Why Wonder Woman Was Denied An Oscar (ft. WorkingUsername)

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sparkie1j : Also comparing wonder woman to logan is fucking priceless. Logan was a spectacular film that was very well executed but wonderwoman was just ok.

eatshitdie1 : Wonder Woman was "denied" an Oscar because it was shit. I could go on about the 2000 era special effects, Gal Gadot's bad acting and constant runway model posing, the villains being mustache-twirling cartoon characters as well as being portrayed like Nazis (even though it was WWI) but I keep hearing "social commentary" in your video. I "Wonder" what I'll rant about... I don't know what social commentary there is other than "because feminism" and the main character embodies all that is wrong with that ideology. She goes charging into a war with no idea why it's being fought, no context at all to determine who is in the right and who is in the wrong. I suppose it helps to falsely portray the enemy as Nazis, since anyone who opposes the identity politics of intersectional feminism is branded as such. Diana knows NOTHING about the modern world and charges on rambling about gods and Aries while she slaughters hundreds of soldiers who were all probably drafted young men. Then, she is proven right about everything in the end, while letting the FEMALE villain go free even though she was arguably the more dangerous of the two human villains, and she never shows any remorse for all the young men she wantonly murdered. They couldn't even throw that last bit in to show that war is horrible and it's usually innocent young people fighting old people's battles. She learns nothing throughout the whole movie, never makes a mistake, and when the logical moral climax comes around, it gets immediately tossed out the window for a shitty cgi fight that does nothing but validate her irrational and reckless behavior the whole movie. With that stupid ending, she has ZERO character arc. She is exactly the same person she was at the beginning. Oh, but she learned that "love is the answer" or some stupid fairy tale shit like that. This movies "social commentary" is about as deep as a puddle in a baby's diaper. This movie did prove one thing: when you give people jobs not because they're good at what they do, but because of what they have between their legs or the color of their skin, you get a really shitty product.

AveragePixel : I mean yeah, i'm disappointed with a lot of choices at the Oscars this year. But god damn am i glad that Wonder Woman didn't receive a single nomination, i couldn't think of a more undeserving film for an academy award..... y'know, except for like Boss Baby...... My point still stands

sparkie1j : Huh i just assume it didnt get nominated because its just a moderately above average film and not spectacular

Jacob Hill : If the Boss Baby doesn't win an Oscar it's a clear sign of The Academy's Blatant Ageism. We need more Infant Representation in Cinema. #OscarsSoOld

WorkingUsername : I just want to say it was an absolute pleasure to be a part of this. Thank you so much! BOSS BABY FTW!!

Sable : I was of liking Dunkirk :(

AlexTheBat 901 : The real reason it didn't get an Oscar nomination, is that some people in Hollywood didn't like the film as much as these people saying the film industry is sexist, some people have different tastes and opinions, and it just so happens that not enough Hollywood higher ups liked the film enough for it to get a nomination at an award show that most people will forget about in 2-3 years.

Erudito otidurE : The Oscars should be canceled; how can anyone pretend such a show deserves to exist after it snubbed the crowning cinematic achievement of 2017, director Tomas Alfredson's masterpiece, "The Snowman"? Truly, this shall go down in history as the greatest mistake in the history of the Oscars.

Diego Calderon : I was disappointed that neither Star Wars The Force Awakens or The Last Jedi were nominated to Best Costume on the 2015 and the 2017 Oscars...

Dee Tee : Also maybe because Logan might be a much better, bolder and engaging movie than Wonder Woman which is standard super hero fare. There's also the fact that the Academy Awards also is heavily biased toward dramas and other "emotional" experience and other snub thing typical of old new wave movies. Peoples do rightfully joke that if you want a best actor nomination or award you need a movie where you cry, drool and scream.

Snag Prophet : Wonder Woman was good in that they made a movie with a woman that didn't suck. But it's script and plot was very standard. The bar had been set so low with the previous DC films that all it had to be was average.

Justin : Boss Baby was nominated for an Academy Award. Human kind was a mistake

Fritters : TRO, did you know that my grades have improved ever since I started watching your videos? Lol jk but theyre still dope hahaha

Retro Big Mac : Wonder Woman is a good movie. No more. No less

PauLtus B : Well, I just thought Wonder Woman was a horrendously dull film that killed all its thematic interest right after it was introduced.

Matthew Talbot-Paine : I don't really give the oscars any merit. They didn't give Leo an oscar and he was pretty good in almost everything he's been in. Then they gave him one for the revenant? I thought that film sucked so clearly the oscars have different criteria for a good film than I do.

c. jack : Workingusername is a fantastic editor

Jake Ram : if wonder woman should have been nominated then the dark knight should have won best picture

Seacliff : I thought Wonder Woman was a good movie, but a great one? It had a couple neat ideas. Otherwise, its plot was pretty formulaic and it seems it stood out because it was a women-lead movie with a theme of prejudice. Problem is, that theme became less and less relevant to the plot as the picture went on, and I struggle to call it one of the main themes. Unlike Hidden Figures which I thought was a pretty good movie using the subject matter to tie it's characters, setting, and parts of plot progression together. Basically, I'm calling out Wonder Women only representing a theme, but barely going as deep as it could with them. Specifically, the themes that could have made the movie feel like a risk, rather than as formulaically safe the final product feels. I don't think a movie should be nominated just because it had a checklist of themes when it should be more than the sum of its parts.

