Why were Alexander's Body and Tomb So Important? (PART I)
Why were Alexander the Greats Body and Tomb So Important

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Sky Rim : You know you've reached a level of success in your career, when people begin all out wars over your corpse. Stay classy civilization.

Alexander the Great : Stop pandering to my ego, it’s too much.

ssumrall70 : If Alexander didn't decompose it is possible he was only in a coma and not dead. The circumstances of his death lead many to suspect poisoning which could have caused such a coma. If Alexander died by embalming that is tragic!

quma 25 : This proves we need Indiana Jones .

Battles of the Ancients : Fun Facts: In some accounts, Alexander named Perdiccas as his heir. However Perdiccas was only intended as an interim ruler. The commander of the Macedonian funeral cart escort, Arrhidaeus, had likely been in cahoots with Ptolemy for some time. At the same time as Ptolemy emphasised (and most certainly exaggerated) his closeness to Alexander in his account of Alexander's campaign (that survives to us in Arrian's Anabasis), he was sure to portray Perdiccas in as negative a light as possible. This is a main reason why Perdiccas' name is unfairly washed over in many history books today. CRAZY THEORY: There is an interesting, albeit far-fetched theory that Alexander was not dead but actually had fallen into a comatose state on the 11th June 323 BC! It would explain why his body had not decayed after many days! It is more likely however that the whole story Alexander's body had not rotted is a later fictional story to help further portray Alexander as this almost-divine figure! No details of Alexander’s primary tomb in Alexandria survive but we can assume it was designed to be very notable. Ptolemy had likely been inspired by the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus that he had seen on his travels with Alexander. It is not far-fetched to suggest Alexander's tomb was equally awe-inspiring in design. To Alexander's generals – and more importantly, his Macedonian soldiers – Alexander was much more than a mere mortal. They believed that following his death Alexander had ascended to take his place among the gods. Their belief of a divine Alexander is why the carriage was constructed as a temple. Whether Ptolemy IV Philopator used Alexander’s original tomb as the basis for the Soma or constructed it somewhere else in Alexandria is unclear, but the latter is more likely. Both Augustus and Hadrian visited Alexander’s body. Is possible that upon viewing Alexander’s tomb, both wished to be buried in tombs similar in shape to that of Alexander - hence why it is possible the Soma was circular-shaped. The story of Nectanebo as Alexander's father survives in the Greek Alexander Romance. Stay tuned for more Diadochi!

Γιωργος Τζιβενης : Πάντα αναρωτιόμουν αν οι άνθρωποι διαβάζουν αυτα τα πράγματα όταν παρακολουθουν βιντεο....lol😂😂

zzman305 : I'm (and several notable members of the archeological community) fairly certain that the mausoleum in Alexandria that contained his coffin likely fell into the sea after multiple earthquakes. Alexandria's current coastline is nowhere near the same as it was during the reign of Ptolemy, having been constantly deformed and morphed by geology. Whether the body of Alexander was still INSIDE the tomb at the time of the collapse is another question.

Dimitri Andreou : Very scambaggy move by Ptolemeos. Some part of him had got to feel utterly disgusted by him not allowing the body of Alexander to return to the country of his ancestors

Bacon Lord : Thanks for this video! My grandmother was born and raised in Alexandria-Greek Egyptian girl. She told me that in the streets there were people digging everywhere and she was told they were trying to find Alexanders tomb, this always got me interested in his tomb! Cheers ya beautiful bastards

Simon Peter : Alexander would have been proud.. “To whom would you see the kingdom go to?” _”To the strong”_

The Hunter x Hunter 2011 Dickriding Association : HA! Peps in the past sure were silly *looks at current political climate* ...

Yiannis Kostakis : 0:41 Πάντα αναρωτιόμουν αν οι άνθρωποι διαβάζουν αυτά τα πράγματα όταν παρακολουθούν βίντεο Ι was always wondering if people were reading those things when they watch videos thank me later

hellenic_monarchist : Its shame that we didn't find the body of the greatest hellenic king and general🇬🇷🙏

Napoleon I Bonaparte : Where's Waldo? 300BC edition

Robert Trujillo : Jokes on you, I'm already subscribed to the great courses +.

GreaterGood510 : How about a video on Geghis's tomb?

DarkW0lverine : The ancient Hellenic claypot art & statues gives this such an awesome authenticity and really draws you into that period A round of applause to the art production team at Kings & Generals

URM : I'm impressed how you all make video after video better and better! What a wonderful was this one in particular. I'm glad that you have listened us about biography. That time was a biography of a dead body LOL You all have my extreme respect!

