Why were Alexander's Body and Tomb So Important? (PART I)

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- Cogito - : While drawing the art for this video I had to stare at a bunch of old Greek statues. The constant barrage of abs has pressured me into joining a gym :D

Battles of the Ancients : Fun Facts: In some accounts, Alexander named Perdiccas as his heir. However Perdiccas was only intended as an interim ruler. The commander of the Macedonian funeral cart escort, Arrhidaeus, had likely been in cahoots with Ptolemy for some time. At the same time as Ptolemy emphasised (and most certainly exaggerated) his closeness to Alexander in his account of Alexander's campaign (that survives to us in Arrian's Anabasis), he was sure to portray Perdiccas in as negative a light as possible. This is a main reason why Perdiccas' name is unfairly washed over in many history books today. CRAZY THEORY: There is an interesting, albeit far-fetched theory that Alexander was not dead but actually had fallen into a comatose state on the 11th June 323 BC! It would explain why his body had not decayed after many days! It is more likely however that the whole story Alexander's body had not rotted is a later fictional story to help further portray Alexander as this almost-divine figure! No details of Alexander’s primary tomb in Alexandria survive but we can assume it was designed to be very notable. Ptolemy had likely been inspired by the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus that he had seen on his travels with Alexander. It is not far-fetched to suggest Alexander's tomb was equally awe-inspiring in design. To Alexander's generals – and more importantly, his Macedonian soldiers – Alexander was much more than a mere mortal. They believed that following his death Alexander had ascended to take his place among the gods. Their belief of a divine Alexander is why the carriage was constructed as a temple. Whether Ptolemy IV Philopator used Alexander’s original tomb as the basis for the Soma or constructed it somewhere else in Alexandria is unclear, but the latter is more likely. Both Augustus and Hadrian visited Alexander’s body. Is possible that upon viewing Alexander’s tomb, both wished to be buried in tombs similar in shape to that of Alexander - hence why it is possible the Soma was circular-shaped. The story of Nectanebo as Alexander's father survives in the Greek Alexander Romance. Stay tuned for more Diadochi!

Van Hendrix : While Alexander is certainly a candidate for the Greatest commander of all time, his empire fractured almost immediately after he passed. Genghis Khan's descendants continued Mongol expansion

Γιωργος Τζιβενης : Πάντα αναρωτιόμουν αν οι άνθρωποι διαβάζουν αυτα τα πράγματα όταν παρακολουθουν βιντεο....lol😂😂

Alexander the Great : Stop pandering to my ego, it’s to much.

Sky Rim : You know you've reached a level of success in your career, when people begin all out wars over your corpse. Stay classy civilization.

Δήμιος : All educated people know Alexander the Great was Hellenic and not slav

RandomAsshole : Ptolomy just couldn't keep his story straight. if Alexander was the son of the pharao then why would Ptolomy being Philips bastard make them related?

quma 25 : This proves we need Indiana Jones .

Dimitri Andreou : Very scambaggy move by Ptolemeos. Some part of him had got to feel utterly disgusted by him not allowing the body of Alexander to return to the country of his ancestors

zzman305 : I'm (and several notable members of the archeological community) fairly certain that the mausoleum in Alexandria that contained his coffin likely fell into the see after multiple earthquakes. Alexandria's current coastline is nowhere near the same as it was during the reign of Ptolemy, having been constantly deformed and morphed by geology. Whether the body of Alexander was still INSIDE the tomb at the time of the collapse is another question.

Βασίλης Κωστόπουλος : Ναι διαβάζουν που και που... 0:43

GreaterGood510 : How about a video on Geghis's tomb?

ssumrall70 : If Alexander didn't decompose it is possible he was only in a coma and not dead. The circumstances of his death lead many to suspect poisoning which could have caused such a coma. If Alexander died by embalming that is tragic!

Yiannis Kostakis : 0:41 Πάντα αναρωτιόμουν αν οι άνθρωποι διαβάζουν αυτά τα πράγματα όταν παρακολουθούν βίντεο Ι was always wondering if people were reading those things when they watch videos thank me later

Bacon Lord : Thanks for this video! My grandmother was born and raised in Alexandria-Greek Egyptian girl. She told me that in the streets there were people digging everywhere and she was told they were trying to find Alexanders tomb, this always got me interested in his tomb! Cheers ya beautiful bastards

John Kr : I imagine modern fake Macedonians watching this video and crying in their serboBulgarian language cause they are the true descendants of Bucephalas.. Lol

Hellenic Productions : Its shame that we didn't find the body of the greatest hellenic king and general🇬🇷🙏

Anaplinove : ''Πάντα αναρωτιόμουν αν οι άνθρωποι διαβάζουν αυτά τα πράγματα όταν παρακολουθούν βίντεο''. hahaha

V. Athanasiou : Which program was used for the amazing designing and animations? Kudos!

Dimitri Andreou : Lol @ 0:41 haha we read these because you put them right in front of us

Matthew Ortiz : If you go to the national museum in Istanbul (Constantinople) there are alot of amazing things. It is one of the best museums in the world. The Ottoman Empire (defeated in WW1) was extremely wealthy and powerful for a long time. The emperors had quite a collection of valuable historical items. One wing is filled with ancient Greek tombs. They are very impressive! One of them is said to be the tomb of Alexander. This one is a truly stunning work of art. It is amazing. No one contests that the tombs of his generals are those of his generals. But, because of myth they refuse to believe that the one which is such a work of art it is of unimaginable cost to be Alexander's. Personally, having seen them. I am willing to accept it as Alexander's tomb. It seems more reasonable to me than the myth.

The Hunter x Hunter 2011 Dickriding Association : HA! Peps in the past sure were silly *looks at current political climate* ...

