Interview Gone Wrong Henry Rollins/Black Flag 1984

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Razolo : Poor little Fantano. He even wore his yellow flannel. I bet the stress of this interview is why all his hair fell out.

AGENTARMES : they should track down this kid and redo this one w henry today

Im Yu : Kid stood there. Many wouldn't.

billchill : weirdest nardwuar interview ever

eternal/abyss/fall : Hahaha, That little kid actually cleverly owned Rollins in this interview.

Timm Brussow : You know what, the kid is no interviewer but he was not at all intimidated by HR......I give him props for that, he stood right there and dealt with it.

Ben Dover : Wow Rollins must be really tough to stand up to 1 kid

Robert : This has probably been said somewhere before, but this was brought up in a podcast, possibly the joe Rogan podcast, and Henry has said he doesn’t recall this interview, but he doesn’t have any trouble believing he was an asshole at that age and said if he could go back and apologize to the kid he would. This is obvious paraphrasing, but I recommend listening to the podcast. It’s great.

idkdrew : I think the dude was actually trying to help the kid and was just teaching him a lesson to be himself

Mason Madison : kid made rollins look like an embarrassed bully. rollins tried to show his alpha male dominance by touching the kid. 1 win for the kid

BLAST TV Channel : Henry Rollins ruined black flag, he’s a joke and a bully to this young kid

David Miller : Wow.. That kid actually started to put Henry in his place at the end. Good for him

LIQUIDSNAKEz28 : I sense some serious homoerotic tension going on here

Wandering Squire : Passive aggressive homo Henry Rollins getting himself all hard

It's in the book : Henry was a guy who turned 50 on his 19th's uncomfortable watching him being so threatened and intimidated by youth while responding so enviously and resentful of it....what a loser!

Open your mind Productions : And in the end Henry did sell out and did take it in the ass.

Cobra Kai-Zer Soze Soze : Rollins wasn't as cool as he thought he was. Even though he's a legend now. He really treated that twerpy kid like complete shit. A bit unnecessary.

Slippy Jones : This interviewer was a bad ass! He stood nose to nose with Rollins and he never stepped down. Dearborn based, Detroit attitude, this guy! He never really stepped down. This interviewer had balls of steel. Props to this dude!!!!

mantra3000 : Damn Rollins just made the kid grow up a few years in a single interview.

Chopbreaka : Hopefully rollins looks back on this with regret . Little guy held his own against this bully

00 00 : Rollins was a horrible bully here. A very young child, clearly very nervous was simply abused by an older, nastier Henry.

northpappyflappy : Rollins never did drugs. Coffee on the other hand he had some issues with that.

California Creamin' : You can tell who are the grown ups in these comments. Kids say Henry won, adults say the kid won. This is some of the most embarrassing douchery I've ever seen from Henry.

OrsinoNation : At first I thought Henry was being too hard on the kid, but as the interview goes along it becomes blindingly obvious that he's just some little scene trendite liking something edgy to be cool, and Rollins saw through it straight away. Probably a bit harsh, but if you're going to interview punk rock bands, it's probably not a bad idea to actually have the first fucking clue about punk rock.

187macabee : Oh look another over rated band with Pretentious members

MELON en SURPRISE : the young interviewer is cool & rollins fckn jerk and very frustratrated

Joe Young : Rollins sucks anyways. Kid should've got his buddies and broke Henry's arms or something.

TWSTF 8 : Wonder where that kid is nowadays

Steve Kulacz : Good for that kid he stood his ground

Dave Mattia : Rollins just talks and talks -- says nothing -- thinks he's profound but just comes off as a mental case. Has no real talent so he invents himself as a talent. It's like what Phil Spector said about Sigmund Freud and why he admired him. He said that Freud wasn't a good doctor. He couldn't diagnose or cure any diseases, so he invented a bunch of them." That's how I feel about Henry Rollins. I would put him somewhere on the spectrum --

Donovan Ping : Henry Rollins is a moron . I’ve never heard him say a single word that’s not completely ridiculous. I don’t even think he knows what he so angry about.

bjtucker5 : Man, Rollins looks like he's got 5 bodies in the basement... and about to add one more.

Grant Lee : Henry, the big tough guy... Wasn't so tough when he was running away, as his friend was being murdered.

Joseph Bastidas : Damn. Respect to this kid. The balls on this guy.

Chousand : Doot doot dah loot loot ..............

DEERY PRODUCTIONS : This kids really bad at communicating

Jeff Vader : every time Henry has something to say about life issues they should play this bullying bullshit

David Underwood : Bully, nothing more.

DB : Henry rollins is such a cocksucker

Southern Stacker : I feel humiliated just watching this. That's why I love Rollins.

Charlie's Cartoons : This is embarrassingly lame

Trey Warnock : Love this kid....standing up to these elitist jocks trying to belittle him as “beneath” them. This is what punk rock is all about, standing up to letter jacket douchebags like Henry Rollins

bubba luv : must've just started his roid cycle

Str33t Tr1pl3 : Jeez... Henry got so "wound up."

Roscoe Do little : Go kid. !!

Edison Hernandez : I can understand that frustration with posers that Henry had. In highschool I used to hate the kids who jumped from scene to scene. Not because they liked the music but because it's what was trending. I'm all about open mindedness in music don't get me wrong but there's a difference between a person who loves a certain kind of music and a scene leech. And I think that's what rollins was trying to make a point of. Obviously he came at this kid kinda harsh but I think 14 years ago i wouldve talked to this kid the same way because I HATED posers. Now days I couldn't care less. I stopped caring when I saw how hypocritical some self righteous "punk rockers" could be. To be honest just do what you do. Do what you love and what makes you happy. Don't try to impress anyone or seek approval of anyone to fit in and be accepted. That's what punk rock to me truly is. And if that pisses off the elitists of whatever scene then oh well they can write a song about it.

Nunya Bizness : Douche vs Douche It was a tie.

Totemo Oishisou : Skinny kid wins.

Baxter Brookies : Disappointed in Henry.

Joseph Frenchrevo Juarez : Henry Rollins used to get so much shit. He'd be sleep deprived and starving while getting pissed on, assaulted, stabbed, mocked, insulted, and betrayed by his so called "fans". It's completely understandable why he acted so stand-offish in the early years