the Kids in the Hall - Bauer

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Sam : Lol watching this when weed is legal in Canada

Samit Gandhi : Ah, the old days when passwords could be simple.

Vanesa Clon : Dave is so hot dressed like a woman, love his accent here.

hello fellas : thank you,seriously,thank you...

ATLbench : This is one of my favorite sketches from when I was in high school. The most hilarious thing is I didn’t remember any of the Illuminati and nwo references!! What great comedy!!! Way ahead of their time!

Maui Randall : LOL Canada where you can ask the nearest cop where to buy weed

Zebulous : I’ve been describing this sketch to people for decades, now I can finally just show them. And the alleged weed in his hair looks no more like actual weed now than it did then.

louis tournas : 5:23 hey, it's Bellini!

SoCal Unrated : Love from California here. Love Canadians and my Canadian cousins. Wish I lived in Canada, so many laid back and nice people.

Yesaul19 : Rolling up some legal ulcer medicine right now...2018

TorrenGenn : It’s legal now!!! Lol

ABLAZ X (Armaniblast) : Mark mcKinney is a true master chameleon.

Tenzin 68 : Now it's legal!! Yeah CANADA!! While here in the states the assholes in charge want to go back to the 50's!!

datrux : I've been looking for this sketch for a decade!

Craig St. Cyr : Her arm grew back.

dingus khan : Was this sketch directed by David lynch?? One of my favs BTW

Brian Smith : my arm grew back after a witch turned me into a planaria/newt gingrichybridealyboplazapalloozamzimbimbamroomoftherimramroom...roses grow between the concrete and the bleach

Brian Smith : HemPetroLives! but the powers that be simply won't let it happen

Elisabeth Papin : hahaha 7:50