New Zealand Today - Guy Williams talks to the Greymouth boat crash bloke from Greymouth
Journalism is alive in New Zealand

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Major international media had failed to track down the Greymouth Boat Crash bloke who went viral after crashing his boat into a pole. So guy went on a journey to track him down and uncover the true story. Watch the show every Thursday at 730pm on Three or catch up by streaming online at Subscribe to Jono and Ben’s YouTube channel


Devin Stonham : Number one reporter right there

JustBenable : Quite possibly the best thing Guy Williams has ever done πŸ‘

Josh J : Put some dupt take on anything and you'll be alright

Gangster pigs : This is the funniest shit of all timeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Jetdot37 : Do we want him on the grey again? πŸ˜‚

Roki : Not gonna lie... 0:40 caught me off guard hahahah pissed a little

Brennan Murphy : oh my god 3:35 this is brilliant

therealsteamingpile : So is that interviewer really tall or is everyone in new Zealand a hobbit?

Sly25 : You need flex tape

Jon Irenicus : Go hard into pole or go home.

Leah Dalzell : this is my dads bestfreind lol

Awesomecords : I hear My Immortal by Evanescence. Just saw the end art where Amy starts singing. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

3 incher : I wish he didn't beep out the address so I know where he lives

Corey Class : I'm so glad reddit brought me here


ala slipknot : wtf is Charlie Day doing in New Zealand ?

Two-tone Blue : Based on this morning's show, they've now added a laugh track. Lame.

sauercrowder : I have a suspicion alcohol was involved, not exactly sure why

joe mattingly : Leeegendery

Jacob Sever : That's the same dude? He looks 100 pounds lighter now than in the viral video.

Adventure King : 1 year anniversary of the A-Hole entering the pole

Juan Gonzalez : Guy really likes AC/DC

D D : He was so cute in a rugged west coast dude kinda way!

Head VI : The accent is throwing me off a bit, but I'm pretty sure the mechanic said the boat has a cracked timing case cover and it's broken a couple of teeth off the timing gear.

George Clayton : bunch of bloody bogans mate

J G : That anikan reference. Classic.

CardinalKaos : Top notch journo there lads

Andy Mesa : I don't understand whatever language it is they're speaking.

bipollarbear : Is that thing powered by an old Subaru motor?

Man Ofwar : Brilliant!

18 78 : loved this

Lilllie B. : Not enough duct tape

DVS SYN Productions : Jim Beam and an Ecko think you would be in the southern part of the USA

tymmac007 : Dude should be dead

Glitchsythe : Loved this vid

Electrickiwi3 : πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ farkin crack up

BucketsAMF : A can of Jim beam? Don't see that in canada.

aaronimpactnz : This happened yonks ago.

Kent Campbell : PSA Jet-skis ? Jet boats do not steer without throttle. This kills people who don't know this!

Shayne Te Riini : He should have crashed again with guy, would have been hilarious in my opinion?!

Ben Cate : Hard cunt

Josh Roberts : Yeah nah out of it

Blue Elixir : Pphahahahaha ur halirious I love kids write! u should make more kids write! plz do

Kiriti Moore : Epic!

Mission Impossible : Guy Williams banged my flat mate

ultimabk : pauses crash as pole is half way through the boat... WHOA!!!

Wesburg Willies : Just subbed, wtf this is so funny

ThunderBuddy : Yeeeeeah mate naaaaah

Lraez : Sheeeet son