Peter Chasten : Imagine being so Bad-ass that even your corpse has massive power.

Βασίλης Κωστόπουλος : Ναι διαβάζουν που και που... 0:43

DiamandaHagan : The mental gymnastics needed to believe Ptolemy was Alexanders half brother (through Phillip) but also that Alexander wasn't Phillip's son must have been amazing.

Christermi Christos : 2:19 Aegae was the first capital city of Macedon

Vardan Simonyan : Ptolemy is such a rat. Always disliked him :/

Jinn Mallik : AWESOME this was a BRILLIANT well ENTERTAINING production to GAIN a little KNOWLEDGE ... the Cost a Fraction of Your TIME.

Smirked Freikugel : Alexander the Greek was the greatest man in the entire world!

ΔΑΙΔΑΛΟΣ / Daedalus : ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ O ΜΑΚΕΔΩΝ The King who united all the Greek cities and Kingdoms (except Sparta) and defetead their old rivals, the mighty Persian Empire.

bamel 524 : 1:18 NANI!?!?!

FreedomFighter08 : Interesting fact: Alexander payed his respects to Cyrus the Great's tomb: "Alexander the Great rode into the city of Pasargadae with his most elite cavalry in their bronze, muscle-sculpted body armor, carrying long spears. Some of his infantry and archers followed. The small city, in what is today Iran, was lush and green. Alexander had recently conquered India. Greece, Macedonia, Asia Minor and parts of Egypt were all part of his new empire. The people of Pasargadae likely expected the worst—when the world’s most dangerous cavalry shows up on your street, you are probably going to have a bad day. But he hadn’t come to fight (the city was already his). The world’s most powerful ruler had come to pay tribute to someone else. The young conqueror was looking for a tomb containing the remains of Cyrus the Great. But it had recently been ransacked (probably for political reasons). Alexander the Great was furious. An investigation was launched, trials were held. Alexander ordered the tomb’s contents replaced and restored. According to one Greek historian, this included “a great divan with feet of hammered gold, spread with covers of some thick, brightly colored material, with a Babylonian rug on top. Tunics and a Median jacket of Babylonian workmanship were laid out on the divan, and Median trousers, various robes dyed in amethyst, purple, and many other colors, necklaces, scimitars, and inlaid earrings of gold and precious stones. A table stood by it, and in the middle of it lay the coffin which held Cyrus’s body." For more info: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smithsonian-institution/how-german-archaeologist-rediscovered-tomb-cyrus-180958142/

Ophelia B : Alexander the Great was predicted in the Bible, he even met with rabbis in Israel, telling him of this

Dr LMAO : Such a powerful man that even his corpse held sway.

Jz6x6 : Why is the Suez canal on that map?

Garret LeBuis : "Governor Ptolemy, I have a cunning plan." - S. Baldrick

Daniel Roberts : I always wondered if people read these when they watch a video 0:42 I see what you did there! :D

Zero Saber : I like how flexible religions were

Christermi Christos : 0:43 lmao 🤣

MultiDimensional Channel : THE Greatest of All the GREEKS ... ALEXANDROS!!!

Ioannis Kazlaris : I really hope that his tomb is in Amphipolis, Greece.

Vinod Varghese : Oh man! You guys are good! You have left everyone on a cliffhanger, what happened to Alexander's body ;) Look forward to the next upload. Cheers!

Samuel Hall : Ptolemy is a really dirty player. How on Earth did he secure Egypt for himself whilst other Macedonian characters fought amongst themselves for much smaller holdings?

Kev : Is that a Suez Canal?

Nyda : When I come to this channel looking for the history fix... its like I'm smoking that good good dope!!

George : don't wonder, we do read them

Chabow Jackson : 0:42 how lucky I am that I learned greek. And yes, I read everything on screen - even if I have to pause it

Bill Ioannou : There is no tomb no body ,hallenic macedonions cremated the dead

Wesley Richardson : I am very surprised in 2014 i didnt hear about the tombs discovery i mean its arguably one of the greatest conquerors of all time...

V. Athanasiou : Which program was used for the amazing designing and animations? Kudos!

Jimmy Daf : Will we get another episode on what happened to Alexander's body during Roman rule?

Flash Point History : Wasn't there an MacGyver episode where he found the tomb of Alexander?

justin labrosse : This is very Interesting I know that if his tomb was discovered it would be a very big deal also meaning big money.