18+ | Taxi rams World Cup fans in Moscow (June 16, 2018)

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Kitty Granollers : I just love the russians reaction to this terrorist. They ran after him & hit him at any chance. That's the way!!!

Henry Black : The guy (#14) who punches through the open window on drivers side, driver opens door gets out, guy steps back, throws no more punches at the driver, letting go of his arm not continuing his assault on the crazy man, then casually walks away, not giving chase, odd response. Looks like he stepped back to let him run off. Was it for press photos?

Leonis Bacher : Blame the Mossad.

Rafapaz : Crazy fuck.. Nice homerun in the aftermath though...

Nova Europa : Blame Putin, Islamiser of Moscow.

Millwall Chris : Was that terrorism?

Pauls2theWall Gaming : Where are those Stop a Douchebag guys?

guess who : Should have let the mob beat him to death.