Meet the Man Who Built His Own Power Plant

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Investing Hustler : We need more men like this . Amazing job 👌🙏

MechaniFUN DIY : Real super hero for your community, 🙇🙌🙏👌👍

Hoang Vu Luu : This guy... this guy is AWESOME

Give it A Minute : One man made this kind of difference by using the money he got from selling 300 rabbits. Makes you wonder where the millions donated to charities all goes and what the local governments do with tax money etc. What an incredible man

Chaitanya Rao : Facing the adversity and delivering power to the people without complex or advanced technology and generating clean energy to 250 households. Somebody give this guy his frigging medal because he more than deserves it.

Ibrahim Nawfal : I Appreciate what he said “ you don’t need 10 degrees to innovate”

Suman ravi john : Such people should set an example through out the globe and should be supported and rewarded..

_Paws_ : This how engineers and inventors in the past did everything - this is really awesome.

Android Leeno : you do not need the most advanced technology or 10 degrees in order to start an innovation HITS me HARD. : Great example for how *passion and dedication* creates personal wonders.

CeGe : Great Big Story should start their own website where the viewers can go check out and donate, we need more of this man in our world.

Magnus Bekkengen : Just think about what proper education can do, as told in this video he was inspired by the dynamo on a bike and made a water turbine, a water turbine is a known given in just about any education, it starts with wind turbines and goes on to water driven water hammers then on to steam and so on. how many more villages near a stream could use that to power this group of people had an inventor among them.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) : He later went on to find wakanda

Ben_son : Am Proud of from tanzania Kenya people are so clever people there work so hard, they are so inovative and cool love you ma brothers

LagiNaLangAko23 : Surprised they haven't gone after him yet for "tampering" with the river.

melanie irene de ocampo : he does not even have access to quality education yet he was able to build all of this? on his own? WHAT AN AMAZING MIND :D

J V : Many people this guys age can’t change a tire and are spending years updating their Facebook and Twitter instead of learning.

Deepak : Love from India! U r proud man !

David Cameo : The word of the day is "Passion" love this

victor vicy : he is switching between languages so seamless-ly.....

Wheely : Wakanda should reward him with some vibranium.

Boron De'Lanchiere : This man is very clever

0 0 : Europeans pay billions of dollars of charity money to Africa.. What happened? Alrighty then.

Ian Must : He knows de way.

Mr. Death : "Necessity is the mother of invention"

Mirage Rousseau : Wow that's amazinggggg

I hate words : Make him president

peter8488 : I am from America, educated in the west, have access to more, yet, have never did anything on a level like him, just imagine how many untapped minds are wasted and only fruit in adversity, a man once said that people need a level of adversity to push themselves further than they would have, this is a great example, I only wish it was easier to contact a man like this.

A Bathing Kanacke : Niggula Tesla

wickandde : Seriously it's people like this that deserve a Nobel Peace prize

Nadya Rizky : This guy makes me think what the hell am i doing

Hari Premadasa : WAKANDA FOREVER

FalconGamer58 : Wonderful gentleman.

Prashant Ramnatsing : Africa has a lot of potential. People like this, who could make big changes to Africa and the world, are marginalised by greed and corruption at the top in their own countries. If he can achieve this with the little he had to begin, think of what he could achieve if given the right infrastructure and education. :/ Awesome man anyway - great show of innovation, hard work, and passion! Awesome video Big Story.

itsJozh : if this was a "normal" person he would be selling that power instead of giving it free to the ones who need it

edmond.mp3 : Imagine if every man on the planet had such a big heart as this guy.

Ambience : They should’ve start fund me I would’ve donate some moneys man

SkeleMann : This man has a heart of gold, truly amazing.

Righteous! : From one EE to another, kudos my brother.

Conspiracy Gamer : This man is a LEGEND!!!

OMMBoy : I’m glad he knos de whey. He deserves a kween

Alan Gomez : Where to donate for this movement?

Tony Skywalker : So what governments with lot of money failed to do done by this guy from 300 rabbits? Imagine every person started thinking and working like him, we might conquered the univers by now.

GamingSteinPC : This brilliant guy will most likely be murdered. God please bless and guide this wonderful soul.

Pawlo : ...and hes not doing it for profit, what a great man! Watch the government of Kenya or the US "buy" his power plant and make the villagers pay for the electricity

Hell Blazer : He definitely knows da wae!

mohamed shifan : How many people in the world can proudly say this is my power plant that provides electricity to my people. Very inspiring👏👏👏

Perfect Poison : 1:10 " ... i had an interest in electricity". this Rocks meanwhile in countries that had it all drugs, alcohol, more drugs. necessity makes the man

GrizzlyClaws : Amazing guy, not only did he have a great idea he also did it.

Work Hardened : How can I send this man some tools?