Interview Gone Wrong Henry Rollins/Black Flag 1984
A young Henry Rollins 1984 gets hopping mad as young journalist bonks him over the head with questions

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Henry Rollins, front man from Black Flag rips into a kid during a 1984 backstage interview. Let's face it, the kid had it coming to him, approaching an 80's coked up Rollins with such a nervous demeanour. Nevertheless, Rollins speaks a lot of truth.


Jake : Poor little Fantano. He even wore his yellow flannel. I bet the stress of this interview is why all his hair fell out.

Im Yu : Kid stood there. Many wouldn't.

AGENTARMES : they should track down this kid and redo this one w henry today

David Miller : Wow.. That kid actually started to put Henry in his place at the end. Good for him

Timm Brussow : You know what, the kid is no interviewer but he was not at all intimidated by HR......I give him props for that, he stood right there and dealt with it.

Ben Dover : Wow Rollins must be really tough to stand up to 1 kid

00 00 : Rollins was a horrible bully here. A very young child, clearly very nervous was simply abused by an older, nastier Henry.

LIQUIDSNAKEz28 : I sense some serious homoerotic tension going on here

eternal/abyss/fall : Hahaha, That little kid actually cleverly owned Rollins in this interview.

Joseph Frenchrevo Juarez : Henry Rollins used to get so much shit. He'd be sleep deprived and starving while getting pissed on, assaulted, stabbed, mocked, insulted, and betrayed by his so called "fans". It's completely understandable why he acted so stand-offish in the early years

Mason Madison : kid made rollins look like an embarrassed bully. rollins tried to show his alpha male dominance by touching the kid. 1 win for the kid

Robert : This has probably been said somewhere before, but this was brought up in a podcast, possibly the joe Rogan podcast, and Henry has said he doesn’t recall this interview, but he doesn’t have any trouble believing he was an asshole at that age and said if he could go back and apologize to the kid he would. This is obvious paraphrasing, but I recommend listening to the podcast. It’s great.

TWSTF 8 : Wonder where that kid is nowadays

Cobra Kai-Zer Soze Soze : Rollins wasn't as cool as he thought he was. Even though he's a legend now. He really treated that twerpy kid like complete shit. A bit unnecessary.

Chousand : Doot doot dah loot loot ..............

Slippy Jones : This interviewer was a bad ass! He stood nose to nose with Rollins and he never stepped down. Dearborn based, Detroit attitude, this guy! He never really stepped down. This interviewer had balls of steel. Props to this dude!!!!

ogrish76 : 2:57, looks like that kid wanted to punch Henry, like he was really contemplating it there for a second lol, cant blame him, good thing for him he didn't lol.

Chopbreaka : Hopefully rollins looks back on this with regret . Little guy held his own against this bully

northpappyflappy : Rollins never did drugs. Coffee on the other hand he had some issues with that.

bubba luv : must've just started his roid cycle

mantra3000 : Damn Rollins just made the kid grow up a few years in a single interview.

Str33t Tr1pl3 : Jeez... Henry got so "wound up."

bjtucker5 : Man, Rollins looks like he's got 5 bodies in the basement... and about to add one more.

Sam Cook : This video makes me so uncomfortable

noiserocker : "So what do you do with the different people?" Henry's Hitler detector went off!!!

Vincent DelaVega : Attempted bullying mutated into a very awkward interview right before our eyes 👀!

187macabee : Oh look another over rated band with Pretentious members

Joeythebabykangaroo : "We don't play for you we play for us." That's great until your Winnebago runs out of gas and you can't pay for more.

Jay Valentine : Yeah the kid was un prepared and talking out of his ass. ,... but he was a kid for christ sakes at least he stood there and took your assholeness

MELON en SURPRISE : the young interviewer is cool & rollins fckn jerk and very frustratrated

JasonPratt90210 : I think this kid is kind of badass he is like 14 and holding his ground to a grown ass man who is like a foot taller than him. The kid didn’t even stutter. He didn’t know what to say all the time but he didn’t back down. He proved he was a man in the face of a bully. I love Henry Rollins but yeah this kid is pretty badass too. Now if Henery Rollins did this to someone that he knew would fuck him up instead of of someone he knows with out a doubt he could fuck up up it would be different. In this he is an asshole

SmallvillenerdTwo : By the end of it the kid actually gets a successful interview out of it cause Rollins is talking more than the kid is

license2breal : Rule #1 of being a interviewer...NEVER GIVE UP THE MIC!!!

Buster Cherry : Kid probably went home, shaved his head and shot himself.

Mark Pool : Henry looks like Edward Furlong meets Edward Scissorhands.

Dave Aid : Rollins was real intimidating towards this kid. Don’t complain about doing interviews when you set out to be famous 🤷🏻‍♂️

THE CLARENCES : A-ma-zing! xoxo The Clarences

SIKNIK VETTER : Truth be told "Drowning Pool"got their band name from this interview LMAO

Sniffmatip : Rollins at his best😂🤣🤣😂

The Joose : “So Henry, did you get all your depth and perspective from slinging cones at Haagen-dazs for years?”

ChrisM1234 : 1:12 How many questions in a row from Garfield??

French Filmm The Band : And in the end Henry did sell out and did take it in the ass.

teufeldritch : Kira's got the 10 and a half!

Paul Cusentino : Henry Rollins is fantastic here. Best interviewer ever.

Ruby Tuesday : That's one brave kid! Henry, that was a bit mean.

C- G : Good ole passive-aggressive, awkward as hell Henry.

Doug Fisher : Love his last quote about drowning pools. Exactly what trendy ppl are.

Ben R : First rule of TV journalism never give up the mic

Evan Abbott : “Coked up Henry Rollins?” Hahahahaha