New Zealand Today - Guy Williams talks to the Greymouth boat crash bloke from Greymouth

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Sheldon Miller : New Zealanders are the most self-deprecating people on the planet.

Jetdot37 : Do we want him on the grey again? 😂

Devin Stonham : Number one reporter right there

JustBenable : Quite possibly the best thing Guy Williams has ever done 👍

Josh J : Put some dupt take on anything and you'll be alright

Gangster pigs : This is the funniest shit of all time😂😂

therealsteamingpile : So is that interviewer really tall or is everyone in new Zealand a hobbit?

Roki : Not gonna lie... 0:40 caught me off guard hahahah pissed a little

Brennan Murphy : oh my god 3:35 this is brilliant

Sly25 : You need flex tape

Fluffy Gamer : i live in tauranga

Jon Irenicus : Go hard into pole or go home.

Corey Class : I'm so glad reddit brought me here

Leah Dalzell : this is my dads bestfreind lol

Ben Cate : Hard cunt

Awesomecords : I hear My Immortal by Evanescence. Just saw the end art where Amy starts singing. 😂😂

McChrill : Did not understand a thing about what he said and the auto subtitles did it even harder.

18 78 : loved this

tymmac007 : Dude should be dead

Elle Oswald : Great reporting

CardinalKaos : Top notch journo there lads

K H : Legend!

POOPING UNICORNS!!!!! Is Awesome : i live in wellington

joe mattingly : Leeegendery

Glitchsythe : Loved this vid

Kiriti Moore : Epic!

Electrickiwi3 : 😂 😂 😂 farkin crack up

Shayne Te Riini : He should have crashed again with guy, would have been hilarious in my opinion?!

Two-tone Blue : Based on this morning's show, they've now added a laugh track. Lame.

J G : That anikan reference. Classic.

aaronimpactnz : This happened yonks ago.

George Clayton : bunch of bloody bogans mate

bipollarbear : Is that thing powered by an old Subaru motor?

Kent Campbell : PSA Jet-skis ? Jet boats do not steer without throttle. This kills people who don't know this!

Adventure King : 1 year anniversary of the A-Hole entering the pole

ala slipknot : wtf is Charlie Day doing in New Zealand ?

Andy Mesa : I don't understand whatever language it is they're speaking.

Blue elixir : Pphahahahaha ur halirious I love kids write! u should make more kids write! plz do

maarten yzer : Very great love it!

Lraez : Sheeeet son

palea kavana-white : first here

Faye Buckley : Love it

Mk ! : HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mission Impossible : Guy Williams banged my flat mate

Head VI : The accent is throwing me off a bit, but I'm pretty sure the mechanic said the boat has a cracked timing case cover and it's broken a couple of teeth off the timing gear.

Recent Resume : first, here from east papamoa

D D : He was so cute in a rugged west coast dude kinda way!

Chuck Farrell : BUNK!

AdamMackieFilms : lol

Josh Roberts : Yeah nah out of it