Bad Wolves - Zombie (Official Video)

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Rainer : Great cover ❤ RIP Dolores ❤

Th3 Zm0nst3r : best cover in a while. needs to be more popular. i don't care how heavy it is. its way better than the pop songs

Betty Kirby : The reference to the cranberries music video of Dolores covered in that golden sheen. You start to put the pieces together. As she stands behind the glass, on the other side. It is absolutely beautiful, and I love the respect they paid to the song, and how they donated everything they made to her kids. ❤

BMX CREW : goosbumps anyone or just me 😍

Siddi07 : Wow!! Dolores would respect this cover! RIP

Jaclyn Now : Holy F❤CK!! What an effin awesome version 👍I can't stop replaying it!! R.I.P ⚘

Brother Marcus : I'm telling you... The world is not ready for Tommy Vext. The major exposure is much deserved. Good luck Bad Wolves! P.S. If Bad Wolves gets uber successful, you still better do Time to Rise (WM). Love that damn song.

Jay Schroder : Awesome cover! Imagine how good if Dolores had made it to add her vocals!

BeaTzDruGz : Around 20 years later, we‘re still fightin Make love not war!

Hawkeye : You have done this song so much justice and your presentation is amazing. Crazy respect for your musical talent and your vision for this video. In awe.

lukaszkowy : Wow!

Reegan Novak : I'm only 12 and my dad showed me the original and said she passed away and then he showed me this one and I can't stop watching...Great cover! R.I.P.

Sharon Ballantyne : while this song is redone ok NOTHING will ever replace delores o riordens voice, truly unique and spine tingling

Huddled : Idk why but he reminds me of Bane from Batman

Vander Santiago : The best cover of this song!!!!

Jeronimo Lopez Reina : RIP Dolores.

MR UNBOX : If this song doesn't make you feel the meaning of life,nothing will.....

Vilas : Damn. I cry.....

Jordizer : How are 5k people going to dislike this song! it's a masterpiece

Chris Douglas : Beautiful. Love is the mesg. Please understand. EVERYONE. Please. Everyone of every race, creed religious belief. Please understand Love for human life is the simplest thing we can all understand.

DamnTakes : New favorite song.

Claudio Maggio : So powerfull so sad


Rey Sierra : Damn didn't know she was gone til this video. The song had meaning back in the 90's and still fits perfectly today. We haven't changed, still reckless killing and innocent lives get taken with these worthless wars. Great Video. R.I.P. Angel.

Sanath Vijairaghavan : This is really damn good.

광대의 봄날 : FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Albright : Nailed it...

Fernando Alcazar : Well done Bad Wolves! Well done....

JT : chilling!!!

Alexander Rennemeyer : already the best song this year for me

BianKa Gonzalez : R.I.P. Dolores (+) This cover is Awesome Congratulations Bad Wolves !!!


MR UNBOX : Delores actually looked like that in her VEVO video,😢😢golden 💯💯💯❤️❤️❤️❤️

Artemii Cardist : This is better than the original!Amazing👏😍

Marco Difruscio : Holy crap f*king awesome cover and tribute to Dolores

Max Georgiev - Session and Touring Guitarist : Powerful stuff here, great video \m/

alexis gonzalez : Who has play this video more than 10 times!? Love it!!

Brad Miller : Best cover since The Sound of Silence cover by disturbed

Wyatt Sexton : Sounds like Nickelback

lee bowles : This song is amazing, and I’m so glad bad wolves haven’t murdered it. Such an amazing cover, absolutely brilliant. She would be so proud.

Beats Network : Dope

L2reals Large mouth bass fishing and other fishing : Best song ever

Michael Christy : I heard this playing on my youtube red station and immediately stopped everything i was dojng just to listen to this. I replayed this multiple times and still cant get enough. Fantastic superb all out fabulous job to you guys!!

Anonymous : Anybody who wants like this video twice, please flip upside down your monitor and hit the like button. Thank me later.

Luke Kilroy : As an Irishman I grew up listening to this song, you did such a good job on this song it got me emotional, thank you RIP Dolores

noor hammad : A piece of art, dedicated to ears, that catches the heart and the soul🌟

Nikola Daczka : wow amazing cover👍👍👏👏.

Chiang Over : Amazing

Ssk S : I didn't know any history on this song & singer. So I googled it and I'm glad that their efforts truly help the world to remember about the sufferings all had once gone through.🙏Well done BAD WOLVES