Glady : Award ceremonies are always kind of bullshit and really always have been - remember suicide squad got an academy award? They best hardly ever gets picked because it's more about who knows you and politics it seems. Youtubers have really filled this gap in suggesting and explaining why movies are so good. It's to the point that if I hear Hollywood like a film I automatically think I'm going to hate it (happened with lala land but I actually quite like that one after being prodded into watching it). Also if it's getting dangerous I guess I'll do my bit to help make the world a little safer.

Katie Date : Overall for DC movie adaptations, Wonder Woman is a better film in comparison to the other films they have released. The problem is that some of the creators that make the DC film don't completely understand what the appeal is of each superhero as they might only read a small handful of popular chapters/arcs which is why some of the movies end up being mediocre at best. It is also due to being overshadowed by Marvel's movie adaptations because the crew working on those movies puts more effort in researching the source material and create it in a way that anyone can enjoy watching it. I know it might be a bit unfortunate for some individuals as it might not be 100% accurate. However, if you want best movie adaptations and general support for that industry you will have to take some risks. It's gradually becoming a similar system for Japan's anime & manga industry as well as it is starting to become more open to mainstream audiences. I won't reject the idea that Wonder Woman is a good female role model as she's been viewed as that figure for decades. Although, shouldn't be seen as the only trait from the general public. It's like saying Superman is nothing but this strong muscle man that flies and loves Lois Lane. There is more to it than just a few very basic characteristics. Having a social category for movies might be a good idea at first, but it might just end up being filled up with whatever trendy activities concept and overshadow other movies with a better message for the audience. It will just end up behaving like the other categories. Overall, even if, hypothetically wonder woman won an award would not automatically make me feel any more or less empowered as a female. I'm kind of getting tired of this mainstream idea of "every woman is being oppressed or not recognised enough" unless you're talking about developing countries. No doubt, there has been a historical period where women were oppressed in the past one way or another, but that doesn't occur that often today in developed areas. Usually, it's isolated situations from an unresolved conflict and nothing to do with the whole population being whatever negative label ending with "-ist " For goodness sake, just look at the flame war about some of the 2018 Grammy winners. A small minority of people are fuming all because Ed Sheeran's song "shape of you" won over Kesha's "Praying". I don't think some individuals understand that if someone loses, doesn't mean it's the worst song in the world or no one cares. We had a lot of songs released last year that were slow and melancholic. Maybe that's why Ed Sheeran won because it at least was a bit more upbeat, who knows.

GeckoGC : Why didn't boss baby get an oscar?

Maid of Heart : in all seriousness it annoys me that the Boss Baby was nominated when there were plenty of better movies that came out, let alone a LOT of AMAZING anime films that just got snubbed by Alec Baldwin's voice on a CGI character in a diaper

GeckoGC : I don't wonder woman was amazing I thought it was amazoning.

Dorian Wilde : It was garbage. That is why. Lmao. DC hasnt put something good out since the Nolan trilogy. I wish this movie was good. But it wasn't. Wonder Woman is immortal so there is no real tension. At points it feels like there was one genius writer and then one idiot writer. One scene that got me was the immortal walking through mustard gas and watching people at the peak of their suffering. Other than that this movie was essentially about a woman-child descovering that the world sucks sometimes. Wonder Woman was not that good of a film.

Papa Chomsky : Wonder Woman was so bad

Lanker4 : Boss Baby is the greatest movie of all time, it transcends the Oscars in a way you simpletons couldn´t understand

outlier 07 : Might just be me but I think Dunkirk was shit. Confusing, and they didn't develop characters enough, which is fine, but the scene in the boat didn't really work without it

Meleter Gaming : Never cared about the oscars. Still interesting video. Also, who hyped for that new pacific rim movie which will be released 5 years after its predecessor?

The Germanic Language Branch : Forget animated feature, Anomalisa deserved the Best Picture nod (as well as screenplay, director)

Raphael Marquez : The Oscars has a terrible track record of determining which film will leave an impact to pop culture by nominating films that would be forgotten in the next couple of years.

Leon St. : I disliked wonder woman but well this can be traced back to me being a history buff and to the end fight.

donald deluxe : art is subjective. *drops mic* also don't forget about suicide aquad! that movie actually won best make-up category even though it was a garbage film!!!

FarelForever : Pardon me? You dare to judge steamed hams? I beg your pardon?!!?!?

Lambert Lim : Just look at all 5 nominations for Costume Design and tell me if you've seen any of them or even heard of any of them.

A Normal Stop Sign : I loved Logan Lucky, some great performances and just a solid movie overall. Too anti-Hollywood to make it in though so I'm not surprised

LegendaryAlex : DC sucks! MARVEL IS WHERE IT'S AT! I had to😢

Agent K : People need to chill sometimes.

Levi Van Dyne : I will never ignore memes

Star Miraculous : Another great video! also, what's the name of your ending song? it's so good!

Ned is Fat : Wonder Woman didn’t get nominated because it’s a bad movie.

Professor Voxi : Because it was just fine.

kylegonewild : Early squad boys.

absolute bs : Other than the tech categories snubbing of the sci fi/super hero genres for prestige categories is legendary.

Khloe H : I loved Wonder Woman but it was kind of a mess

Avangale A. : I like that your videos are short. Makes it easier for those who do not have as much free time as you!

Da Bossman : it was a decent movie.Not Oscar worthy

Doco : Good stuff as always man.