : Awesome, nothing stops the gainz train bby!

Mohammed Kaleem : one word "EPIC"

Winter Peak613 : A smart man is a dark man a dark man is a special man a special man is a creative man a creative man is a unique helpful person

Klimt Kahlo : Cabo Verde! PALOP! 👍💖

Ida L : The language tho. It sounds so beautiful😍

Johanna : I really respect this guy

Tahmeed Mazumder : That guy is living my dream.

Prajwal Thakur : I once read, "Poverty is the mother of all inventions." feels true. 💯

TopCommenter : "Train and go swim in the beach. Day is complete" - Wiser words have never been spoken :)

Rivoz-ROBLOX : Respect I Hope They Get Rich and Have A Excellent Life

xtremoxxd : This is amazing. Nothing more to say..

Blit Zer : He must Be known In d whole world

Marcus channel : Real life boku no hero academia midoriya

Olly Reynolds : I went to Santa Maria 2 years ago 😂😂😂😂

YK : that must be the most beautiful gym in the world

hi hi : This gym should never be destroyed

Totigerus : how does he workout without an elliptical machine?

That green Pangani hyrura aka UERK JÄGER WILDE : Where is Cape Verde

Justin Sanders : wow everyone in the comment section is bein positive. I've never seen this before

Rose : I thought those were pancakes on his dumbbells 😂 😂😂

Deko Oz : Reminds me that Open Gym (Santa Maria Beach) in the San Andreas...👌🏾

Weezy F Broly : Anyone else thought the weights look like pancakes in the thumbnail.

Qatra Band : That pull up😂

Jason Meyer : we need more people like that

Sujatha Shankar : OMG!!! I have rarely seen something so inspirational. This man is a genuis. A great model of recycling and a genuine human that thinks good about others. Thank you guys for sharing this with us. XOXO ☺✌

King DAmnJoon : The level of rich melanin almost made me cry, especially the woman, her skin is amazing👌😭