Robert Trujillo : Jokes on you, I'm already subscribed to the great courses +.

Bullet-Tooth Tony : Let's see a Battle of Hydaspes video so we can finally shut up all of these biased nationalistic Indians flooding comments on Alexander videos claiming he was defeated.

Vardan Simonyan : Ptolemy is such a rat. Always disliked him :/

AK Gr : He was the greatest Greek of all. Thank you from Macedonia region of Greece!

DrIScream : The answer to the question at 0:42 is yes ;)

Daniel Roberts : I always wondered if people read these when they watch a video 0:42 I see what you did there! :D

URM : I'm impressed how you all make video after video better and better! What a wonderful was this one in particular. I'm glad that you have listened us about biography. That time was a biography of a dead body LOL You all have my extreme respect!

TheSamuraijim87 : One thing that isn't strictly correct about this video is the asserion that Ptolemy "changed" the story of his ancestry, and it can't so strongly be assumed that this was the case. We can't know that Ptolemy did or did not start the story, or if it had been common knowledge among the Macedonians to begin with. It's worth noting that in his guidebook to Greece, Pausanias a geographer from the 2nd Century CE, notes in his "Description of Greece" that Ptolemy was regarded by "the Macedonians" - not the Egyptians, or Alexandrians - as being Philip's son, his mother, Arsinoe having been Philip's concubine. It was held that Arsinoe had been married to Lagus while pregnant with Philip's child. It is worth considering that just as the Ptolemies could have promoted a fabrication, the Antigonids and other Hellenistic rulers would have done all in their power to have this rumor stamped out, on principle. But no such "counter propaganda" is known to have existed. The Romans, having extinguished Ptolemaic rule, but revering Alexander would have been even more interested in ensuring they were not seen as having extinguished the Argead Bloodline. Nor are the Romans known to have made any attempts to bury the story, and the Romans had great talent at the creation of "damnatio memoriae". And yet, two centuries after the end of the Ptolemaic dynasty, and five hundred years after the death of Phillip, this was still persisting in Macedonia. Also worth mentioning is the fact that of all the Successors, the only one to have been associated with such rumors was Ptolemy, the only Successor to not make a bid for the whole Empire. It is an exceptionally grandiose and excessive tale to tell for someone whose career was marked by overwhelming caution and "playing it safe". Unless there were some basis to it. And as for why, if this were true, the Empire did not in the end, devolve upon Ptolemy, two things are obvious. First is that Ptolemy's goal was always to win and hold Egypt. The second is that the officers in general, particularly both Perdiccas and Antigonus, had decided that they would be the rulers of the realm, not the Royal House. The succession of Alexander IV and Phillip III was the natural course, in this case. A strong single ruler like Ptolemy, would not be in the interests of those pursuing a power grab, unlike the pliable rule of a child or disabled monarch. It's not a statement that should be made so vehemently one way or another. Other than that, great video as usual.

besamel 524 : 1:18 NANI!?!?!

Zero Saber : I like how flexible religions were

pushyamitra deo : The Greatest commander of all time. He was made by God himself. A true son of Zeus.

MACEDONIA: 4000 YEARS OF GREEK CIVILIZATION : Alexander's body is burried in his homeland Greece. Ancient Macedons(Greeks) brought it secretely. It is written in ancient texts

Napoleon I Bonaparte : Where's Waldo? 300BC edition

ΔΑΙΔΑΛΟΣ / Daedalus : ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ O ΜΑΚΕΔΩΝ The King who united all the Greek cities and Kingdoms (except Sparta) and defetead their old rivals, the mighty Persian Empire.

Christermi Christos : 0:43 lmao 🤣

Vinod Varghese : Oh man! You guys are good! You have left everyone on a cliffhanger, what happened to Alexander's body ;) Look forward to the next upload. Cheers!

Roy Riley : Shows how often selfish manipulation beats sincerity. Ptolemy's only care for Alexander was political power, yet by acting ruthlessly he assured the strongest initial connection to the conqueror, over the men who truly cared for him or remained servants of the Macedonian throne. You can't think about this pattern of history intelligently and not become more of a skeptic irl.


Samuel Hall : Ptolemy is a really dirty player. How on Earth did he secure Egypt for himself whilst other Macedonian characters fought amongst themselves for much smaller holdings?

Jimmy Daf : Will we get another episode on what happened to Alexander's body during Roman rule?

Jz6x6 : Why is the Suez canal on that map?

DarkW0lverine : The ancient Hellenic claypot art & statues gives this such an awesome authenticity and really draws you into that period A round of applause to the art production team at Kings & Generals

Labros Katsonis : In order that our viewers wont be confused by the country named Macedonia,obviously ancient Macedonia was a greek state among others (Athens,Sparta,Corinth,etc) Macedonians belong to the Dorian branch of Greek nation,Alexander himself had a greek name,spoke greek,he had greek education (Aristoteles) and he dedicated himself on unifying Greece,after did so with an army of around 44.000 men from all Greece he started his campaing whose goal was expanding Greek spirit all over (Hellinismos)...the country that bears the same name has no relation at all with whatever is Macedonian or Greek,just because it is a slavic nation who spokes a bulgaric dialect..and they named Macedonia in 1944 by then Yugoslav dictator marshal Tito,for he wanted to give an artificial identity to a people who were made by Bulgarians,Albanians,Romylians,Gypsies,Vlachs and Turks..

Mr. Meow Meow : This channel deserves million subs at least

DiamandaHagan : The mental gymnastics needed to believe Ptolemy was Alexanders half brother (through Phillip) but also that Alexander wasn't Phillip's son must have been amazing.

Kev : Is that a Suez Canal?

Infinite Shadow Kun : Ptolemy sure knows how to use people's bodies.. Another amazing video as always! Keep up the good work!