Devil Wood (feat Shelley Thomas) Official Video

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Cat Peters : Beautiful and haunting! I loved the transition to snow and the scene with the wine glass and the camcorder. Fantastical and dark! :) I wonder what will happen to our protagonist now that he has consumed food of the dead.

Zach Goodwell : The way the doll came to life was entralling. The snow transition was not expected felt like a rebirth. Poetic even.

catching wheel 7 gaming : This video is Awesome!!! I loved it's like finding pieces to a puzzle the unravel the mystery the secrets of the Forest the secrets of the grave something beyond imagination truly amazing

Pandora : Putting so much time and effort into something so amazing like this was worth every second of it. All your studies and investigations about black magic have come to a fabulous artistic result. Your point of view about the darkest powers in the Devil Wood is unique and brilliant. Your choice of warm colors and music is excellent, something so different than other images and sounds related to black magic and evil powers. Bringing the dead into life by the magic whispers is amazingly creepy. Everything felt so lonely and deserted in that Devil Wood, but yet seemed to be so alive and moving. I wonder how the magic powers have affected you, while spending time in the Devil Wood...

CKATO : Nice work!

Ayanna Blount : Sensually spooky! Love the music and the video. I can only imagine all the creative effort that went into this one

Tracy W : Very well done👏 beyond wicked.. haunted every lil cell in me.. especially the ending! Also nice to see more of the man who's usually behind all the action! 🖤🙇🏼‍♀️🖤

Dennis Natal : So freaking epic. I’ve watched this before, but revisiting it just makes me appreciate the work behind it even more