Bad Wolves - Zombie (Official Video)

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Eleven Seven Music : Check out the new single by Bad Wolves - 'Hear Me Now' feat. Diamante -

Bad Wolves : Thanks for the support. You guys are amazing!

I'm Sarcastic : Anyone else get chills when "Dolores" stands up at 1:15? Like she's arisen into eternity kind of thing. This whole music video is a stunning vigil to her memory. Great job Bad Wolves, you freaking NAILED it.

Jake Billy : This song makes me fill Alive

Triglav : They seriously did that song justice.Seriously,brilliant work,a real tribute to her,and her best song.

BlackhawkApparel : Zombie Donut t-shirt

Chris Zoupa : This is the definition of doing a cover and doing a song justice... Absolutely floored. :'(

suckmyvenom : We became so political that we forgot to be human...

michael dear : Why dislike this. It's a tribute to an amazing woman who pasted away. Some people are just disrespectful it's a shame

Ashley Harris : One month ago today my 4.5 month old died in his sleep. He loved this song. We used to listen to it all the time and it’s the only song that would help him stop crying. I would play this video and sing to him. He would give me this beautiful smile as I held him and danced around. Thank you for remaking this song. RIP Jayden Nicholas 3/28/18-8/12/18

Aj Lyness : This song deserves all the views and likes it got. RIP Dolores 1-15-18

Health & Peace Alchemy : I love the original, but this is absolutely amazing! 🤘🏽

•Lost Souls• Ermac : Just as good as the original. Damn probably the most badass rock song. Gives me chills throughout the whole song.

Frederick Odutola : It's a shame that we compare by nature as humans. They have done an awesome cover to honour Cranberries and all I can read here is which version is better. They're both awesome in their respective rights.

Dank Memes with some Pepper : This is absolutely ridiculous, how people disliked this song. This is a tribute to a dead LEGEND

Cameron Colburn : I lost my best friend one year ago on 10/12/17. He loved the original so the remake hit me hard, thank you guys for putting a more sentimental approach to this song. Love you Dayton Harrison. I miss you so much

Leo Daniels : That's awesome that Bad Wolves are donating to her children. RIP Delores.

Morgan Blackwell : this song is badass good job bad wolves

The Phantoms Guest Guitar Channel : Dolores is, Rocking In Peace!

wvuhoss15 : One of the best covers ever done. Unreal

Andrew Maas : I get goosebumps every time I listen to this song 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻


treetarded22 : "Everyone in the civilized world has roughly agreed, including the majority of Arabs and Jews and the international community, that there should be enough room for two states for two peoples in the same land, I think we have a rough agreement on that. Why can't we get it? The UN can't get it, the US can't get it, the Quartet can't get it, the PLO can't get it, the Israeli parliament can't get it, why can't they get it? Because the parties of God have a veto on it, and everybody knows that this is true. Because of the divine promises made about this territory, there will never be peace, there will never be compromise. There will instead be misery, shame and tyranny and people will kill each others' children for ancient books and caves and relics" -Christopher Hitchens

Over Torque : Holy God, it's even more emotional if you watch the original 1994 video and connect Dolores O'Riordan being dressed in gold and her "spirit" in this video being gold as well. RIP Dolores 1-15-18

Kevin Kern : My 2 year old daughter tries so hard to sing this song every time I play it, and that's a lot. Awesome job guys, trully an amazing tribute to an amazing artist.

Holgem : Кто нибудь заметил что у них Летов на гитаре играет?

James 1500 : She'd be proud.

Derpasaurus Rex : 56k people have no taste in music at all. EDIT: 1:16 You guys are awesome. Singing 11/10, Beautiful Instruments 149/10 absolutely astonishing Quality *INFINITE*/10 Just...just made me cry a little.

Dora Malliari : Best cover I' ve ever heard !!!!

M0R3 H174 : Best Song 🤘❤

Shelley Schoenfeld : 9-8=1/1+14=15/2018 I remember hearing the news Dolores was no longer with us. I did not remember the date or know she was singing with, Bad Wolves, "Zombie"... until this morning, I see the date, on the video, as I listen to, Bad Wolves - Zombie. - Shelley

Th3 Zm0nst3r : best cover in a while. needs to be more popular. i don't care how heavy it is. its way better than the pop songs

Charles S : Great song, too bad their first hit is a cover song

Chris - Trail name: Thumper : What an awesome tribute! Edit: WOW! watching the original vid, then this one.... great job! Can't even begin to describe the awesome feeling.

James Evans : This is second band did the song right

Igor Galitskiy : wow..RIP.. Bad Wolves thanks, you are amazing

Celox Letum : Another one of those moments where a cover makes you stop whatever you're doing and just listen. Just like Disturbeds cover of the Sound of Silence. Great job guys.

emilie .p : I love this song 👍

Minty Fresh : Its hard to sing it when im to busy crying 😯 bless her children.

Paradox Silent : I listen to primarily rap, for a majority of it goes into depth of a lot of problems in life, but this just makes me weak, its strength is something I've never felt before, amazing!

Alimemonkey 2 : There is no reason to dislike a one in a million song this song makes me believe anything is possible no matter what you have to face you keep going this is one of the best songs ever

spiffcats : The only people that did this song as much justice as the cranberries.

Slashy Wolf : If you watch this in 2100 i am dead.

ITzBCG Vlog : This song has so much meaning to me beacuse my best friend is doing his first tour for the marine's and this is his favorite song , he gets so hyped everytime he played it ... i miss him so much i play this everynight ,see u in 4 years brother 🖤

Christianne Stokes : love it, what a wonderful tribute,  she may not have made it to record her vocals but you did her justice. ignore the haters people will express their unwanted opinion, mouth-breathing nit-pickers     love it thank you xx

Noisette Cheval : Cranberries 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

Little Mixer : Heard this on the radio, once, twice, thrice, couldn't take it no more so i came here and started searching and searching and dug up the whole internet upside down to finally find this. I am speechless. Can't say anything. Covers usually are not better or as good as the original one but this.. *this!*

Rachel Tonello : saw them live labor day with 5fdp and breaking benjamin, they did a phenomenal job covering this song! the video is heartbreakingly beautiful

boxinbarb : Best song

Gabriel Nunes : adoreiiii de mais.