Scorpio - SNL

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Hughezy Entertainment : this one sketch was better than all of Iron Fist

KirkyDaTurkey : Scorpio looks better than the Scorpion King lol

Nicholas DaRocha : The new Scorpion King remake looks great

werbeagle : One thing I love about Dwayne Johnson is that no matter how ridiculous the material is, he brings it.

Chris Wheeler : Come to think of it, it is kind of strange marvel hasn't tried getting the rock yet.

Eliza Mieszkowska : So embarassed to admit, but this sketch actually answers all of my childhood questions from Batman, Superman movies... How the hell did they get those gorgeous costumes? Question solved.

Jacob Gard : Scorpio sounds like an actual cool hero

Mitchell Adams : without volume, looks like a porno intro

AsianTankPilot : I kept laughing at "it's a very Earthy color story"

Kristian Eddings : I guess the name "Sting" was taken 😂

Noah Sifry : His butt is padded😂😂😂

Bria Penn : Not gonna lie The Rock got cake. Damn Dwayne!

Bria Penn : Johnson/Hanks 2020 Scorpio/David S. Pimpkins 2020

Renato Costa : Black Adam in his early days lol

Nissan Karki : Max-A-Million starts broadcasting his demands on radio. Scorpio heads out as fast as he can. You can hear it on the radio. "Max-A-Million! Your reign of terror is over!" "You'll never stop me Scor- Whoa that outfit is AMAZING!" "Oh. Thanks!. I made it myself." "Shut up! OHMYGOD Thats amazing!" "Thanks." "I wish I had my outfit was like that. Can you design one for me?" "Yeah sure why not. After we're done with this what way I size you up?"

Alvin Gonzalez : Rock is one of the best hosts on SNL. The writers do an incredible job with him.

MegaCMalta : That is not padding. That is 100% Dwayne right there!

TJ STEELER : Some those questions was the first I asked when I watched Spider Man for the first time back in 2001. You made that? Did Aunt May teach you? I'm thinking too much let me enjoy this damn movie

Jacob Waters : He should've been called The Scorpion King

Misterboss : Better then Batman vs. Superman and Suicide Squad combined.

jdez10 : This is exactly what this messed up World needs now!!! A designer super hero. lol

Scorpio Snake : at the last after the blast , he should have said "SHOULD I DESIGN FUNERAL DRESSES ". that would have been the real zinger . but overall great performance . DWAYNE AS ALWAYS "ROCKED" IT .

Michael Arizmendi : THE ROCK FOR PRESIDENT 2020!!!

Prasoon Shrestha : I did consider this thing when I saw the first spider man movie. I was like OMG the spider also gave him a super tayloring powers.

Patty J. Ayers : Dwayne Johnson is so cute and adorable

Crepe'in Around W/ Zack june : Fast Forward to 3:00 to see the Rock slap his own butt

Breaking News : Can you smmeeeeeeelllll what the Scorpio is sewing!!

Marina Chen : tonight is so good omg

Mohsin Ali : Dawayne rocks

20000 Subscriber Man with little videos : Damn Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is so hot.

Persona Hearts : That costume looks better than the costumes from the DC shows on CW

Wis Dom : Super Tailoring seems to be the secret skill of most superheroes.

dandygirl6 : The irony is I'm a Scorpio and a costume designer, also i'm a wall of muscle (kidding)

Memoria : I heard Maximilien attack the hospital. Oh MY GOD!!!! .. What is this outfit (with a suave tone) Love the Skit, love THE Rock, love SNL :D

Oh! : Scorpion King reference is on point 🦂

Isaiah Nordine : Wait a second Dwane helped promote the original Xbox and the new one is codenamed Xbox Scorpio COINCIDENCE!?!?!?!?

Avery Green : Make a Virgo with the powers of a holy virgin 😂

Jesse Quach : The Scorpio King

jumpstart55million : 3:21...Most iresponsible Superhero ever..lmao

tensphreak : Shazam!

Jesse Cole : He made a capelet.

andrew mckim : Have they been saving up their best material all year for the Rock? That's the 2nd sketch I've seen from last night (also saw the evil scientist contest.) Who knew you could get make great comedy without disparaging our President.

tragoedia veritas : I know I wasn't the only one who wanted him to don the cape before the skit ended, just to see how it went with the overall design

econgloberfan : I liked him better as Rock the Wrestler.. Do you smell what the Rock is cooking.. rooody poo candy asses

Trash Buffalo : If comic book movies were realistic.

lil legend : SNL IS THE BEST

The Excelllence : a Former Pro Wrestler playing a character named Scorpio, real name Steve..... Damn You Seth Rollins... (shakes fist)

ChaoticMatters : That was a quick 5 minutes!

Jay S : He's just a super tailor.

TriRunner Studios : Nod to Scorpion King , I love it