My car being stolen

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HNK2015 : Says “Why me” as he is stealing someone else’s car

Wholesome Lad : Sounds like he has anger issues

Madison Ashleigh : first day of my senior year in high school, was in cheer practice when a fire alarm went off and as protocol, we all went outside. came back in and finished practice as usual. went to find my car keys and they went missing from the locker room along with my bffs phone. ran outside to find my car stolen. luckily i have the t-mobile car tracker and they found the 4 sophomore girls who stole it. nothing happened to them, they didn’t even show up to court and my bffs phone was never returned nor paid for. i felt violated. they were found sitting in the car in a random neighborhood about 30 minutes later

Chakra Gypsy : This is like one of those nightmares you get where you are trying to escape but nothing is working not even your legs. Lol

El Licenciado : What camera do you have that the thief didn't noticed?

CrystalFox13 : **Mission Impossible: Escaping the Parking Lot**

danz beard : He's special. Hahahhaha

Bryce Eisner : Damn that’s one good e brake

Eva Bourke : legend has it he’s still stealing that car

Jake Waller : What a ‘creep’

Ian Blanchet : Not only does this dumbass manage to break an emergency brake, but he can't even realise that there is no rain and that he should turn those damn wipers off

miguel : _please_ he said _why me_ he said

Megan Downs : damn it’s like your car knew it wasn’t you

Bobo : The comments on this video are pure gold

Im Cewl : Lmao the title is so chill like this is a normal thing to post on YouTube

keiharris332 : Listen to that heavy breathing. Heart must be racing a mile a minute

BoiNamed Chris : LMAO Imagine just getting out the gym and seeing your car dragging across the parking lot with the windshields on in a sunny day, ima go walking over like “hey what’s going on?”

69 Subscribers Without Any Videos? : This guy probably should’ve stolen a few IQ points from someone before stealing a damn car.

Venus Moth : "Please don't do this to me man" someone's car...? You really think you are in the position to say something like that. Jesus Christ

Ella Ighodaro : Thief: *cries and prays so he can steal* God: who tf this guy think he is LOL

COGINC : It’s so satisfying to see his struggle. This man can’t even get out of a parking lot 🤣🤣🤣

malorie nicole : when i first learned how to drive, i went to an empty parking lot.... not a busy one

Tojnam Complex : Thought this was a regular trendy video on YouTube until I realized I live 5 min away from that parking lot.

Monsterfrog : After watching this I had to go and drive my 5 speed manual just for the satisfaction of knowing that I can.

Wholesome Lad : Woah woah woah So not only did he get away but he stole other cars in the future?

Freddy Fazbear : Your car fought back lol

Amelia : Have you tried to reverse🤔 I don’t know how😭 😂😂😂

Daniel Warren : Hes actually a really nice guy once you get to know him

Tessa Baird : Lmao if only it wasn’t raining. Only reason the car was even moving was because the parking lot is nice and slick 😂 would have been even funnier if he was just sitting there on dry asphalt revving up the engine

David Nowak : I’m just wondering why the hell he stole all of this. You can tell he’s scared shitless.

Fressh : On one end of the scale you have brilliant criminal masterminds, and on the other end you have this guy..

22 22 : Yeah lets steal a car we dont even know how to drive. Genius.

thicc goody : this is why you don't drop out of high school.

QTEEP : Well I think we all know why he's a criminal and not a lawyer or a doctor.

itsnotthesamething : Ironic that the song, "Creep" is playing on the stereo, as this is transpiring.

Cars Simplified : Car people are always saying "get a manual transmission, it's a millenial anti-theft device" but clearly all you need is a slightly engaged parking brake, and it doesn't discriminate with generations.

Devastatin Flood : This guy sounds like a methhead from the second he gets in the car

fightnight14 : Why do you have a curved windshield wiper? 😂

ButEverythingChangedWhenThe FireNationAttacked : I can’t even drive yet and I bet I could steal a car better than him lol

skylinegtr32 : The guy that helps him towards the end definitely sounds Canadian...

dainumo : Guy can’t catch a brake.

Madison Strahan : Idk if this is a dumbass question but, do e-brakes work differently in some cars? Like I know there is the standard pull one and one that goes by the foot area. Both r pretty similar with how they release so..... Did this guy just not realize there was button to push so that it released? Like omg how dumb! I just can't wrap my head around that! 😂

Swugward : Lmfao I love how Creep is playing and it's just perfectly fitting the scene.

FKFlamma : *Heavy Breathing*

Aden Buford : Radiohead's "Creep" playing in the background while car is being stolen. How fitting.

Sharlele Tea Room : All that heavy breathing and yelling is messing with my anxiety

JuanMii24 : You should put a camera pointing to the driver. I do have a blackvue on both of my vehicles the main one face outside and the secondary facing the interior. Nice and clean setup. With blackvue magic power and a t mobile hotspot hidden in the dash. I can track my car and take videos and pictures at any time. And live stream as well with 2 way communication

KUMPA : Wait is that clear view recreational centre???

Anthony Rrr : Who doesn’t know to take the e brake off 😑

Danus : You're a furry, you deserved to have your car stolen.