Lance210 - Pee Prank

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itsLance210 : Hey! thats me :D

SwiggitySwagDownGroveStreet : Iv'e never laughed so hard in my life before.

maple_shade : The best part is that the automatic toilet flushes lol

PTSoldierPT ssdf : the sound dat he does wen he falls

CascadeFreak : Floor, meet ass Ass, meet floor.

Jade Simmons : I can't stop replaying that XD

Nick Universe : the sound he makes when he fell

Jade Simmons : That dude must have been pissed after😂😂😂

Ok ok ok : My chest hurts so much lol omg XD!😂😂😂😂

Kiyotaka Ishimaru : im PISSING myself laughing XD

schmangel 23 : Wtf who pees with their pants down?

Jean Chiarelli : I'm trying to figure out if that is his belly or his ass. 

-Jake Couturier- : Damn he thicc af

Mary Fuentes : There are tears on my keyboard XD

Alberto Einstein : I feel so bad for my homie touching the floor with his ass

Darude Dog : he falls and makes a noise... 1.5 seconds later a shiny clean ass

iniagg : the best part is when he's at the ground and he still pissing but he's pissin all over his face in a fountain angle beautiful

Jade Simmons : Lol, u saw his ass😂

hitman3336 : His ass sounded like a basketball when it hit the ground

Bendmydick Cucumbersnatch : The grunt he made when he fell was the funniest thing about this

Summer's Cupid : DO IT AT SPEED 0.5 LMAOOOO

SpartanPro1 : I just died...

Cool Beans : This video popped into my mind in the middle of class and had me giggling loudly and got me in trouble

Maro18Z : top kek


Summer's Cupid : Don't drop that Thun Thun Thun!

Adrianna Stidam : i watch that liken 10000000000000000 times that how funny it was


Bli -B : 0:05

Tronicol : Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!

Cren Ceolce : who seriously pissed with they're ass showing that much? lol I think I got abs from laughing so much

[TO]RikkX2 : i cant stop laughing. its like whipp! and then a bump

Ricky Davis : Hope he is at Costco so he will sue them and get $53,000 settlement lol

TheIllusiveFlash : This is so funny OMG lmao

Gracie Pugh : You should be thankful god let me live after watching this >.<

Johnny Mar : His ass must have been wet 😂 😂

Shane Fletcher : wished the video lasted longer  , but that guy falling on his naked ass is pretty funny   LMFAO

ღCarly Ellen : Poor, poor replay button.

Chadia Robinson : I wonder what happened after he did prank that guy...

WinForce33 : Ah that hurts

Renae_The_Rebel AKA YungYuri : He broke his ass

Mr. Space! : did he pee on himself or did he finish peeing?

Mitchell Steeves : Omg he disappears then hits the floor! XD XD XD

TURRNT : Ok I feel bad for the guy that fell, BUT THIS IS HILARIOUS

Vivian Sanchez : i couldin't stop laughing

Johan B : l just can't stop laughing

nhuong nguyen : i tryed it! XD

Trice Thomas : omg I died almost died laughing

Vertox Gaming : Ass starts at 0:5 Thank me later (:

Austin Vids : That guy was my friend give him some credit 😝