Bad Wolves - Zombie (Official Video)

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Jeronimo Lopez Reina : RIP Dolores.

Chaoswarrior89 : Over 36k Dislikes! I think most of them disliked it, because its a cover and didnt know the Story about either they read the text, they just disliked it.

Dracowar : Best version so far... ♥

Tina Mccord : I play guitar and sing this and I used to sing it to my grandpa. About 8 months ago he went into the hospital and I had never seen him since. Well when I used to play to him he never looked amused but on May 28th he passed away. And I never got to say goodbye. I miss him so much and this song always makes me cry because it reminds me of him. After he passed I found out he loved my singing and everything. He would brag to the nurses (please no hate I’m not saying this for attention)

Nikki Mingo : *What. The. Fuck..... I had chills the whole time. Plus tears AMAZING!*

2013Electronics&Computers : There's one more angel in Heaven

Sofia Xx : *When the violence causes silence* *We must be mistaken...*

Not Just Dinosaurs, but MORE!!!! : Lyrics edited to match this one. Another head hangs lowly Child is slowly taken And the violence caused such silence Who are we mistaking? But, you see it's not me It's not my family In your head, in your head They are fighting With their tanks and their bombs And their bombs and their drones In your head in your head they are crying What's In your head In your head Zombie, zombie, zombie, ei, ei What's in your head? In your head Zombie, zombie, zombie ei, ei, ei, Another mother's breaking Heart is taking over When the violence causes silence We must be mistaken It's the same old thing in 2018 In your head, in your head They're still fighting With their tanks and their bombs And their guns and their drones In your head, in your head they are dying What's in your head In your head Zombie, zombie, zombie, ei, ei What's in your head? In your head Zombie, zombie, zombie ei, ei, ei, It's the same old thing in 2018 In your head, in your head They are dying What's in your head? In your head Zombie, zombie, zombie ei, ei, ei, What's in your head? In your head Zombie, zombie, zombie ei, ei, ei,

galaxy time : Rest in peace Dolores your in a good place now👏

Gerard Bendotti : chills.

Shannon Professional Aesthetician : Next to Sound of Silence being redone this is top notch!!

eric X ruthless : Real men, stand up. I find it odd that they will not release her toxicology report.. cuz she ODed on pills, in my opinion. They won't let her be shamed. What a legend. Regardless. A true queen and she deserves every bit of reverence. REST IN PEACE DELORES

M L : Like this version better then the original.

junk toyota : Way better than the original. Same thing with sound with sound of silence, and house of a rising sun

Athena Nicole : Sorry but I like this One way better than the original one...

MeshKat / Déjà Entendu ? : I love what they did with this music video, a very respectful allusion towards the original !

apollstar1 : Holy fuck that was a great cover of an amazing song.

Jasmine Newson : GREAT Deep song called zombie 1st time I'll never forget listening to it today 3:00p.m. exact time with my brother in his car I'm so happy I was laughing & I was singing with my big bro Joshwa Usually he says (Shut up)but we were singing together having fun it was the first time singing with my Big Brother JoshWa. I appreciate my Big Brother JoshWa & Big Brother John Jon

Esat Solmaz : I listened this song at a shopping mall and I searched for it like 3 years

Martha Cain : Bad Wlove what dey do!olve's Ma Peeps! I HEAR ME NOW!ZOMBIE,DUDE?

Urban Monkey : A beautiful cover of an iconic song. Good job guys ! This is awesome

khristien smith : love his voice

realweezl : I have been a huge fan of this version of this song since the first time I heard it. i like the original version, amazing vocals, very well put together, but I absolutely LOVE this version. today was the first time I took note of the preamble to the video, where you guys did this in her memory, donating the proceeds to her family is nothing short of awesome. your band gained a lot of respect in my book by doing this. Keep making amazing music. Keep being classy gentlemen!

Isabelle Rupert : bel hommage!!!! tout est respecté!!!!!!!!!!!!!! merci pour elle............

Jasmine Newson : I think the song is about people sinning we're like zombies eat humans zombies can't help it. humans can't help crave sin. because we can't control it. (What's in your Head Zombie) After all Jesus did for us we're still fighting but Jesus is still willing to give because Jesus is merciful even though we're still fighting we don't deserve him still answering some of our prayers. When asking for more stuff that don't need. (What's in your head Zombie?) Even though we sin God is still willing to give more LOVE Mercy and stuff we don't deserve some are not thankful. So What's in your Head... Zombie?

YourMusic.TV : WOW!! Really great cover!!

Erick CR7 : This song is so awesome!!!

Sparrow421 : I love that build up into the strong surge of sound going into the chorus, nicely done.

Jonathan Wiggins : Every time I hear this song I want to cry

Sebastien Tessier : Énorme la reprise. Une putain de voie WOUAAHHH . Quelle hommage pour DOLORES O'RIORDAN!!!!!!!!

Health & Peace Alchemy : I love the original, but this is absolutely amazing! 🤘🏽


Gamingab 4 : Vraiment j'ai rien a dire C'est un chef d'oeuvre

Daisy Harris : rip miss her soooooooo much love you hun even I'm 10 now loved you sinse I was young xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Robert Gentry : Tearing up brother over this

Veku Beats : R.I.P. From #WORLD

Pure Nightmare : This video... done so well, she’s there and she has left her mark but you can’t see her.. RIP my darling.. this song is ❤️❤️❤️

Renan Oliveira de Deus : This band Bad Wolves are bad in being bad ... They are good in their hearth such as is their sound

Khloe Saunders : I'm sorry this happend..... it's though I lost my grandpa I almost lost my father .... he worked at peerless I Fort Scott KS He got his foot stuck in the press aka the convaor belt... he just He just got his 9 th surgery it's a skin graph hopefully his last surgery.. I miss you daddy ....comment if you have questions I will awnser as soon as possible !

Mykzilla : Rip Dolores you were such a good singer

SonOfABudda 13 : This is so touching they did such a good job.

UQ 12 : Best version ever !

Meggan GRLH : best cover EVER

ZedGaming1234 : What an amazing tribute to Dolores! She would’ve loved this!

araga du desert : 😔😔 RIP…

A Berk : Eargasm.

dantes pangil : Awesome cover

Livno07 : RIP Dolores. But I love this Cover

45buff : Mind blown😍 So powerful. Can't stop listening