Hurricane Florence - Latest Satellite Imagery is Amazing and Terrifying

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KAL EL : Ike, Harvey, I've been through it all down here in Texas. Good luck, y'all.

Raymond Stemmer : The flat earthers say there's no such thing as satellites !!! So what the hell is this ? Nothing moves on the flat earth so why is this thing moving ? It's a lie ! It's not happening !! I think all The flat earthers should show up on the beach !!!!! Show the world who you are !! Show the world your beliefs are real !!!!!!

Warrior Cat Lover 17 VA : Good luck to everyone being affected from California! I really hope everyone is okay <3

Hans De Kryger : I know hurricanes affect people's life tremendously, especially Florence with what's forecasted to be an enormous downpouring of rain. But, wow what an absolutely amazing/beautiful look at the power of hurricanes captured from NOAA satellites.

Sharky’s YouTube channel : Woah I feel bad for you people, praying for you from Mexico, rezando por ustedes

Tara Gutierrez : Idiots still deny climate change.

Scott Leisman : i was under hurricane charley in 2004 and it will put the fear of god in you and charley didnt have all that rain to flood everything but it blew the shingles off so everything got wet anyways since it was rainy season every day.

Claire Austin : 1st comment 😂😂😂

Sharky’s YouTube channel : 2nd

oh yeah yeah : First

preferredduck1 : Anyone else notice the cloud seeding along the coast??

VA-VA-VOOM HONEST : this is clearly a computer generated image. Show us a real footage of what it actually looks like looking at the storm from that height. If you can't tell real from fake.. Pay close attention to these images, it doesn't look anything real. It looks like it was made on photoshop. Like just look at this shoiyt.

ahmed gharib : Is this new and where is he going

Nightwolf84 : Thats cool

Martin Kaplan : Since we've seen these things many times over before, this does nothing to prove climate change exists, or ever did!

Sharky’s YouTube channel : Are u ok guys?

Kid Mobile Legends : Amazing

Kid Mobile Legends : Early😱💖

Sherice Conley : Is this supppsed to be a digital recreation or actual satellite footage? Because I don't think state lines are ACTUALLY real lines that you can see like on a map

Reilly Clark : cool

MrAbelone : CGI at its best. I didn’t get know the US had white lines drawn across the land to show states shapes.

Kai #One : Wow

Mr. Ed 209 : Cartoon image

Roger Ong : Can a missile be sent to detonate in the eye of the Hurricane to disperse the forces ?

1103 Musik Berlin : very cool video